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The One With The Customary New Year Post

Posted in Uncategorized on December 31, 2007 by steve maestro

Tragedies and misfortunes,

Joys and happiness,

Troubled souls and anxieties,

Breakthroughs and revelations,

Loneliness and despairs,

Hopes and comforts,

Nightmares and thunderstorms,

Oreo cookies and hot chocolates,

As we bid adieu and farewell to year 2007, let us remember that in all things, good or bad, there is a reason behind it all. Did the year turn out well enough for you?

In all the pains and sorrows I had to endure throughout the year, there was a silver lining, a blessing in disguise that I could see in every bit of the trials that God has put me through. And my target for 2008 is to learn from those mistakes and as Joshua’s blog’s title says, KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

Because in the end, ‘Happiness Is Not A Destination. It is A Method Of Life’.

Persevere if you have any troubles in your life, look at the goods in life. We all struggled and still struggles hard for it, but it is these struggles that brings us closer to happiness.

Happy New Year everyone. 2008 will be different for you if you decide to make it different. Cheers!


The One With The Smashing Pumpkin Video

Posted in Other Things on December 29, 2007 by steve maestro

Was Youtube surfing as usual… and I bumped into this awesome video, by The Smashing Pumpkins.

Gothic/’artistic’ video : Ava Adore 

It brings back memories from the past, when I was a little kid. Of how I used to be so obsessed with this song. It’s called Ava Adore, and the song is just so addictive.

Anyways, after some disbanding and regrouping in the past, the group is still together now, but minus the likes of the guitarist, James Iha, and the bassist,  D’arcy Wretzk (wicked name!). Sigh… miss the band so much…


Anyways, here’s to The ORIGINAL Smashing Pumpkins, hope they will regroup with the original line up again.


And oh by the way, now I know why Lord Voldermort from the Harry Potter series looks so darn familiar…


This is the vocalist of the group, Billy Corgan. Hmm… so now we know where JK Rowling got her inspiration for Lord Voldemort from…


The One With The Letter Asking For More Money Pt.2

Posted in Other Things on December 25, 2007 by steve maestro

To know full story CLICK HERE. (which means you have not been keeping tab… naughty you…)

Anyways… after scaring myself and being overly panic with this whole I’m-gonna-sue-your-arses-cuz-I-can’t-claim-enough-money-from-the-insurance-company-therefore-I’m-suing-you-for-10 grand-now… I pulled myself together to go to the car repair workshop, in a bid to at least get some documentations and stuff. And I had everything in my head all planned out, I planned to ask my friends who are studying law to see if there’s anything I could do, planned to threaten the ones who sued me in case I can’t do anything about it, planned to run away to somewhere far far away and away from any civilization…

And so before all that commences, I was at the workshop’s office meeting the boss and owner of the place.

I showed him the letter.

And he threw it on his table and said… and I quote (translated to English from Cantonese) “Aiyah! Don’t have to care lah! This is so stupid! If they want to sue then sue la they won’t win!”.

And I’m a happier man after that…

So… CASE CLOSED and happy suing you sorry, sad and miserable people.

Gotta go, have not prepare myself for Christmas dinner yet…

The One With The Merry Christmas

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To all who reads this…



ok… gonna sleep now… had been playing guitar and singing for the past 2 nights…

Ciaoz my friends…


The One With The Comic

Posted in Ridiculous things on December 23, 2007 by steve maestro

This is what we do with a Mac when we are bored… or at least I do…





Bah… very very bored… and yeah, Merry Christmas to all!

The One With The Letter Asking For More Money

Posted in Emo Moments, Ridiculous things on December 22, 2007 by steve maestro

I’m pissed! I’m really really pissed!

Okay, here’s the lowdown…

About a year back, I drove my dad’s car to college. As my own car was faulty at that time, I thought it would be wise to drive my dad’s car then.

However, on the way to college, there’s this ‘blind’ corner where if you’re not familiar with the place, you wouldn’t actually know it actually existed. I knew about the corner, but the usual thing would be, there will not be 2 to 3 cars waiting there to turn into that particular junction.

And I was speeding on that particular road, yeah yeah my fault so I crashed the car in front of me and BAM! the car knocked another car in front of him.

