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The One With The Malacca Escapade

Posted in Food&Travels, Friends, Wonderful Things on December 29, 2008 by steve maestro

Short but sweet Malacca Escapade.

Still not enough of that place… missing the cheap food.

Companions for the trip: Marcus, JoJo darlin’, Nally, Samantha and Leslie (Sin Lan too!).

How I wish my holidays were longer… and I wish my future trips will not be limited to Malacca only…

Now for the pictures that paints a thousand words…

Leslie the Chicken King. Click HERE for his latest music video.

Darlin’ and Darlin’. Will the real slim Darlin’ please stand up? Oh, definitely not me…

Marcus with his awesome shapeshifting superpower. He’s turning into a walrus now I think…

Jason Mraz crossover?

Who can jump the highest??

Lucky tree… to have four person caressing your private… erm… nevermind…

Sounds like the Destiny’s Child song.

Will thy seek thee truthness in thy glorieth moments…?

The Adulteress’ Cafe.


The One With The Kuching Trip

Posted in Food&Travels, Friends, My experiences, Ridiculous things, Wonderful Things on December 26, 2008 by steve maestro

I believe I can fly~~~ Second time on the Airbus, and not bad this time around. At least no more bumpy landing.

Went to the land of cats with Leslie on a working/torture trip from the 22nd to the 24th of this month. Ironically, not so many cats in sight from my observation on my 3 days 2 nights stay there. Went there to do some telco. survey thing, and it was a mix of work, leisure, gay moments as well as some awesome Monopoly on iPod Touch moments.

Kuching, the place where cats could be so small, they could fit on the palm of your hand.

Stayed at the Grand Continental Hotel, a nice and cosy 3 star hotel. There are a few things that amazes me during my stay there, of which some discourages and encourages me at the same time to go visit that place again:

1) The people:
The people of Kuching are awesome and superbly friendly! So much difference from the so called more ‘civilized’ people staying in the Lumpur of the Kuala. You can immediately feel their warmth and humility as they try to befriend you, even for that one short moment of asking for directions and stuff.

2) The taxi fare:
Kuching taxi drivers do not believe in taxi meters. Which means, a one way trip is normally fixed at its price, no matter how short the distance is. Can you imagine, just a mere 2km ride could cost you RM15 bucks? Yes it is that ridiculous. But the taxi drivers are awesome too, unlike the Lumpur cab drivers…

3) The hot sun:
Somehow I believe Kuching is of a different part of the world, or at least different from Malaysia. The sun is just a different sun there. The sun is just way hotter and brighter there, and I even got a tan in the process! Great place to get a tan without the beach of the course…

So to conclude this post, I will recommend Kuching to anyone of all age and races. It is a fantastic place.

Pictures time:

Leslie in ‘action’.

Kuching Waterfront. Literally. Smells ‘awesome’ too.

Some random people fishing by the bay.

Historical piece on the floor. Seems some officer dude fought for some rights at the very place where I was standing then.

What a name for a restaurant. The place where they sell ‘junk’ food.

The terminal at Kuching International Airport.

Leslie the mr. gay partner for the three days. Stop pretending to be Marcus will you!?

Kolo mee. Not bad.Taste like wan tan mee, but more refined in both the noodles and taste.

Teh C in a Coke glass.

And finally…

The reason why there are so few cats spotted on the streets in Kuching…

Enjoying the air cond inside the shop. Darn you clever felines…

The One With The MC-ing and The Fire

Posted in Friends, My experiences on October 11, 2008 by steve maestro

A brief and quick update:

Done with MC-ing last Thursday. To those in the dark, I have been offered MC jobs for college events of late… last August was the Orientation Day, and last Thursday was for the Awards Day. Was supposed to MC for Halloween party yesterday, but… sigh, more details on that later.

MC-ing is fun. Don’t let anyone tell u that it is stressful and not worth the time and all. It’s really fun and good if you wanna improve on your speaking skills like improving your diction, your vocabulary, and so on. Orientation Day last August was way less informal compared to Awards Day, and that’s where I think I learnt the most.

And now comes the Halloween party thing. Was offered the opportunity to MC again last night. Everything went well when suddenly… a portion of the maze caught fire. And it was right at the beginning of the event. Speak about a cool intro to the event… burning and raging flames with people trapped inside it. Oh well, at least no one got injured, and in the end, all were forgiven and forgotten.

