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What on earth is going on with our universities?!?!

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I stumbled upon this video some time ago. I was so disgusted and disappointed about it then, and after stumbling across it again, I’m even more disgusted and angry about it. Come on we are not talking about primary kids or maybe early secondary level, but we are talking about GROWN UPS studying in a public university! Disclaimer: I don’t know whether it’s real, there has been news that it’s not real and was made up for publicity sake (who on earth would wanna attract attention using violence and discrimination?). Some said it’s the chinese who created controversy first, I don’t know. It’s up to you to believe.

Even if it’s not real, but it just made me realize the fact why whatever system or policies that we want to come out with will always fail and will be behind others. Our education system is not getting any better, as I remember. The focus has always been on our local universities. Every system has it’s flaws, not everything is perfect, but to the extent of creating chaos out of racism and discrimination? I was looking for more clips, and I saw this; UPM=Universiti Penuh Monyet (no offense to those studying at UPM). All you need to do is have a look at the video and you’ll understand. The famous (or infamous) university with it’s students acting like monkeys.

I just have one thing to say now, thank God I’m not in a public university. I feel sorry for those who have to suffer all the abuse and all the agony there. But I know not all hope is gone for those studying at public universities, not everything or everyone is bad there. Some deserved to be there, they worked hard to achieve their goal of studying in a local university, while some just don’t! And it includes those hooligans in the video.

Sigh… anyone gonna do anything about it? I don’t think so. The ‘plague’ will continue to manifest, and nothing can be done about it.


Super Villain Me

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Yeah it’s 2am in the morning (waiting for the Man Utd match against Milan), and feeling a little bored, and I stumbled across this thingy through Prakash’s blog. And boy am I surprised by it…:

Your results:
You are Venom


The Joker
Mr. Freeze
Lex Luthor
Dr. Doom
Dark Phoenix
Poison Ivy
Green Goblin
Strength, disguise and adrenaline are your greatest weapons.


Click here to take the Super Villain Personality Test

Man, can’t wait for Spiderman 3.

Look-alikes, look-alikes…; Round 4: Ladies from my Cell Group

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My cell group consists generally of girls, the only guys in my cell group is me and my cell leader, Joshua, though there are other guys in my cell but they couldn’t make it most of the time. Most of the time Joshua would poke fun and say that our cell group is actually a Ladies Ministry kinda thing. Sigh, sooner or later Joshua and I will start acting like girls, putting on make-up, can’t drive properly, have frequent mood swings, watch Korean or Taiwanese dramas and admiring artists like Jay Chou, Lee-Hom, Rain and other boy bands…(no offense, haha…).

Oh well, the ladies (who attends cell group regularly) of my cell group are: The amazing ‘I-always-laugh-sideways-and-slap-my-own-face’, Susie; the wonderful ‘Don’t-offend-me-or-else-I’m-gonna-sue-you-from-head-to-toe’, Angela; the fantastic ‘I-laugh-so-much-that-if-laughing-is-a-currency-I’m-a-multi billionaire’, Kimberly; the extravagant ‘I-deny-I-laugh-like-the-sound-of-an-earthquake-or-someone-going-through-“strangulation”, Amanda; the brilliant ‘Im-too-nice-and-too-good-even-Lam-has-nothing-to-write-bad-about-me’ Jasmine, and last but not least; the superb ‘Im-the-best-confirmer-of-all-ask-me-to-confirm-anything’, Melissa!


First of, we have Susie! Yeah, she slaps herself and has the ability to hear other words or meanings different from what you’re telling her. Here goes:



Haha…I guess you can start your own girl-group now. Unfortunately, Susie can only belt out ABBA tunes like ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘Mama Mia’. Err, won’t appeal much to anyone from this generation. Ok here’s the funny one:



Wow, it’s now wonder why she likes Korean dramas. Keeping in touch with her Korean ‘roots’…


Next up is Angela. Well, all I can say is, be good friends with her, don’t make enemies with her, she’s gonna be a future lawyer or some practitioner of some sort. To avoid any legal difficulties, please do as mentioned. Haha…well, here goes Angie…:



Another Korean look-alike, well, I don’t know if you like Korean dramas and kim-chees Angela, but if you do, or has an obsession about it, now you know why, for you have Korean ‘roots’ as well. Funny one:



Well, if you’re a guy, you know you would be handsome. Or as a successful actor, err…yeah.


