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The One Where We All Say, “Merdeka”!

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Yes… it’s been 50 years… our country is now 50 years old… that’s really old… but still, three cheers for Malaysia!

Happy Independence Day!


The One Where I Might Move To Blogspot

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Yes… I admit the pressure is pretty immense… at first it was to start a blog of my own, since all my friends are into blogging… and now it’s the pressure of moving to Blogspot.

Well… it’s been a great fun time with the WordPress blog… and I kinda like it as well, not sure whether I should make the move to Blogspot…

So my friends, what do you reckon? Should I move over?

But it’s still a 50/50 thing though… like I said, I like this blog…

The One Where Solksjaer Says Goodbye

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Yep, it’s official… kinda guess it coming 2 seasons ago when he ruptured his knee ligaments then and had to be out of action for a year last time.

Dubbed as the ‘buy of the century’, alongside another Manchester United great, Peter Schmeichel, it costs MU only a mere 1.5 million pounds to acquire Solksjaer services from Molde FK of the Norwegian Premier League in 1994.

A predator in front of the opponent’s goalpost, his flawless and almost unbelievable skills, and of course, his ‘babyface’ face, combined altogether to form a goal scoring machine for MU’s frontline. Of course, he’s a striker, and a winger too.
He’s also a super substitute as well, when he comes on the play, somehow he’ll be the one who will dictate the tempo and play for MU’s front, that’s how great his style of play and flair is. Who can forget his goal which won MU it’s Champions League title during the 1998/1999 season, completing their ever-famous and exclusive Treble season.

However, he’ll be staying on as a part of MU’s coaching staff. So, all is not lost… really hope he can work with new signings like Anderson and Nani, as well as with Wayne Rooney.

Okay click HERE to know more about this great footballing legend.

But still… he will be missed deeply by all MU fans around the world, thank you for providing the team with your goals, your efforts and your flawless skills… Goodbye and salutes to the Babyface Assassin known as OLE GUNNAR SOLKSJAER!








O gosh, I feel so sick now… man, and oh yeah I just threw up just now as well… sigh… 


The One Where I Was Scratching My Head

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… and I found a piece of dandruff stuck in between strands of my hair (yes I have dandruff, so sue me…).

Life’s pretty boring these days…

I wake up… send my mum to work… I come home… I sleep… I wake up… I watch movies and Friends on my computer… fetch mum from workplace… eat my dinner… watch more movies and more Friends… chat with my real friends online… and I sleep… the same thing over and over, and over again…

There’s so many things I want to do now…

Visit Australia… go on a holiday… Malacca or Penang perhaps? I don’t mind Cameron or Genting Highlands as well…

I want to buy a custom case for my guitar pedals… but it would cost 5 pieces of purplish color note, with a picture of an old man always looking to his right…

I want to change the world. Erase crimes. Erase negative emotions. Erase all these things, so that this world that we live in could be a better place for all of us to live in…

I want to try the chee cheong fun from this new bike chee cheong fun vendor that has been circling around my house recently…

I want to learn how to play the harp… something about it amuses me… I would give up my guitaring to learn to play the harp… well, on second thoughts, maybe not… but I would still like to learn to play the harp nonetheless…

I want to impact my generation and the young people of Malaysia… I want to change and save many lives for God… but I need to start from my own church first…

I want to go to a hill top, or to somewhere with nice views of the city… and just sit there and be amazed at how beautiful everything is… while sipping down a nice hot cup of Milo or Horlicks…

I want to buy a BOSS Compression Sustainer Pedal… but my friend Terry told me that it’s not good… and I’m left scratching my head again wondering what other pedal put there I can invest on…

I want to watch the Scrubs episode with the musical over and over and over again…. it’s that nice…

I want to look at my mum and dad each day and tell them how much I love and appreciate them in life… and it’s not because they provide me with pocket money every now and then…

I want to have a dog… not a Tamagotchi one but a real dog… been looking at some dog breeds and reading about them lately, and I kinda like the Labrador Retriever… wondering if I should propose to my parents about this, since they want a dog as well to guard the house…

I want to have an iPod video… I’m envious of my friend Joshua, who seem to have an endless run of owning iPods… and on top of that, he’s just… perfect. Perfect life… perfect house… perfect room… perfect computer(s)… perfect girlfriend… perfect car… perfect course of study…… how perfect can life be for him…

I want to collect guitar picks of all shapes and sizes… been collecting them every now and then only for them to be ‘borrowed’ away and never to return…

I want to form a band… I really would want to start band, but it always seemed like there’s no one interested in doing so…

I want to read the Bourne novels… heard it’s some pretty good Tom Clancy-ish material…  the movie’s great, I sure hope the book does not disappoint…

I want to erase the misconception of people who always seem to think I’m emo or something like that…

I want to try Sex On The Bench… not literally, I meant the drink… would like to go Laundry one day and just try it for the sake of trying it…

I want to become a doctor… I’ve always been fascinated and impressed by the works of a doctor and how they could bring about a change in a person’s life…. if only I’m not afraid of blood…

I want to lose weight… really… this time I’m really serious on doing so…

I want to scratch my head now cuz it’s been itching for some time… only for me to find another piece of dandruff…

Yeah… I have dandruff, so sue me…

When You’re Gone…

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We were made for each other
Out here forever
I know we were
All I ever wanted was for you to know
Everything I do I give my heart and soul
I can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me

When you’re gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you’re gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you’re gone
The words I need to hear will always get me through the day
And make it OK
I miss you….