Long stories made short, I apologized, we all went to the police station and made a police report, and then I got my fine, and I paid it and the rest is settled and done for. As far as I’m concerned, my dad’s car was fixed, and I did not get a smacking from dad, and that’s it…

Until yesterday…

A letter from this so-called lawyer place (somewhere along Jalan Ipoh) was found at my house’s mailbox. It was a letter claiming for more money to cover up their so called ‘losses’ from the car accident…

*silence in the air… dogs barking and crows flying around*

I thought to myself, oh crap we didn’t paid any money did we? Or what kinda wrong stuff did I do again???

Ok here’s the details:

1) According to the letter, the car owner approached the legal councillors (them) to ask us to compensate for their car damage and their losses, which was then informed that the insurance company dealing with them did not pay enough cash to compensate for their losses.

2) The total amount of money that they asked us to reimburse for them is a grand total of RM10, 010.13.

RM10, 010.13!!!!!!

(At this point I’m like… what the ****[fish], that’s like a whole car makeover! And I just banged the bumper, some scratches and dents in front and that’s it!)

3) We were then told that if we do not agree to pay within the next 14 days after we received this letter, which is yesterday, that they would be taking legal action against us.

4) And I was shocked. I was in doubt. And I went to church to be alone there the whole night…no kidding…

I mean, come on! What is this?! It’s not like we settled without making a police report or something! And I’m sure the police station and the car repair shop had the documents as well to PROVE that we did made a police report, and settled everything legally. And now I got this letter stating that the insurance company did not pay enough to cover for their losses???

I’m dumbfounded. I’m intimidated. At first.

But now I’m thinking, what the **** (fish)! Why is there even such a thing?! So what if the insurance company did not pay enough to cover for your so-called losses? Go find them then and don’t find us! Cuz we agreed everything on paper already!

Or is it I’m totally wrong in this? Friends (and family… I consider all my friends as family members [altogether now… ‘Aww! You’re so sweet Lam!!’]) , I need your help. If you have any information or opinion about this matter, please do let me know. I’m gonna go to the repair shop to get my documents from them to back me up. But above all, I would like to know what’s your take in this. Should I pay that ridiculous sum of money or should I not pay and wait for them to sue my a**? Honestly, I’m shocked by this, and I would appreciate any help I could get from you guys. Thank you in advance.

P.S.: I would like to scan and print out the letter that was sent to me, but nah….. don’t need to…

The One With The Apologies…

Posted in Other Things, Rants&Crap on December 18, 2007 by steve maestro

First off…

Sorry for not blogging regularly (yes, I know now I have people reading this blog…). Just been rather busy with work and other stuffs in my life.

But as the year draws closer and closer to an end… I can’t help but realize, what have I done for the year? I’m sure most of us will feel the same way too.

This is for everything I’ve done and everything I’ve said for the whole year…

For everything I did that was wrong… I’m sorry.

For everything I said which was hurtful… I’m sorry.

For everything I promised but could not fulfill it… I’m sorry.

For the disappointments and letdowns… I’m sorry.

For the times where I could have did the right things and I didn’t… I’m sorry.

For the lies and sins I’ve committed… I’m sorry.

For the moments that I just could not help it but be a bad-a**… I’m sorry.

For not being humble… I’m sorry.

For every person I’ve hurt (not physically)… I’m sorry.

For the hopes that went crashing because of me… I’m sorry.

For the times I could have prevented something bad to take place, but I didn’t… I’m sorry.

For breaking your heart… I’m sorry.

For letting go of all dreams and hopes… I’m sorry.

For giving up on our friendship… I’m sorry.

For the right things which turned out to be wrong, and for the wrong things which turned to be even worse… I’m sorry.

For the pride… I’m sorry.

For the ego… I’m sorry.

For being a jerk and a b**tard… I’m sorry.

For scolding you… I’m sorry.

For being jealous… I’m sorry.

For being sensitive… I’m sorry.

For being ridiculous… I’m sorry.

For being a shame to you… I’m sorry.

For the times when I could have given more, but I didn’t… I’m sorry.

And lastly…

For all wrongs and all stupid things that slipped out of the list… I’m sorry too.

May year 2008 be a year where I can learn from these things and never to repeat these things again…