Next up we have Kimberly. It’s true that she laughs non-stop and could only be stopped temporarily with another burst of laughter. As a result, her face is always red, kinda reminds me of Tomato Man. Or Anpan Man. Haha…here goes:



Haha…I guess we have one half of the Gilmore Girls in our church and cell group now. Thanks goodness it’s not another Korean match. I’m finding for the funny collage, but I couldn’t (*frustration). Here’s the closest to the funny comparison collage:



You know what, behind all the laughters, if Kimberly gets angry, she’ll turn into The Hulk! So…yeah, let’s just make Kimberly laugh always…


Amanda Ng Yann Ci is next. It is true that she laughs like the sound of an earthquake or an incoming train, though she keeps denying it, Amanda, it’s true, it’s true. And your comparison is:



No! I refuse to believe this! Haha…ok fine, but I think it’s just the angle. Not really a look-alike. Another case like Kimberly, no immediate funny comparisons for you (I think those reading this or have been following up should realise by now ‘funny comparisons’ means the comparison for the other gender right?). Here’s the closest:



You look more like the guy, haha… well, at least you know if you’re a guy you would be quite handsome.


Next, Jasmine Chan… Chui-something right? Sorry, just guessing. Anyways, nothing much to say about her, except that she’s really good at dancing. Maybe you can set up a dance academy for our church? Starting with our cell first (please exclude me and Joshua, but feel free to ask Marcus and Jun Xen to join). Here goes:



I think Koda Kumi is a Japanese singer, if I’m not mistaken. I think it’s because of the smile, looks the same. Here’s the ‘funny’ comparison:



What a surprise! Nah, I think it’s not close to a comparison. I think it’s just the hair. But anyways, did anyone told you before you look Anuar Zain? Haha…


Alright, the last one (been spending more than 30 minutes doing this!), Melissa Hew. The confirmer of all confirmers in all confirmations, and I can confirm that. Often seen raising up her arm and say ‘I CAN CONFIRM!’. Melissa’s three magical words. Here goes:



Haha! You look like Oprah! Well, you know you are a good counselor…maybe now’s the time to fulfill your potential! No wonder you can confirm things a lot…anyways, ‘funny’ one:


It’s not even close to how you look like Melissa, but I’m just putting it there for fun. See i told you, you must play football… then you can be the midfield general for us…

Well, that’s all for now. Been spending quite sometime doing this, won’t be continuing with round 5…for awhile. Any requests of look-alikes (except Annie Hoe, haha…) please drop your name and request at the comment box, I’ll TRY to do it. Peace…

What a Wonderful and tantalizing Week…

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Alright, after writing some stuff about American Idol and declaring my joy of seeing Sanjaya being booted out of the competition, as well as posting collages of my friend’s celebrity look-alikes, it’s now time for some ‘Me’ time. It’s not always that I write stuffs like this though, don’t really want to gain attention and showing the whole world that I’m an LOA (lack-of-attention)-ist… I’m not one ok?! Duh…
I’ve had a pretty amazing week. There were the usual ups and downs in my particular week, and some funny and memorable moments as well.


Well, on Monday, nothing much took place. I skipped my class (too lazy to wake up, I think it’s due to the weather, sky’s turning dark and about to rain…), which is the second last class I have for this semester before my finals last Friday. I went to the night market located nearby my house. I went in the evening around 630pm, so there weren’t many people visiting yet. It was an enjoyable moment because I don’t think I’ve been there in like, 1 year and it’s funny because everything looked so familiar, yet so strange.

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One of the many ‘memories’ I had, though not this particular ‘wan tan mee’, but I remembered that it was something…like what is shown in the picture.

I could still remember the corn stall, along with the ‘char kuay teow’ and ‘wan tan mee’ stall. It’s like trying to remember these little pieces of memories which fragmented into bits and trying to piece it all again. The only thing that’s depressing is that as you slowly remember all these things in your head, it sort of reminded me how of old I’ve actually become…sigh…


Nothing much happened on Monday, so moving on…yes, Tuesday. This is when my week starts to pick up its momentum…or whatever you call it. My last class for my diploma course is on Tuesday, and the usual things took place, such as lecturer not teaching anything at all, rather, spending time to talk to us and give us motivational speeches on how live our lives (it’s so common these days, how ‘motivational’ will the speech be?).

