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The Tales from the Oriental Pearl…

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Booyah!! WASSUP??!!

Holla people! Well, yeah the title for this post is just to catch your attention, it has nothing to do with anything pearl or stuff like that. I’ve just got back from my trip from Penang, and boy was it a fun time! I promised myself that I would go there again, no matter what. And here are some hillarious, fun, bizarre and totally weird moments from the trip!

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From left :Joyce, Amy, Janette and Carr Yan aka Perempuan Gila Babi

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Lunch at some highway stop…

We set off on Tuesday morning to Kulim, Kedah, where our friend Ki Keat stays. Departing from Pudu Raya, KL at 10am, Carr Yan, Janette, Joyce, Amy and myself embarked on a 5 long and tiring hours journey. We stopped for awhile for refreshments and food along the way (I think we stopped at the Ipoh Selatan rumah rehat). The girls had their food, and I had my potato chips. Moving on…

Yes, we finally arrived at Kulim by 3pm. As soon as we got off the bus, Joyce complained, “Why here so hot one?”. Well, the bad news is not only Kulim is hot, but Penang as well, we’ll have more of that later. Ki Keat picked us up in his Toyota Rav4 (such an attracttion, even for guys), and we went back to his place, where his mum cooked us some delicious prawn noodles (so kind of her, and she’s also very young btw…). I found out that in Penang, Hokkien Mee stands for Prawn Mee actually. Ok, not to confuse you guys, here’s the deal; KL’s Hokkien Mee is the brownish black, thick noodles. However, in Penang, that same dish is called Hokkien Char. And KL’s Prawn Mee is…Prawn Mee or Har Meen, whereas Penang it is called Hokkien Mee. Capish?

Ki Keat must have slipped in some drugs or something into our Ribena drinks, cuz after we drank it, all of us became nuts! We are like…high or something! Prove: We talked about rats for TWO hours! Man, but it’s good as it reminded me of my own history with rats. I used to chase them around my house with my Shelltox pesticide spray and a lighter, spraying flames at them. It was fun…back then.

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All comfy in Ki Keat’s Rav4…

Anyhow, we left Kulim at around 630pm, supposedy headed for Tambun for seafood (our friend Janette is such a seafood lover). Unfortunately, there was a very bad jam, and we decided to head to Penang instead. After all the driving (poor Ki Keat, but we really thanked him for bringing us around), all the waiting, we finally arrived at Penang at around 830pm, and we headed up to Batu Ferringhi, cuz that’s where we stayed, at SriSayang Apartments. As we dragged our tired feet and growling stomachs out from our apartment, I’m already thinking of what are we gonna eat then. All the char kuay teow, laksa, har meen…and all of a sudden we just went to…THE SHIP?!

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Delicious escargot baked with cheese…

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Drank too much, and this is what happened…

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Me, Amy and Ki Keat, don’t we look like brothers and sisters?

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All together now…

Now that I come to think of it, KL don’t have THE SHIP ah? Why must come all the way to Penang to dine at The Ship? But yeah, I guess I was too tired to complain then, as well as giving Janette the opportunity to satisfy her seafood needs. Took some nice pictures there, and we ordered some poultry meals and some seafood (seafood platter, escargots and the likes..). After that, we went on to shop at Batu Ferringhi! Yes, the Batu Ferringhi where you can get DVDs for a dirt cheap price of RM4 for one DVD. And yep, we bought a lot of it. We also bought some other stuff, butI couldn’t remember them. After that we head back to our apartment, and we…

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Eye condom?! No kidding!

…didin’t sleep until 3am! Instead, we stayed up to play some silly games (UNO cards, some memorizing game, and lastly, Spin The Bottle). After that, we called it a night, and we woke up at…

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Somehow the girls managed to wake up on time…

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View outside of the apartment’s balcony

…8am!!???! Freaking early! And yeah, I’m not in a good mood then, at all! My friends can confirm that. I was on a bad patch of mood, until we reached to some market to have our breakfast. The food was nice, especially the Char Kuay Teow. One thing I found out as well, the portion of food over at Penang is much smaller compared to KL’s. Maybe it got to do with the size of the people there? I do realize that Penang people are quite petite actually, especially the girls. Or maybe it’s just me.