*this is a special message to Eliza. I know you won’t see this, but chances are Prakash would. And he would tell you. So here it is: Why la Liz?? Why you come??? You see lah you burnt the whole place down?!!*

… anyways.

Coat was ruined. Need to go get another coat now. Grrr…

The One With The Mangkuk’s Birthday

Posted in Friends on June 4, 2008 by steve maestro

And so YOU‘re finally 18. Legal. And ready to take on the world! Well, not quite, you’re still stuck in college for about the same duration as my course would take. But still, happy birthday to you. And may you grow stronger in the Lord and do more mightier and greater things for Him

Happy Birthday Joanna Mah Tjun Lyn/Mangkuk/JoJo/U-think-I-care girl/………..I lost count.

EDIT: Yes, it is hard to do it right under your nose. Felt super accomplished though, haha… at least I held it until late during the cinema, haha…

The One With The Food Indulgence Rendezvous Part 3

Posted in Food&Travels, Friends, Wonderful Things on May 22, 2008 by steve maestro

[This is a Part 3 of a 3 part series. WARNING: Lots of photos ahead, thread with caution]

Previously, on F.I.R.:


Soundtrack: ‘Rockafeller Skank’ by Fatboy Slim

Date: 22nd April 2008

“The following took place at around 1645 to 1730

…and we left Midvalley, after hanging out there for almost half the day. Leslie, Su Ann, Nally and Li Anne left us and went on to their own paths, leaving us with no option but to go and savor the flavors of bak kut teh in Taman Midah, Cheras. But lo and behold… the day that we all chose to go wet out tastebuds with their bak kut teh, so happened to be the day that they were not opened for business. And we can’t even settle for yong tau fu, the second next item available there, because they were closed too! So in the end we settled for…

Char Kuay Teow…

I don’t know how to read Chinese, so I assume this is the sign for the Char Kuay Teow stall.

“The following took place at around 1730 to 1830

…and yes, in the end, with our hearts as heavy as a one tonne lorry, we settled for something that’s not even in our original F.I.R. plan. But still, a hungry stomach needs to be satisfied.

Esther’s dissatisfied face. Notice her almost flawless expression of anger seeping out through the pores of her face…

The Char Kuay Teow. Not bad.

Kelvin K with this oh-so-vain pose, enjoying his plate of char kuay teow. Mind the calories you diva…

“The following took place at around 1830 to 1945

… and after the early dinner, we proceeded with the original plan, which is to visit Langat Hill aka Cheras Hill aka Look Out Point aka a-gazillion-other-names Hill. But in the end, the group became even smaller as Jonathan, Janice and Henry all had things to do and could not join us for our next destination. Sigh, but the show must go on, the journey must continue. Up we go with the four of us, Kelvin K, Jojo, Esther and myself.

The journey to reach there took quite some time as there were heavy downpours and some major scary moments (*hint hint hint). But in the end, we reached the place safe and sound.

The view from the cafe, before it turned dark…

The Gasoline Cafe. Deserted at first, but later people started to fill the place. Scary workers they have there… shouting ‘WELCOME!!!!’ and ‘THANK YOU!!!!’ to every single person who walks pass the area…

The view from the cafe…

Played with the camera’s shutter speed. Would be a nice picture if the camera was not moved in the end…

“The following took place at around 1945 to 2030

… and so finally, we halt the day to an end, as we bid adieu to the place. Sent the three of them back, and after that I proceeded home too.

Well then, that’s it. The Food Indulgence Rendezvous. Not much food involved, but great fellowship and company with friends for the entire day.

[This has been the 3 part series of Food Indulgence Rendezvous, thank you for reading this. This message will self destruct in 5 seconds.]


The One With The Luk Luk

Posted in Food, Friends, My experiences on May 14, 2008 by steve maestro

‘Luk Luk‘= direct translation to English means Roll Roll. Pronounced the same way as you pronounce the word look in English.

There has been many questions raised as to why this term ‘Luk Luk‘ existed. As many would know, a Chinese character, though same in spelling, but if pronounced differently, it will bring a different meaning.

The origins of this ‘Luk‘ word perhaps meant the word ‘boil’, but even then, the ‘luk‘ word here is pronounced differently than the current ‘Luk‘ word we commonly use now.

So, on why the term ‘Luk Luk‘ existed, we will never know. Let’s just say it’s a mystery…


This is how a typical ‘Luk Luk’ store would look like.