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Class of DBM 2, year 2006-2007…

Some of my class mates won’t be continuing their studies at my college, so for some of the girls there were tears and stuff like that, and for the guys, well, pretending to be cool and strong, but really, it’s quite emotional, after all we did spent 1 year together as a group. Nothing else took place on Tuesday, though I’ve to say that after what I went through with my college mates, it has further enhanced my perspective on appreciating life and the moments that comes along with it.

Wednesday, is the day that I wished I did more things, cuz I totally spent the whole day sleeping. Can’t really blame myself again cuz the weather is just too nice to resist sleeping to. Actually, I was waiting for the Streamyx technician to come and install it in my house, but he didn’t turn up, citing the reason of ‘technical difficulties’ as the reason of his absence, so he showed up the other day…


So the technician came, installed the broadband, and left. And left he did, with the broadband as well. I’ve no idea why, until now, that we could access the Internet while he was here, but after he left, the connection hit rock bottom. There was no connection at all right after he left.
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More like ‘Frustration and Anger in-a-box’. Beside it: suspected problem, spoiled modem.

So I had to call TM Net to help with the problem, and had to wait until Saturday for assistance from them. Sigh…but that wasn’t the highlight of that day. I had cell group that day, and our group discussion was on the lines of how much are you doing for God’s sake or something like that. To me, it was a really, really simple topic to tackle, yet so complex and hard because, as all Christians are now these days, we are all living under a shell of denial. It’s no surprise that sometimes our shortcomings are due to our irresponsibility and denials in our walk of faith. But what happened on that night was that some of us are bold to utter out some of the things inside of their heart, while some were reminded on their position and their ‘status’ in the areas of doing things for God and not for your own. It was an unforgettable experience for me, well; at least that’s what I think. So, moving along to…


Thank God It’s Friday. Not promoting for the restaurant chain, but I don’t think I’m the only one who feels good when it comes to Friday every week right? No work the day after, no school, so-called, a day where everyone will most probably look forward to. I had my finals, and after that I spent some time with my classmates (now ex-class mates, unless they are continuing their studies at the same college I come from), cuz I might not be seeing some of them anymore, at least the near future. After some chats, photo-takings, I head down to, no guesses, TGIF with my friend. Look at what she ordered…
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She ate it all on her own. Poor me, I only had Lemon Tea… Nah, just kidding.


After that we walked around 1U for a while, before heading home, and calling it a day… Oh yeah, I also managed to pull a prank on her as well, so, I guess I can consider it as a nice moment as well.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

One of the many things we enjoy doing on Saturdays at church, defying gravity and stuffing people inside car boots…

Saturdays are always busy for me. Not only I have to juggle between the responsibilities and roles of a mummy’s kid and church duties, sometimes there will be those extra things like studies, sudden impulsiveness courtesy of my mum, and other things as well. I also have my meetings, music practices and services to attend to, so, I’d be out the whole day on Saturdays. What’s so special about this Saturday is that I went to watch my friend’s drama performance at KLPac, Sentul. The sketch is called ‘Screwed’, and is the second drama I’ve attended so far by my friend’s drama group, ‘The Oral Stage’. It was fun, and really is a nice experience to watch a ‘live’ drama right in front of your eyes, definitely worth my time and the actor’s or producer’s time, energy and effort to produce such a good play.

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The face of a talented actor/director/poser, Prakash, in one of his promotional poster for his group’s drama, ‘Screwed’.

