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The One With The Heartache…

Posted in Emo Moments, Family on January 27, 2008 by steve maestro

I did not get dumped or anything (how can one be dumped if one does not have anyone to dump them to begin with?)… nor did anything silly or bad happened…

*flashbacks to primary days…

Student: Oi budak gemuk!!! (Hey Fat Kid!!!)

Me:??? (question marks)

Student: Nama engkau ni kelakar la, Lam FOOT Seng. Nama kaki!!! ( Your name is so funny, name with foot)

Me: Err… err…

Student (now with other students): HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! FOOT Seng! FOOT Seng. Lam Put Seng!!! Eh? Boleh guna Lampu Sing jugak!!! Haha… Lampu Pusing, Lampu Pusing… (too long for translations)…

Me: *emo and turns away…

That was a few years back… and now…


No… no… no!!!!!!!!

Ok, seriously, UCSI’s CF’s Blog HERE.

Cool bunch of people, and cool site too, check it out…

On another note, I just got back from PD with my mum. Will post about it soon…

Now I’m just gonna go… sit down in one dark corner… and cry… FOOT Seng signing out…


The One With My Latest Guitar Attack Syndrome/GAS (or whatever you call “I want that guitar now!!!!”)

Posted in Guitar Files, Music on January 18, 2008 by steve maestro

OK, being a guitar player myself, it’s only normal to post about my favored six-stringed instrument, in this space of mine. Unfortunately, I’ve not been doing so. Apart from posting about my own guitar, I’ve not been posting or writing about any other guitar…Until… my own curiosity led me to this:




The One With The Unboxing Pictures

Posted in Music, Unboxing on January 18, 2008 by steve maestro

1) Boss OC-3


2) Ebow


3) Moen Buffalo Amp Simulator (unboxing at The Curve) 

4) Budda Wah


(Overdue Post Collections) The One With the Random Trip To Genting

Posted in Food&Travels, Friends, Randoms on January 18, 2008 by steve maestro

Ok, this is wayyyy overdue. About 3 to 4 months back.

All started with me wanting to know the directions up to Awana Golf Resort, cuz I had to drive up for my church camp on that week. So I asked my friends Hong Liang and Kok Leong to tag in with me and go see the place together.

So we went up to Awana (no brainer actually, so easy to locate), and I thought of just, turning down and head back down for a mamak or maybe hang out in Gohtong Jaya for a change.

But Hong Liang, in his cool and emotionless mode said… “Go Genting lah. Already up here, might as well go up all the way”.

At first I thought… woah he’s pushing it way too far… but in a bid not to make him emo, we went up…

And it was super fun.

Went up there to have a drink at Starbucks. Here let the pictures do the talking.

Kok Leong doing his celebration dance upon arriving. 

The Hot dog thingy… Kok Leong ordered it. 

My egg&cheese muffin, HL’s Siew Pau and my favorite beverage from Starbucks, Caramel Macchiato! 

Kok Leong. About to steal my food when I caught him in the act. 

Genting Highland Hotel. Looks… like a hotel. 

‘Awas’/Danger sign. 

Another view of the hotel. 

Yet another view of the hotel. 

And this is HL, and yeah, he likes to Shunpo too. 

HL shivering. It wasn’t that cold that night, just very breezy. The way we all like it… 

Flowers by the pathway. 

I guess I’m a sucker for sudden impulsive traveling or some sort. If there’s anything to prove it, this trip helped me to discover my hidden thing for it. And oh yeah, if there’s anyone of you reading this and probably thinking that no, I’m not like that cuz I shy away from all the gatherings and dinners and stuff… yeah sorry but I don’t consider going to shopping malls and restaurants as worth going out and spending my time there.

To be honest, I hate shopping malls. Especially the one which Curves and the one with the big ONE and a U on top of the building. I dunno why, I hate congested places.

And Genting was not congested at that night. And the breeze is so nice… I might go up there again just on my own next time, to rediscover my ‘lost’ self…

Ok I gotta stop before I turn this post into an Emo Post.  

(Overdue Post Collections) The One With The Pork Noodle

Posted in Food&Travels, Friends on January 18, 2008 by steve maestro


Ok, so the NOOB mentioned about this pork noodle place somewhere around where he’s studying, Monash University. 


And I can’t stand nor resist the temptations of good food, so myself, Jon The Noob and Marcus head to the place for some delicious, yummy and ooo-so-disgusting-and-fattening-but-it’s-so-darn-good pork noodle!

Let the picture do the talking:


Jon ordering from the stall. Yes, small bowl costs RM4.30, and a big bowl costs RM5. Not really cheap… 


Marcus smiling with joy… 


Jon with his customary flat-faced smile and his bowl of pork noodle. 


