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Blast from the past: Cyber Cop rocks!!!

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This is one heck of show! I remember watching this show when I was 6 or 7 years old, and this is the one show that I would get up from my nap time( during my younger days) to watch it. I would not miss a single episode of the show. Man, all the memories, the cheesy theme song, the characters. To those who don’t know this show at all (how could you?! ), basically it’s a show on the future( like year 2010, back then 2010 would be deemed as the ‘future’, where there’ll be robots and high tech stuff) set in Japan where the cops(duh!) fight off evil beings who are trying to control the world. The cops have a separate division, if im not mistaken, called ZAC, and there lies the technology and powers for Cyber Cop. There’s three official Cyber Cops at first, which include Mars(green), Saturn(white) and Mercury(blue). The other remaining two Cyber Cops comes from the future(i dunno why already, could not remember), Jupiter(red) and Lucifer. There’s always this girl cop who can’t do anything to save her own life if there’s trouble and will always depend on the Cyber Cops to save her ass.

One thing i’ve always wondered, why Cyber Jupiter( that’s how they are called) goes around in a specialized motorcycle while Cyber Mars, Saturn and Mercury had to be driven around in a jeep? Can’t they get their own bikes? One more thing, Cyber Lucifer can teleport anywhere at will, why can’t Jupiter and the rest teleport? Bugs me when i was a kid…

I’ll never ever forget this show, never ever in my life. I actually want to be a cop last time because of this show! But actually I just wanted the cool gadgets, come on ain’t it cool when you can get your equipments(drills, machine guns, bazookas) from the ground, attach it to your ‘robotic’ arm and start blowing the enemy’s arses away? I had a name for myself too last time, I wanted to call myself Cyber Neptune. Just thought it was cool back then…..

To watch the opening intro for this show, visit to watch it on YouTube.

pictures from Yahoo search engine


Funny how life ends and begins…

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This is a picture taken for Canaan Church’s 2006 Christmas project. The team of Prakash and Joshua shot, produced and directed a 20-minute plus short movie which revolves around, err, how one life ends and another life begins. Really meaningful story and plot, though we had one scene where the boom mike dropped and was visible( so sorry, my fault, my fault…).

Kudos to Josh&Prakash for the clip. Why am I blogging about it? I don’t know, I just like the picture, haha…

picture from Prakash’s Flickr site

Youth Alive’s Connect to Kota Kinabalu

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I know it’s kinda late by the time i blog about this, after all the event happened almost half a year ago around July 2006. It’s an amazing experience getting to connect and most importantly getting to touch the lives of the people over at KK. We are supposed to head to Penang as well , but the whole thing got postponed last minute. Looking forward for it as well.

We had a lot of fun there, from the endless and tiring soundchecks, eating KFC once we( Lemuel, myself and Hong Liang) reached KK and hearing KK’s Urbad Legend at one of the hills( forgot the name). Thanks to the frenly people over there as well, Chandra, Jeremiah( I shall remember you…), Lionel as well as the rest, for bringing us around Sabah and taking care of our needs. We met a lot of cool people as well, from a girl who plays bass( now, that’s hot!), a soundman who can speak Hakka with me, as well as a girl with a dead bird on her head as decorations.

I can’t really post a lot pictures cuz it’s all from my friend Daniel’s flickr site, and the quality of the picture is not really good, but to those who c dis and was part of the team to KK( All the pastors involved, Pastor Daniel, Pastor Julie, Pas. Michael, Pas. Lisa, just to name a few, my frens and band members from Canaan: Prakash, Hong Liang, Aaron Chew, Lemuel,  from Revival: Justin, Kevan, Kam Fai, from GTPJ: John Koo, Alvina, Amanda, Eluth, Tze Yen, Liang, Daniel[ sorry for posting your pics here, dun sue me], Simon…sorry if i missed out the others!)

