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Santa, here’s my wish list…

Posted in Uncategorized on March 26, 2007 by steve maestro

Ok i know Christmas is really far-off from now, but nothing wrong with putting(or posting) your wish list like, 9 months in advance right? Ok, the things that i want is slightly different from before, and also the things I always get(or never get) are always photo frames, key chains, and things like that. Well, I do hope Santa reads my wish list this time(for all 20 years I’ve been hiding it underneath my pillow, im not hiding it anymore!) Haha… well, here goes…:

1) Z-Vex Wah Probe

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This is the stuff that Muse’s Matt Bellamy uses to do those crazy wah sounds. Really wanna own it, but really can’t do anything with it except for wah sounds, so I did my research and found more wah pedals that I want(not that I don’t want the wah probe though…)

 2)Digitech Whammy

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Haha, Muse’s Matt Bellamy uses this delicate machine as well. You can hear it on their songs, such as ‘Sunburn'(guitar solo) and ‘Invincible(guitar solo as well)

3)Vox Tonelab Valvetronik’s tube diode

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Well, i’ve already got the machine, but I need the tube diode to be changed. It needs to be changed cuz i’ve a feeling that the signal is getting weaker and weaker.  Well, here’s the tube diode im talking about…

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See the signal is bright red? Mine’s like, weak orange. Go figure.

4)Mac Book

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Well, do I need to say why I want a Mac Book? There are a couple of reasons why I want it so badly now cuz:

 a)I suspect my computer is down with a virus, and there are some hardware component which is not working properly.

b)Also, i’ve bought an iPod Shuffle, and my PC can’t detect it.

And the all famous reason, I’M SICK OF PCs!!!!

5)A Grammy Award(haha…)

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No particular reason why, I just like to have a Grammy sitting around at home on the cabinet or study table. Friends will ask,”Hey what’s that on your cabinet?”. “Oh nothing much, just a Grammy…”

Last but not least…

6) World peace

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Nothing is more important than having peace in our lives and also peace around the world. Well, a few bombs and hang sentence are not the proper solutions. Here’s a scary fact, out of one newborn in the world, 300 more will die as a result of famine, poverty, war, diseases, natural disasters and things like that.

Ok, I think that’s about it for now. Haha, if there’s other things that I have in mind I will post it here for dear Santa(wherever you are) to see. Peace and God bless


Celebrity Look-alikes(CAUTION: some scenes contain information that some could not understand and accept. Parental supervision is adviced.)

Posted in Uncategorized on March 21, 2007 by steve maestro

Went to and ran some face look-alikes, and turns out that my baby looks like this Japanese Actress…pretty close comparison at 96%, though im not too sure about it myself…baby ur so cute, cuter than the actress.

On another pic, guess what she looks like…

Wicked…the Comedy King of Hong Kong himself! BUT WAIT…

If u think u’ve seen it all, wait til u c dis!!!

I din know I looked like BoA! No wonder i attract guys more than girls… Haha, the saving grace is that it’s only 66%, but still….BoA?!? Sigh… SO i’ve decided to go and get some of my frens look-alike pictures, will be posting it the next time…

Another tribute to Tokai…

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My guitar and I, deadly combination…

 This is me with my guitar, yes, it’s a Tokai. I know there are a lot of people with different opinions about Tokai, but I’ll stick with mine. It’s by far the best guitar I ever had(which makes sense cuz i only had two guitars including this one, and I got rid of the old one, a Samick…)

Still I would agree that a Gibson would be a better choice than Tokai, but overall, the money you spend on a Gibson, it’s not as worth it as a Tokai, strictly in im opinion.

Earlier today I got a deal to but a 1981 remodelling of 70’s Tokai Strat, RM2.8k. Good condition(haven’t seen it yet, but I trust my source), cream-colored finish. Think I should buy it? Haha, write to me, write to me. Im feeling a lil bit lonely here…

 pic grabbed from Prakash’s flickr site…

My Seduction Style…

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 Yep, this is my seduction style. I dunno what it means by Midas touch, but im sure glad i did not get a bad one. It says my superpower is cuddling, haha, well…..not too sure about that. Wouldn’t wanna cuddle with a fat piggy right? Haha…

Well there you go, my seduction style. Girls can get their numbers from the counter and start lining up, thank you…Haha, just kidding. Maybe when if I touch your face it’ll glow!

A Tribute To Tokai…

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tokai sg-60

I don’t blame you if you burst up laughing upon hearing the name ‘Tokai’, because most of my friends do when they heard it the first time. But in all seriousness, the one brand which I think deserved it’s credits and deserved to be known world-wide fot it’s finest quality in their guitars, well, have not really received it’s recognition…

 To those in the dark, Tokai Gakki Company Ltd. is a Japanese guitar manufacturer which started making and producing guitars in Japan(duh!) since 1947. What is so amazing about them is that they start off as a ‘copy-model’ manufacturer, as in taking other guitar models from other rivals and coming out with a similar model that’s cheaper. The amazing part is that, it’s widely known that these guys had actually surpassed the original guitar companies in terms of qualities and overall sound of the guitar.  I own a Tokai Love Rock Series 75Q model, and I must say, it really does sound, look like the original ones, might even be better.

To know more, just go Wiki it. Enough said… To all Tokai guitar owners, cheers to you guys.

picture taken from wikipedia