My pork noodle. With all the innards and stuff. Yum yum… so good…  

And it’s gone… 

So, my verdict for it? Definitely a 9/10. It’s everything you want to have in your bowl of pork noodle. The innards of the pork is well cleaned and cooked, and the pork meat and soup combined together to give a well balanced, not too overpowering combo. Will definitely go have another go at it again next time if I can…

(Update): Ok, reason why this gets a 9/10 is because at the time we were there, it wasn’t lunch time or rush hour or peak hour yet, so the waiting line is clear and we got our noodles in like 10 minutes. I heard from Jon The Noob that sometimes during lunch time, it can take up 1 hour for your noodle to be prepared. So… if I had to wait that long I would give it something like… 3 or 4/10. Seriously, no one likes to wait for their food. Especially me. 

(Overdue Post Collections) The One With Lemuel and Melanie’s Newborn

Posted in Uncategorized on January 15, 2008 by steve maestro

On the 23rd December 2007, my dear friends welcomed their baby into their loving arms.

Born Mikayla Yee Ren Cai (inspired by the movie Transformers I supposed?) at Selayang Hospital, at around 11 something-ish pm.


Mikayla all wrapped up. 

And since you don’t have a blog or it’s way too uncool for you to have a blog, I will post a post about Mikayla. And soon, few years down the road she can see for herself that Uncle Lam posted about her birth in his lame blog.

And here’s a to-be-read-in-the-future message to Mikayla:

Hi there Mikayla! Yes, Uncle Lam wrote this at exactly 411 am, 15th Jan 2008. And if you’re wondering why am I not sleeping yet at this time, well, the reason is simple: I can’t sleep! haha…. oh, err… anyways, assuming that I’m not dead by now, just wanna wish you here all the best for your future undertakings. And your dad and mum loves you, and so do all of your uncles and aunties. And by the way, have I taught you guitar yet? If not, tell me to do so.

Ok… gosh, that felt weird, writing a future message. Anyways, just to touch on this a little bit more. When I saw Mikayla for the first time, I had experienced something special then. Maybe it’s because I know Lemuel well, and Melanie too, I kinda have the feeling of witnessing the creation of life. I know it’s weird… but at that point, when I first saw Mikayla in that little trolley thing… everything around me just became silent, as I took in this experience first hand into my life.

More pictures:

 Lemuel and Mikayla.

Mikayla drinking her milk. She’s so cute, and she gives this really ‘high’ look when she’s drinking… haha… 

Mikayla. So adorable!  

Yeah once again, I know it’s weird. “It’s not even your kid!… yeah I know, but I can’t help feeling like that, I can’t control my feelings and the events in my life, can I? But anyways, here’s to Mikayla Yee. May God favor you and bless you at all times. 

(Overdue Post Collections) The One With The Krispy Kreme Donut

Posted in Other Things, Overdue Posts, Randoms on January 15, 2008 by steve maestro

This is really really overdue, and I’m sorry Josh for not posting this up soon enough. I bet u’re looking at this space just to see whether will I mention about what you did… err… no?Ok nevermind…


But it’s still worth mentioning… cuz…

He gave me my first taste of a Kripsy Kreme Donut!


Yes he did, unlike a certain  SOMEONE who didn’t brought it back for me from Indonesia sometime ago. 


That certain someone. Haha… no worries, I still love you bro. 

Anyways, the girlfriend was at Aussie and she brought some back for him. And this kind dude kindly offered me one piece of it, maybe he got so sick of me complaining about it all the time and therefore, he gave me his last piece of it.

Not entirely happy with it as I can just so imagine the girlfriend, fuming with anger upon the knowledge that the donut didn’t entirely got ended up in Josh’s tummy (eventually into poop, and eventually into some water sewer somewhere and eventually into Singaporean’s water system), one of it ended up in mine. So… have your go at him, and yeah you can have your go at me as well, Joyce… that is… if you can… muahaha…

Alright, why am I treating this whole thing as such an exclusive thing? Well… cuz it IS that EXCLUSIVE… cuz…


It’s not available in Malaysia.

Yes read that again, it is not. Ok, so it is available at our neighboring country (Indonesia), but still the feeling of acquiring something that not all Malaysians have, makes me feel like I’m superman for a moment… 


But anyways, thanks Josh, not only for the donut, but for all the stuff you did and the stuff you had to put through. Here’s to our 11 years of friendship. A free one meal coupon at our church’s mamak stall. It’s ok Josh, it’s ok…