All in all, it was a great experience serving God with these people. Thanks for everything.

photos from Daniel Liew’s Flickr page

Introducing, the world’s first church boyband

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If you are wondering what happened to boybands and all, dun worry, we have one in our very own Canaan Church. We fit the bill perfectly cuz, in a boyband, there’s always the old fart in the group, like Brian of BSB, which the said position would be filled by the guy on your far left( Lemuel). Then there’s the one who stands out the most, often known as the group leader like Ronan Keating of Boyzone, which would be our dear fren in pink at the center position( Joshua). Then there’s the one who tries to steal away the light from the leader, like Stephen, from, once again, Boyzone, where our Indian fren would second from left would be(Prakash). Then there’s the member who is just there to make the others look good, like Justin Jeffre of 98 degrees( dunno who he is? he’s the bald guy, he’s just so forgettable). And that would be, second from right(Lam). And then there’s the final member, the one who can really sing but can’t compete with the other members in the team, like Simon Webbe of Blue( the negro dude). That would be the one on the farthest right(Ian).

 Wonder what should we call ourselves. Pretty Roses? Lovely Loves? Or Temperature Rising? Can’t take the last one cuz already taken as song title by Tata Young. Catchy song though… El-Ninyo!

photo from Joshua Chay’s Flickr site

Why middle-aged women should not drive big cars…

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Firstly to middle-aged women(or in reality, we would call them as aunties) who are reading this, or you have someone you knew that fits the bill perfectly, please refrain from driving big cars such as MPV’s and huge cars such as the Toyota Hilux. Continue reading

Celebrations and Traffic Jams

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The time has come again for chinese people all over the world to celebrate and enjoy the Chinese New Year(CNY) celebrations. Malls will be packed with people dong last minute shoppings, houses will be decorated with red-colored things and other unnecessary things just to block movement within the house, and of course, the money received in small lil red packets for those who are not married, and of course for those who are married, there won’t be so much joy for them as they have to fork out money. The advice is, don’t get married fast, unless you have a lot of cash to spend though…

But the one thing that really bugs me a lot during CNY is none other than traffic jams. Everyone will be going back to their own hometowns to celebrate with their loved ones, or some who don’t have a hometown to go back to will somehow drive to somewhere as well, we don’t know why…lack of attention perhaps? But i just wanna share on my own experience during last year’s CNY. My good fren and I decided to go down to Malacca from KL(to see our girlfriends as well as receiving loads of cash) on the third day of CNY(there’s supposed to be 15 days to CNY, and after this 15 days, there wil be another celebration for those who are without love partners, and to find one they would have to throw oranges with their names and phone number intact, hopefully another person will be as desperate to pick it up and call the number on the orange). So it all goes smoothly at the beginning of the journey, getting ready to eat all the food once we reach there and thinking of the money we are about to get, and when we reach a place called Nilai(about 1 half hours away from our destination, which normally wuld only take about 2hours plus), we got stuck at the jam. It wasn’t because there’s an accident or road closure or what, there’s just too many cars on the road. In the end, we reached Malacca about 4 hrs and 45 minutes later.

Well, all i can say is, traffic jams will come alongside celebrations, or is it celebrations will come alongside traffic jams? Whatever…im gonna be stuck at a traffic jam now as well, and there’s no celebrations after that unfortunately…

What a wonderful world…

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Yes it is indeed a wonderful world…for now at least. Had a really hectic month before this due to exams and unnecessary things like that(preparing for exam..yada yada yada…), and now i shall enjoy my freedom and holidays by sleeping late til afternoon, playing video games like nobody’s business(gonna play Final Fantasy XII) and doing other stuff like drinking booze, get wasted and wolf-whistlng at girls at Bukit Bintang(place where all the supposedly good-looking girls are at, or good-looking fags…). What a wonderful life, and world…

Finally i fell for the temptations of having a blog(i have previousy set up frenster and xanga account, but only managed to post in enties once a year…). Persuaded by my good old fren Joshua(im typing this entry on his iBook now…), i took a step of faith to start a wordpress account, and there you go, my first post in a blog for nearly a year and a half, on my new wordpress blog.

Of course i have others to thank as well for convincng me to start a blog, but of course…to list down everyone and everything, it would eat up all the space in this post, but anyways, yep to those reading this, thanks for reading it, leave your comments if u wan, and yep i will post in entries in the future, if im not too drowned up with my sleep, game and booze la…