After that we head on down to Uma Rani at Jalan Ipoh for supper, and my friend, Prakash, who acted in the play, I don’t know whether it’s cuz he’s tired or what, actually thought that one of the customers passing by our table as a waiter, and ordered him to switch off the fan. We just watched and laughed at it, but who wouldn’t? Especially if the person that Prakash attended to, without objecting or showing any signs of displeasure, walked there and switched it off, returning us a smile while we are laughing our hearts out.
And yes, the main highlight, and it really was the main highlight, could be considered as the surprise of the century, is this; one of the many short plays in the play involves a story of what and how a girl feels after being raped, something about a girl developing dual personalities and stuff like that. All of us, me and my friends, could not understand it, maybe cuz it’s too long or developing too slowly, but this particular friend of us, Kok Leong, understood what it’s about, like, totally spot on! It might not be funny and surprising to some, but I can only say this; evil knows evil, and in this case, a true rapist would understand all that was shown in the play.

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The face of true evil…


Yay! The last day of the week (though considered as the first day of the week to many, but who cares?) Finally, I could rest and relax, enjoying fellowship with all of my friends, while sipping down a cup of double shot espresso and eating biscotti…Well, it’s not like that, just making it up. But on Sundays, after coming back from Sunday service, I would normally sleep until the evening, and sometimes I would go and hang out with my friends at night, but this Sunday I just took some time off to rest and chill at home.

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We do keep in touch with our feminine side, especially on last Sunday, just ask my friend here, Ian…

Well, that’s it from me now. Next week would almost be the same thing as what I went through this week, though tiresome and sometimes stagnant, I would like to think of it as this; I like living. I enjoy living life. And this sort of made me reflect on the mass killing that took place recently in the States. Life is short, random and unpredictable. Still, I enjoy living life, and every moment that comes with it.

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Life might be as complex as a block of car engine, but I hope you enjoy living life, and bring out the best out of it.

American Idle?

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As I continue to breathe sighs of relief, we, that includes you and I, had already known of the fact that the horrendous, unpredictable, and the if-not-for-my-hair-and-confused gender charms-I’d-be-long gone 17 year old Sanjaya Malakar, had been booted out of the latest installment of American Idol.

As the downfalls continue to show in this latest installment of the ever-successful hit reality television singing competition, one cannot deny that at the first place, this time around, it just fails to deliver the show’s potential and the quest of crowning a deserving winner as American Idol…but wait a minute…is it just me or is it the fact that American Idol has now unofficially turned into a non-singing competition?

As many would agree (I know many would), the show’s true purpose is to unearth fresh talents across America, for them to be able to do what they should be doing best, and that is essentially, singing, and performing and the list goes on and on. However, I just couldn’t help but to notice that the show (be it the producers or the judges) has been placing other factors higher than the most important ability that the show aims to find, and that is having the singing ability. It’s now too ‘drowned’ up with other factors like marketability, charisma (though important for a singer, essentially a singer should be able to SING first, then put in the charisma), looks of a person and other factors.

Last season’s contestants were among, if not the best, singers that the show has offered so far, alongside other fallen Idols, such as Anwar Robinson and the likes. But seriously, when it comes to Idol these days, does it matter if someone can really sing? I mean, without taking this seriously though, I’m glad that there’s those who deserved to be crowned as winners but then again, has the whole concept of being marketable and being charismatic been so important these days that it overshadows the important ability to sing? Well, if you ask me, it’s certainly true now, as what I see on Idol these days are people who really can’t sing (come on, don’t lie to yourself that Sanjaya can sing), and really, really, bad hair-do…in a lame attempt to attract the crowd.

Bottom line: I’m glad Sanjaya is out of the competition. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing him, he’s young alright, and with the correct mixture of hard work, passion and skills, he can have a career in singing, but not a solid one though. He’s better off as a hair-stylist (yeah, imagine that happening) or a model of some sort. Another bottom line: American Idol really needs a shake-up and start to go back to basics, which is singing and not the other factors.

Celebrity Look-alikes; Friends of Lam round 3!!!

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I’m back with the third round of my friend’s celebrity (and funny/surprising) look-alikes!

I wonder why am I doing all this, I guess this is a way for me to ‘repay’ their friendship towards me… haha, well enough said, since I’ve already started this whole thing, might as well just get all my friend’s comparisons to my blog. For this round, it’s an all-guys showdown, to see who’s the more handsome, macho and ‘gifted’ among them, hehe (they’re gonna kill me when they see this…).

We have, (drum rolls…) on one corner, the ever-handsome and chick magnet, Mr. Lee Hong Liang! And on one corner, the ever faggoty faggotilicious fag (does such term exists?), Mr. Jonathan So! And on the last corner, the ever growing addiction for Mac products, Mr. Joshua Chay!!

