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The One With The Kite Flying Recreation Park

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So on a typical Saturday evening, Josh sms-ed me whether or not I want to go to this recreation park in between where we stayed, somewhere between Kepong and Selayang. And so two of us, equipped with our cameras, went to the place at approximately 530-ish to start with our photo hunt.

The results:

I saw this and went “Ooh, nice establishing shot!”. Josh just gave me a weird look, and proceeded. Yes, the effects of studying film studies in UCSI…

The Kites and The Sky.

The Kites and The Sky 2.

Spiderman can fly now…

How about two Spidermans? Can they fly? Of course they can!

Kite flying down, this is one heck of a noisy one, you know those that makes lots of noise and sound when they fly? This is the same kind.

Fly low uncle… fly low…

The uncle flying the noisy kite. He was standing next to the uncle in the picture above, and so we thought that they are competing or something. Then they exchanged kites later on, and we went… ‘Oh, same gang one…”

This is one cute swallow shaped kite. Pity the girlfriend/wife in the background, she had to release from that range, run and stuff…

Some random uncle fixing his kite.

Recreation park signs. Different methods of exercising with the available equipments there.

Edited picture. Kinda resembles a flying aeroplane from a distance…

The lake/ex-mining pool in the park.

The next time I’m going there, I’m gonna bring some rough papers and shaped into paper aeroplanes and toss them around. It travels really far… okay, I’m just reliving my childhood memories.



The One With The Food Indulgence Rendezvous (Part 1)

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[This is a Part 1 of a 3 part series. WARNING: Lots of photos ahead, thread with caution]

Soundtrack: ‘Beautiful Day’ by U2

Date: 22nd April 2008

“The following took place at around 0845 to 0920

…and our plan took full steam. Or is it? And I thought I would be late because I slept in kinda late the day before, as a result I woke up late, considering I would have to spend an hour driving to college. I reached at around 845am, at our designated meeting point (Esso Station in front of UCSI). Only Kelvin and Nally were there, and it suddenly kicked into my brain… Malaysian timing. Yes folks, admit it, we Malaysians will always delay things by half an hour, or somewhere within that timeframe.

Kelvin&Nally, the masterminds behind the FIR…

Rosak… which means ‘broken’ in Malay, is the direct representation of our Malaysian timing.

And some time later, the rest of the FIR crew gathered and were ready to go, namely the Mah siblings (Jonathan&JoJo), Leslie, Henry, Esther, Janice and Su Ann (Li Anne joined later, in Part 2). I overheard that Josephine and Wei Way had to pull out last minute, well… too bad for both parties.

And off we go to… Taman OUG for Mee Babi (aka Pork Noodles)

“The following took place between 0920 to 1000

And so we reached Taman OUG, and thankfully everyone was ok. Nally, if you’re reading this… please put on your car signal wherever you want to turn. Both Jon and myself narrowly escaped death, and in my car, myself, Leslie and Henry would have been squished by a brick loaded lorry if it’s not for my immaculate driving skills.

The Pork Noodle place is situated deep inside some housing area, and as usual, it is quite a mess driving around it, finding parking and stuff. But the reward was too good to pass, and with our endurance and perseverance we managed to get ourselves to the particular stall.

Mee Babi aka Pork Noodle. Nice…

The soup, with all the pig innards. Even nicer…

Esther and Nally. Both pointing to their bowl of noodles, saying, “One is not enough!”

And this is Su Ann saying, “Yes, one bowl is indeed not enough…”

This is Henry. Look at how he enjoys every strand of the noodles, complemented well with the pork… Just look at his face as he goes “Mmm, mmm, mmm…”

Nally drinking every drop of the soup. Maggi should hire you for their ads… oh wait, this is non-halal. Darn…

Leslie going “Ho Chiak!”, meaning ‘Very tasty’ in Hokkien.

“The following took place at around 1000 to 1030

Cam-whoring time. Fellowship time. Time-required-for-all-the-food-to-go-down-properly time. Whatever you call it.

Kelvin with his priceless expression. A cam-whoring king himself.