I miss you in my life… please come back…I never wanted all this…

Do you, err, speak-a in English?

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These are the following conversations with some hospital staff, from a hospital somewhere (name protected as I don’t want to give it a bad name and also to protect myself). It’s quite recent actually, about a few days ago. Here goes:


Me: Excuse me, where can I park my car besides here (pointing at some parking place with no parking slot available)

SG: HUH!!!?? (same response as if someone told him that he is ugly) Apa dia??!!


SG: HUH!!!??? Kenapa ni???

Me: (at this point, I gave up, I knew I had to use some other not so alien language to him). Bukan bang, saya nak letak kereta tapi sini penuh. Ada lagi tempat lain saya boleh letak?

SG: (with a beaming smile on his face) Alah, cakap lah. Boleh, ada ada. Dekat sana, lepas ‘corner’ tu… (and yada yada yada)

Ok, never mind. Probably just a one off incident, and besides, not all security guards are capable of speaking that ‘alien’ language. However:


Me: Excuse me, I want to register my mother for inspection.

Nurse: HUH???!!! Apa???!!

Me: (realized that this might be the same problem as previously, but still had faith in the nurse) Err, I want to help my mum to register for inspection, for check up (at some points of conversation I used hand signs and pointed at my mum and the inspection door, for the nurse to understand).

Nurse: HUH???!! Apa yang encik nak??!!

Me: (….. I gave up again). Bukan kak, saya nak tolong mak saya daftar nama untuk diperiksa kesihatannya. Apa yang saya perlu buat?

Nurse: Oh.. (sudden calmness on her face and a breath of relief from her), cakap la. Macam ni, tulis nama dan I/C di sini (and yada yada yada)…

At that point, I was quite shocked. But anyways, yeah, I still give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it won’t happen again, I think to myself.

So after four hours of waiting (yes, four figgin’ hours!), it’s finally my mum’s turn (yeah, four hours for inspection. If there’s a more severe case like the person is bleeding or what, he’ll probably die of bleeding already!). So I went in… saw the doctor (bald, big size doctor) and his nurse. And then after the smile and stuff like that, I proceeded to have this conversation with the doctor:


Me: Doctor, my mum’s hand has been in this condition for the past 2 weeks.

Doctor: HUH!!!?? Apa??!

Me: (shocked and terrified!!) Err, my mum (pointing to my mum). Her hand (pointing to her hand). Like this (still pointing at her hand), for 2 weeks (gave a peace sign to the doctor).

Doctor: Huh??!! Kenapa ni??!!

Me: (……………………….I gave up once again). Doctor, tangan emak saya sudah dalam keadaan begini sejak dua minggu lepas.

Doctor: Ah (his head nodded), macam tu la. Kenapa tak cakap tadi? Mari saya tengok…

Yes folks, these are not made up and 100% percent true, maybe not word-for-word but yes, it’s mostly, very real and very true indeed. And nope, this is not in a clinic or whatsoever, it’s in a popular hospital around where I live. So, go figure where it is, and good luck speaking to the staff there.

Rejected and Relieved

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(Current iTunes track: Let This Go by PARAMORE)


No, I did not got myself rejected by a girl or something. I got rejected by Nottingham University, citing the reason that I did not satisfy their minimum requirements. I was like… what the? Except for my CGPA, I satisfied every single requirement that they had set for admission into their compound campus. But then again, most of the students there did not satisfy the CGPA requirements. I’m so gonna take this case up to them. But… on the other hand, it’s better for me not to join Nottingham University, for I’ll be away from my family, my mum, who needs me, and there are just too many things that I must let go if I do join Nottingham. So… backup plan needed. I’m thinking of UCSI, it used to be my first choice before Nottingham came to the picture. Hmm, lemme speak with my UCSI friends, Joshua and Petrina, as well as my friends working in UCSI, Prakash and Terry




If you stay in Singapore, and you have been downloading animes via BitTorrent, animes like Bleach and so on, chances are you will get your arse sued by this selfish and good for nothing company, namely, Odex Pte Ltd. Ok, to cut the long story short, click HERE, my mate Marcus posted this news in his blog. Sigh, imagine getting a letter from Odex, claiming that you are in breach with their contractual rights (yes, they are the licensee of the animes in Singapore), and then woop your arse with a 3500 bucks Singapore dollars! Like… what the ??? So, to our neighbors down south, be careful, and yeah, Singapore is not very big, if you, my Singaporean friends, by any chance spot this Stephen Sing arsehole dude (he’s the one who is doing all this suing and he is the one driving Odex Pte Ltd), you guys know what to do then… give him your own version of GETSUGA TENSHOU!!!




Got myself a new toy. Seymour Duncan SFX-01 Pickup Booster.



Seymour Duncan SFX-01
Looks nice eh? Will write a review for it next time.

(picture taken from


Argh, having headache now… need to go… rest…