 First off, we have Joshua. A lil bit about him. Erm, he’s a really good guy, sometimes too good (haha, just kidding…). Always willing to lend a helping hand especially when it comes to computer stuffs, and the man responsible in converting me into a Mac user. Here goes:

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He looks like him, screams like him (well, attempts to, those days when he ‘tried’ to shriek like Chester…). Haha, here’s the funny one:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

No idea who she is, but Im guessing it’s a look-alike because of the glasses… At least you Josh, you know who and how you look like if you’re a girl…and blonde…

Next up, is Hong Liang! Man, this dude just got me a Fender Strat guitar! Im serious! He went to Singapore and got me one…the mini, plastic model one. Hehe, never mind Hong Liang, Im gonna wait until you get me a real one, haha… here is the closest celebrity comparison to him…:

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That explains why SO many girls would die to get attention from this guy! And that explains why he can rap really well too (…can you? Im just guessing…). But anyways, with looks like that, would anything else matters? Not….if your second closest celebrity comparison looks like this!:

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Haha, dunno who she is as well, but I guess now, the same as Joshuam you would know how you look like if you were a girl, and… an Indonesian or Samoan/whatever nation?

The third contender, the ever-amazing, the ever gay-ish, ‘kayu’ bassist ever, Jonathan So! (‘kayu’ means stiff by the way, not stiff in that WAY but, he’s like, restricted of his movements when he’s playing bass, or doing whatever). Enough said, here’s his closest celebrity comparison:

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Wow…no wonder he looks so gay-ish! He looks like Rain! No wonder he gets all the guy’s attention…including min…ah, no, nothing. Ah, right. Let’s move on to the funny one shall we?:

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No idea who she is, but she looks like an actress/activist, but whatever it is, Jonathan, if you’re a female, you would look like an…old, activist/actress/whatever. Yeah, you do, haha…

Who’s the winner? Who’s the more handsome, macho and swoon-ish above the rest? It’s….definitely me! Myself! Haha, no one would be more attractive if that someone looks like BoA! She’s hot, …well, that makes me hot too! Just kidding, gotta go, I can hear my phone ringing already, and I know who’s calling! Dun kill me Josh, Jon and Hong Liang!!!…………………

Celebrity Look-alikes; Friends of Lam round 2

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So here I am again, feeling bored and pathetic, still at Cyber Cafe at 330am. Hope you’d enjoyed the last post, now I’m back with somemore of my friend’s look-alike celebrity pictures! Hopefully I can post more than one or two friend (*tears*, sorry Dota).

 First off, are two of my good friends in church, the 200-pound, ever-amazing, Prakash Daniel and the I-hop-like-an-antelop, just-got-my-Volkswagon Beetle-so-don’t-be-jealous girl (so…lucky…) Jacque Fong!

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 Well, let’s hope he have the same imagination and art-direction like Quintin does, actually, better not. I don’t wanna see a real life Kill Bill situation!

As always, here’s the funny comparison:

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Well, he is funny, cute, and guess what? As chubby as P.Ramlee as well! Haha, he’s a talented chap, acting in short plays and all, you deserve the ‘comparison’.., haha…

This next lady here, is someone (yes, as mentioned above) who’ve  just gotten her hands on a brand spanking new, Volkswagon Beetle! Not only that, she owns a beautiful and grand apartment in KL, and is known to give people their ‘best one and a half hours of their life’. Haha, don’t be thinking something else…well, here’s the look-alike:

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I kinda agree with it, especially the brows and the smile. And as always, there’s the funny comparison. Here it is…:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

No wonder you’re getting more girl’s attention than guy’s attention, Jacque! Haha, now we have a BoA look-alike AND a Wang-Lee Hom look-alike in church, man, how lucky is Canaan Church?

 Well, that’s it for now. Will be updating my blog more often, with more pictures of look-alikes and stuff like that, once I get my hands on my Mac Book! I’m gonna get it tomorrow! Haha, looks like my Santa wish list does work…people, you might wanna post one in your respective blogs…hmm, wonder when will my Grammy Award come..?