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The One With ZOMG

Posted in Uncategorized on April 11, 2009 by steve maestro

ZOMG!!!! ( Z-Oh My Gosh, don’t ask me why the Z is placed in front of the word ‘Oh’, its just way it is)

This site is so dead. The last time I checked, dinosaurs were roaming in this place.

…okay so I got lamer by the day.

Anyways, as most of you would know (a LOT of people STILL thinks I’m in TAR College, which no offense, UCSI is muchhhhh better), I’m in my final academic year for my degree in Mass Communication in UCSI. This semester proves to be a huge mountain that I need to overcome, as I told myself earlier on this semester. The reason of it is that this semester is hands down the BUSIEST and CRAZIEST semester I’ll ever be in.

First of you got UniFest, an event which I took part in as the co-organizer. Took us 4 months to plan for it, so which means the planning and stuff took place last year September, all the way until this year January. The end result was of course fantastic, turn out was superb and it definitely thought not only me but the entire crew to learn something new through this event.

In the mean time, I’ve got the Redeemed Easter Rally by UCSI Christian Fellowship, where I was the organizing chairperson. Planning started 6 months back, from around the same time as UniFest until the event day which was at 31st March 2009. In many ways, this event turned out to be a success rather than a failure.

This dude here is Mr Terry Yeow Tau Han, the guy pivotal and crucial for a lot of UCSI things. But sad to say, he is leaving us very soon. And why is he leaving? It’s cuz of money, that’s why! Look at the 50 ringgit note he is displaying at the picture. “They are paying me 50 bucks more to work for them” he said. Terrible fella… but sigh, we will miss him badly around campus.

Let’s talk academic shall we. I took one pathway subject, one year 2 subject, and three year 1 subjects. A total of 5 subjects for the semester, and it ain’t EASY.

On top of that, I have a relationship to handle. It’s not a burden, but as all of us with girlfriend or boyfriend could testify as well, that having a relationship indeed eats up a lot of your time.

So yeah, the ZOMG proclaimation is for this semester’s hecticness and craziness.

BUT… I’m glad to say that it is finally over. Close to being over to be precise, I have one more test and one more assignment before bidding adieu to this semester.

What can I look for in the coming semester? Well… as of now, I know I’ll be taking three year 3 subjects, one year 2 subject and one year 1 subject. After the next semester, I’ve only 3 more subjects to clear, and then I’m free from the clutches of UCSI!!!

In the events side, I will be taking over the reigns for The Hive next semester onwards (until I find a suitable candidate to take over I guess?). I was told by my school’s head that they are interested in getting me and my emcee partner for last year’s Awards Day to be the emcee’s for the Orientation Day in July. Apart from that, I will be hosting UCSI Got Talent as well, with Lydia Kwan as my partner this coming May and June. Apart from that, the CF approached me to be involved in the committee for the coming semesters. I said yes to it because for me God’s works should always be number 1 in our lives.

But as crazy as it may sound, it’s comforting to know that at least I am busy in my life. Being busy and all is a good sign that God is working and moving you around, well, for me it is at least. Here’s to another ZOMG to next semester.