Janice&JoJo, not sure about Janice, but JoJo sure is another cam-whoring queen…

Group photo. It was supposed to be a ‘freeze’ picture by the way…

[End of Part 1. Part 2 will resume… whenever I want]

The One With The Satay Kajang&Putrajaya Trip

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…and so the four of us, namely Boon Chin, Carmen, Sarah and myself gathered together some two weeks ago to celebrate our victory over our exams. So off we go to Kajang to have our scrumptious satay kajang for our dinner.

The BBF&BGF gang… (BBF= Best Boy Friend, BGF= Best Girl Friend… don’t ask me questions regarding those. Just accept it as it is). And don’t you think this picture looks like those typical college brochure picture?

Haji Samuri Sate Kajang. It’s everywhere now, but nothing beats eating it in Kajang itself.

Wacky Sarah.

Carmen, with the zoom effect.

Mr Boon Boon aka Boon Chin. See how ‘gaya’ he is, drinking Milo also can pose…

Delicious satay, ketupat, and the peanut sauce…

Our original plan was to go up to the Ampang/Cheras Make Look Out Point, however, due to some indecisiveness and some miscommunication, we were not able to stick to our original plan, so plan B came along, which we all agreed almost instantly… to Putrajaya!

One of the view shots of Alamanda Putrajaya.

Yes… the first place we headed to is a mall. Sticking true to our Malaysian culture, where we have to visit shopping malls every time we go out. But it’s fun though, and we chilled there for awhile, while some of us had to visit the washroom for some ‘bombing’ action… no rewards for guessing what caused it.

Random shot of the mall.

And I managed to have this snapped for me:

No need to draw comparisons. I think it looks like me too, or I look like KungFu Panda. Some Dreamworks employee must have seen me or my picture before and go “Hmm, we could use that…”

And after Alamanda, we headed to the Putrajaya Bridge, one of them, could not remember which one. Took some nice pictures, and here’s some of it which I like:

The Multimedia Super Corridor aka MSC…

The Bridge.

Playing with my camera’s shutter speed…

The Moon and The Shine.

Alright, that’s about it. Where should we go next time, my BBF and BGFs? And yeah, many thanks to Sarah for your Touch N Go Card. It’s still with me by the way…


The One With The Long Mile

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This is my reply to you…

The journey has so far been so taxing, but it’s fun nonetheless. Though at certain times doubts will pour in, fear starts to creep in and all, it has been, like I mentioned to you before, one heck of a ride thus far.

The long mile will not end soon, though I certainly hope it does. But then again, every step is a new experience, something which could be turned into a learning process. I appreciate this long mile that I have to go through…

Better days? Ain’t it better already?

The One With “What Have We Become?”

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It is Him who gave us life…

Gave us the air we breathe…

Gave us the necessities in life…

Cared for us when we are down…

Took us out from nothing, from our unworthy selfs into existence and showered us with love and joy…

But what have we become?

Unfortunately, the paradigm of our society now is to be sub-consciously putting things ahead of God himself. We don’t want to allow things to be this way, but we submitted to it anyhow because of other goals and purposes in life, where in fact we only have one goal in life, and that is the goal that He has set for us, not the ones we set for ourselves…

Please take a look at this skit done by this group:

Take a moment out of your schedule and have a look at this video. Really, it only takes a few minutes (depending on your connection speed, but it shouldn’t take long).

And ask yourselves this very question… “What Have We Become?”

The joy that we can all rely on is that God, as portrayed in the skit, never left us amidst all of our problems and obstacles in life. He alone draws us back to Him, and He would take every amount of pain in order to free us in the end.

God, you’re simply amazing.

The One With Me Being Free

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Wee Hee~~~!!!!

Free at last!!!

Last paper was easier than expected. But anyways, still paranoid thinking about my results and stuff. I’ll be back to college for the orientation week (28th I think..) and school is starting on 5th May.

For now, I just wanna chill and relax…

Have a nice cup of Milo and just lay back and do nothing…

The One With The Final Push

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No, I ain’t no delivering no baby. But the last paper is due in 3 hours plus time.

One final push… one final surge to the end of the tunnel…

Before I get sucked back into the tunnel again (holidays only 2 weeks. Minus orientation left back with one week. Darn).

But anyways, I shall concentrate now on the final push. You Intro to Mass Comm paper. Prepared to be destroyed and exterminated by me!!! Or will it be the other way around? Oh no…

Ok, concentrate on the final push, final push… man, that sounds like I’m really gonna be delivering a baby…