(Overdue Post Collections) The One With The Pork Noodle


Ok, so the NOOB mentioned about this pork noodle place somewhere around where he’s studying, Monash University. 


And I can’t stand nor resist the temptations of good food, so myself, Jon The Noob and Marcus head to the place for some delicious, yummy and ooo-so-disgusting-and-fattening-but-it’s-so-darn-good pork noodle!

Let the picture do the talking:


Jon ordering from the stall. Yes, small bowl costs RM4.30, and a big bowl costs RM5. Not really cheap… 


Marcus smiling with joy… 


Jon with his customary flat-faced smile and his bowl of pork noodle. 


My pork noodle. With all the innards and stuff. Yum yum… so good…  

And it’s gone… 

So, my verdict for it? Definitely a 9/10. It’s everything you want to have in your bowl of pork noodle. The innards of the pork is well cleaned and cooked, and the pork meat and soup combined together to give a well balanced, not too overpowering combo. Will definitely go have another go at it again next time if I can…

(Update): Ok, reason why this gets a 9/10 is because at the time we were there, it wasn’t lunch time or rush hour or peak hour yet, so the waiting line is clear and we got our noodles in like 10 minutes. I heard from Jon The Noob that sometimes during lunch time, it can take up 1 hour for your noodle to be prepared. So… if I had to wait that long I would give it something like… 3 or 4/10. Seriously, no one likes to wait for their food. Especially me. 


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