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The One Where Jesus Saves

Posted in Jokes on June 22, 2008 by steve maestro

I gotta admit, yes, I do laugh at lame jokes a lot and at times I do make lame jokes just for the heck of it.

But here’s a lame joke for you guys.

One fine day, Jesus and the devil are having a computer game competition. Upon playing non-stop for more than 40 hours continuously, suddenly, a bolt of lighting zapped both the computers off.
The devil was screaming in anguish and anger, and one of his minions asked him why. The devil just kept quiet… while Jesus smiles and one of the angels says “Jesus saves…”

Err, not funny?

Well how about this?


Yes, Jesus saves indeed…

(Not making fun of Christianity or anything alike. Just a random post after seeing the image above on a website).

Picture taken from FAIL Blog…


The One With The ‘Gimme A Break’…

Posted in Emo Moments, Randoms on June 21, 2008 by steve maestro

I’m going nuts…

After a week of non-stop practices, rallying to and fro between Cheras, PJ and Segambut, and having cleared 2 out of 3 sessions for the conference that requires all this practices, here I am, stealing some precious few hours away from the conference, came back home to get some potentially life-saving rest before I dive back into the streams of busy schedules and deadlines.

Deadlines? What deadlines?

Well, I have a psychology test on Monday, which I’ve not studied at all. Then I have my Public Relations mid-term next Wednesday, which I’ve also not covered at all. I have my Pop Culture presentation due next Saturday, and I’ve not even touched it yet. And on top of that, I have another psychology assignment due two weeks from now. And also, I’ve not even started to discuss and plan my group’s Alternative Voices assignment.

And wait, that’s not it…

I’ve got a performance slot for The Hive in my college on the 2nd July, and I’ve got the worship session in which I’ve yet to know whether I’m playing bass or electric guitar on the 10th of July. Secretly I’m kinda hoping my college’s dance night would be canceled, which if according to the original plan, would take place somewhere around the end of July. Cuz if it’s not, I would have to play for the band sessions as well.

And as icing on the cake, I’ve to perform my daily duties as mummy’s boy, ie becoming mum’s personal driver, occasional house cleaner, and bla bla bla…

Just wish I could have more hours in a day. I’ve actually calculated and I figured I might need an extra 4 hours per day so that I could squeeze in some extra time to rest. But then again, it’s just me, if you know me I sleep a LOT, compared to a friend of mine who doesn’t sleep at all. Great huh? That ability might be his superpower actually, whilst the rest of the superheroes might have regenerative abilites and all the what nots, his is not to sleep nor rest.

But… but…

God, you have been gracious to me. Amidst of all things, You became my source of strength. You became my hope. You became my motivator. And above all, You became my protector. I could only pray that I’m thrown into these situations more, so that I could actively seek Your presence in my life and remind myself time and time again that You are God.

Oh well, time to go again. I can’t believe I took 20 minutes to post this. Thanks for the continuous pestering and pressure from my friends to update my blog, cuz if it’s not for you guys I would have been napping away right now and not post this up. Sorry lah, this is the best I could come up with now. Once I get materials to post, I would do it the next time… when I’m free.

It’s amazing how an empty transparent bottle of perfume with a pink colored cover could lift my spirits up…

The One With The Mangkuk’s Birthday

Posted in Friends on June 4, 2008 by steve maestro

And so YOU‘re finally 18. Legal. And ready to take on the world! Well, not quite, you’re still stuck in college for about the same duration as my course would take. But still, happy birthday to you. And may you grow stronger in the Lord and do more mightier and greater things for Him

Happy Birthday Joanna Mah Tjun Lyn/Mangkuk/JoJo/U-think-I-care girl/………..I lost count.

EDIT: Yes, it is hard to do it right under your nose. Felt super accomplished though, haha… at least I held it until late during the cinema, haha…

The One With The Jotting

Posted in My experiences, Rants&Crap, Ridiculous things on June 2, 2008 by steve maestro

Well, not really a jotting jotting, in other more stranger words, it’s actually called ‘poetry’ or writing ‘poems’…

Ah, enough of all this. I penned this down a couple of weeks ago. Was waiting for the right time to show it, now I can.

It’s a wonder,
A wonder, which took me by surprise,
And left me with my feelings uncompromised.
Never had I thought,
That this heart will ever be sought,
Not after the pain and the sorrow,
That left me as a broken arrow.
But here I am, standing on my own two feet,
Hoisting my arms in the air,
With this feeling,
That drowns up all miseries and despair.
And here you are, standing next to me,
With your face gleaming under the watchful stars,
And lights up that beautiful face underneath this night of ours.
It’s a wonder, that this beautiful person is her.
And how I long to share this wonderful experience with no other.

The One With The Question

Posted in My experiences, Other Things on June 2, 2008 by steve maestro

Doesn’t this scene reminds you of The Office?

Anyways, I have been thinking hard over this certain issue. How does one define achieving happiness? Our answers might be all different, but in the end, isn’t it the same in achieving happiness?

My question to you is, how do YOU define achieving happiness in your life?