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The One With The Many Failed Ones

Posted in Uncategorized on November 24, 2011 by steve maestro

And so it wasn’t much of a rebirth after all. And that was 2 years ago.

I should be banished from the blog kingdom, really. But in my attempts to start with blogging again, I realized how many ‘drafts’ I’ve kept all along these 2 years. Many of those drafts could be traced in smaller and compact forms via Facebook status updates (mostly rants) and Twitter updates.

So no I’ve not given up on blogging, but it got dissected down to smaller bits and chunks, much like how blogs began as a separation and informal tool to produce texts on a social computing scale on the Web.

So, what’s the purpose of this blog of mine here? I highly doubt anybody will ever come across this blog of mine, in fact, let me put it correctly, I am almost certain that no one will ever read this. But I’d like to believe that there is still one small purpose this blog can do.

I got inspired by you Joshua Chay to start writing again after watching your ‘5-years-from-now’ video thing (if however, there are people who HAPPENED to read this and wondering what the video is all about, it’s basically a recorded video of yourself so that you can view it 5 years from now, kinda like a time capsule thing).

So yes, this blog will serve a new purpose to me: to serve as a time machine. But with no time specified viewing time.

Digging up all my old blog posts really did a number on me. I was a horrible writer. And I write about the most pathetic and annoying things ever. Why on earth would people read all that junk last time???

So of course, naturally, I will tell myself this. PLEASE, for the love of Harry, DO NOT WRITE NONSENSE. Like, UTTER NONSENSE.

I wish that time traveling actually exists and works.

I would have told myself that everything would be fine 3 years ago, when I didn’t knew what my life’s direction was.

I would have told myself that in spite of Dad’s stroke and the seemingly impossible task to appease him or help him to recover, that everything is indeed better than it was so that I would not have lost so much sleep to it.

I also would have told myself to not look down on myself that often 5 years ago, for I am with the love of my life (the female one, not the guitar[s]) and that I will graduate with a first class honours degree and head on to pursue a Masters course in UK in year 2011.

And I wish I can tell myself in the present time via a future me, that:

“Yeap. Everything will be fine as well.”

But instead, I would like to end this post here with this message for the future me.

“Hey, me of the future. Are you somebody else you don’t want to be yet? Good, you’re on track in life. Until the next time.”

Next time it is.