The Old Man and The Old Lady

Born, I was to a then 32 year old handsome, strapping man named Lam Ten Hong and to a 30 year old beautiful and lovely maiden, Kong Yuen Mooi. I am their one and only offspring in the family, and while some might think that being the only child I could get my hands on all of the luxuries that many of my peers would not have, I would not say no to it as I do get a lot of things from my parents, but mostly it is what I need and not what I want. When I was a child, I needed toys to expand my imagination and creativity. Now that I’m a young adult, I need even bigger toys to occupy and waste my already limited free time.

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The old man of the family (on the right. I sent my desktop for reformatting and everything else is gone with it. This is the only decent picture I have…). Grew up in poverty with a family of 6 in Johor. To many, my dad would seem very charming and very care-free. He always remains his laid-back attitude, and he’s also very approachable, friendly and very chatty. My friend once told me that she would love my dad to be her own dad, in which I did not seize the opportunity then, if you know what I mean. But above all, it is his love for the family that is truly amazing. Love is the main motto for his life, and it is clearly shown in the things that he had sacrificed for the family. Love is simply demonstrated in such an unique and clear way through him. It’s like ‘kuay teow’ and clear soup…but anyways, we love because God loved us first. Love is shown in our family today and will be always be shown no matter what, and it’s thanks to this man.

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The old lady of No.62 Jalan 5, Desa Jaya Kepong. Grew up in Cheras with her parents and 4 siblings, in which she is the eldest. Works as a supervisor for nearly 25 years. Previously had the figure of great size and strength, during my childhood days. The most feared weapon then was her and the cane (which I would eventually snap them into broken tiny little pieces in order to avoid unnecessary whoop-a** on myself). Unfortunately things had gone to a bad situation, and in year 2000 she suffered nose and throat cancer. She was healed then, only for the cancer to strike back in year 2003. But God is a gracious God and until today, she’s fine and she’s as healthy as a horse, with occasional illnesses, but it’s mainly due to her weaken immune system from the effects of chemotheraphy. She behaves like a clown most of the time, but it’s her personality that has captured the hearts of many. She’s a caring and loving mum, and without her I will not be where I am today (basic logic: I won’t be born). Just kidding, I mean, she had and still continues to play an important role in my life. My mum is the solid rocks of foundation in my life.

I never had a chance to do this for them. I know they are hoping that I would join some Mother’s Day or Father’s Day contest and write in a story or poem regarding them (but I know that they actually had their eyes on the prizes actually). I’m dedicating this page on my blog to these two unsung heroes of my life.

Love inspires. Love never fails. Love is like a blanket to keep you warm. To me, love is my parents.


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  2. parents…what would we do without em?:)

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