You can locate this almost anywhere where there’s a crowd. There’s even the Malay version of ‘Luk Luk’ now, which obviously caters to the non-halal crowd. Just like how they ‘Chicken’-ised everything, Chic Kut Teh, Chicken Ham, Chicken Char Siew and so on…

The Guide to ‘Luk Luk‘ eating:

The method or process of enjoying ‘Luk Luk’ is very simple. First, you choose from the many food items that is on display, ranging from seafood, fishball, to vegetables and so on. However, be careful of the pricing as some can be really expensive. It is shown through the color markings at the tip of each stick, different colors for different prices.

After you have selected it, you simply place it onto the hot boiling pot to cook it. There will be three readily available pots to accommodate the number of patrons and accessibility. There’s also a deep frying pot if you feel like you want to have your food deep fried. Like this:

Deep fried porkballs. One of my all time favorites.

Yes as you can see, you simply place your cooked foods onto a half polysterene container. After that, you may pour the sauces onto it as you please, like the sweet sauce, chill sauce and my personal favorite, the satay sauce.

And after that, all you have to do, is to simply enjoy eating it!

And thankfully for Prakash and myself, there’s always one ‘Luk Luk‘ stall in front of our college. After he’s done with his work and I’m done with my classes, this is where we ‘release’ our stress from being both an employee and a college student.

So there you go, the complete guide to the ‘Luk Luk‘ experience! Feel free to call me or the Indian dude whenever you wanna eat ‘Luk Luk‘. Availability might be limited to individual’s laziness and appointments.

The One With The Food Indulgence Rendezvous Part 2

Posted in Food&Travels, Friends, Wonderful Things on May 7, 2008 by steve maestro

[This is a Part 2 of a 3 part series. WARNING: Lots of photos ahead, thread with caution]

Previously, on F.I.R.:


Soundtrack: ‘Move Along’ by The All-American Rejects

Date: 22nd April 2008

“The following took place at around 1030 to 1130

… and after we enjoyed our pork noodles, we duly decided to hop onto our vehicles again to our next destination, MidValley. Yes, all the talk about going to places eating and stuffing ourselves with nothing but glorious food, and we went to MidValley after that. But it’s ok, cuz as Kelvin said, this is just the trial version of F.I.R. Hopefully our next versions will be include more places to makan. But the plan was to kill time in MidValley until 1pm, to watch ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ at the cinemas.

Golden Screen Cinemas. By the way, ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ is an enjoyable film to watch. Very funny and entertaining.

And this is me saying, ‘Ok lah the movie’s expenses is on me’… and then…

Su Ann replied, ‘You think I no money ah? Go away la you!’

Su Ann and Jonathan.

The bunch spotted Superman! Without underwear!

“The following took place at around 1130 to 1300

… because our movie is like more than an hour away, the masterminds Nally and Kelvin came up with some ‘activity’ for us to do. Leslie and I self-appointed ourselves to be the media crew for this ‘activity’ (though we never really caught anything, haha…). Something like treasure hunt/Amazing Race-esque activity. And thus it is required for the bunch to break into two groups. Task activities include finding for albums starting with some particular alphabet, talking to a random stranger, finding for restaurants and bla bla bla. And after that, we headed inside to the cinema for our movie.

Team 1: (from left) Esther, Jonathan and Su Ann.

Team 2: (from left) Janice, JoJo, Henry and Li Anne.

Team 1 receiving their instructions…

Team 2 not so happy with their instructions. Look at Li Anne’s lightning fast hand…

But all Kelvin and Nally said was, ‘JUST DO IT’ lah….

“The following took place at around 1500 to 1630

… and after the movie, we headed to Gardens to loiter around. Went inside Machine, the girls and Kelvin cam-whored like nobody’s business using the MacBook Air, while I indulge in some Guitar Hero action. And after the loitering around session, we headed back to MidValley for donuts. Big Apple Donuts and Baskin Robbin’s ice-cream. Yum…

Gardens. Some random wall thing.

Big Apple Donuts. Yum…

Group Shot. Minus me. Tsk tsk…

Leslie, Nally, Su Ann and Li Anne left us after that cuz they have some things to attend to.

But what about the rest?

Where did they go after that?

What will they do?

How will they survive?

Who killed Ashley and Goldilocks?

…stay tuned to find out.