(Overdue Post Collections) The One With The Krispy Kreme Donut

This is really really overdue, and I’m sorry Josh for not posting this up soon enough. I bet u’re looking at this space just to see whether will I mention about what you did… err… no?Ok nevermind…


But it’s still worth mentioning… cuz…

He gave me my first taste of a Kripsy Kreme Donut!


Yes he did, unlike a certain  SOMEONE who didn’t brought it back for me from Indonesia sometime ago. 


That certain someone. Haha… no worries, I still love you bro. 

Anyways, the girlfriend was at Aussie and she brought some back for him. And this kind dude kindly offered me one piece of it, maybe he got so sick of me complaining about it all the time and therefore, he gave me his last piece of it.

Not entirely happy with it as I can just so imagine the girlfriend, fuming with anger upon the knowledge that the donut didn’t entirely got ended up in Josh’s tummy (eventually into poop, and eventually into some water sewer somewhere and eventually into Singaporean’s water system), one of it ended up in mine. So… have your go at him, and yeah you can have your go at me as well, Joyce… that is… if you can… muahaha…

Alright, why am I treating this whole thing as such an exclusive thing? Well… cuz it IS that EXCLUSIVE… cuz…


It’s not available in Malaysia.

Yes read that again, it is not. Ok, so it is available at our neighboring country (Indonesia), but still the feeling of acquiring something that not all Malaysians have, makes me feel like I’m superman for a moment… 


But anyways, thanks Josh, not only for the donut, but for all the stuff you did and the stuff you had to put through. Here’s to our 11 years of friendship. A free one meal coupon at our church’s mamak stall. It’s ok Josh, it’s ok…  



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