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Janette complaining about the amount of food that they serve…

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Joyce thinking “Aiya, hantam la, damn hungry la…”

Then we head on up to Kek Lok Si temple. No, we are not going there to pray or what, we were there for some shopping! Yay, the girl’s favorite word, and they managed to take the word to a whole new level, I’ll explain why later. So, yeah, we went up there, dragging our already tired and lazy feet up the stairs.

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Shit for sale…some more RM3 for one! (it’s not real shit btw…)

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Love this picture…taken by…ehem (clears throat), yours truly…

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Don’t mess with me, I know Chinese Kung Fu!

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“So many choices, which one should I buy?”

Along the way, there were stalls, some sort like a mini Petaling Street. And it was hillarious as well! Of course there will be bargaining when we wanna buy things from there (KL people=Cheap losers), and here’s what I learned. In order to reach the price that you want, you just have to walk away. And as you progress with each step, the price would seriously go down, and down, and down, to a really ridiculously low price! Imagine something for RM130 being cut down to RM25! Man, that’s dirt cheap! And here’s the second part of the lesson, once you’ve gotten the price that you want, immediately jump at the opportunity and close the deal! Don’t say things like, “Oh, I’ll be back later”, for they know that you’ve got your eyes on that item already, and they would try to up the price again.

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Tortoise’s paradise

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More tortoise…wanting to be fed..
As we gained closer to the summit, we reached this place where we can feed these tortoises. I don’t know why there’s such creatures there, but it was fun, as we can buy some veggies and throw it into the pond to feed them. Legend had it that this big-a**, really old tortoise lives there, and if you’re lucky enough, you can actually lure it out. I don’t know if we got one, but here’s a picture of one big-a** tortoise!

It seemed small right? So I’ll explain the proper scaling here. See those other smaller tortoises next to the big one? Ok, now, take your right arm. Stretch it to your right hand side, as far as possible. From the tip of your fingers to your chest, that’s the size of one of the seemingly smaller tortoise. Go figure how big that big-a** tortoise is.

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Showing off their hairless legs…

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1, 2, 3, 4, wow…you girls can count

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Kek Lok Si temple

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Bunch of posers…

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From shortest to tallest…

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Typical Friendster picture

And we reached the summit, not really the summit actually, just somewhere near it. And yeah, as usual, we took some funny pictures, some really stupid ones, which I will not post it out. After that, we went down, there were some disappointments as the girls were bargaining for their clothing, and me and Ki Keat lost on the opportunity to buy a nice samurai sword for RM25, stainless steel. Man…such regret…

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Model 1

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Model 2

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Model 3?

Then we went to Queensbay Mall. Well, I thought, maybe we are heading there for the air-cond maybe, but turns out, the girls are lashing it out for their disappointment earlier on at Kek Lok Si temple! They went on a shopping spree like nobody’s business! In a mall! Like we can’t do it in back in KL? But, but…we shouldn’t mess with them, like the proverb said, ‘Hell hath no fury as a woman’s scorn’. Just…leave them alone if you value your life. But I seriously can’t stand shopping, so, I parted ways with them, I went on a lone crusade around QB Mall. And the funniest thing is this, the girls actually went and had their lunch at OldTown! Well I, didin’t do the smarter thing as well, I had Kenny Rogers for lunch. Such is how our pathetic brains worked…we HAVE to eat those things while we are in Penang. So after lunch, the girls continued to vent their anger by shopping like crazy, trying out every single thing along the way.

And then we met up with Carene, who is a resident of Penang herself. As we (the men…or is it just me? Cuz I think my other guy friend Ki Keat enjoyed shopping with the girls…) continued to suffer the wrath of the ladies, it went on to continue at Gurney Plaza. It didin’t stopped there, as they went on with their hunger to shop for more! Come to think of it, it’s not like shopping in KL is darn expensive anyway…sigh…

After that we went to somewhere near Praghin Mall to have our dinner, we we had fried egg with oyster (or is it fried oyster with egg?), and Har Meen! Finally some real Penang food! After that delicious meal, Carene parted ways with us, and this is where the fun begins! Finding our way around that area! We were searching for Campbell Street (regular pasar malam/night market only…), and it took us an hour to find it! When we finally reached there, we were all dead tired, and the stalls were all nearly closed…

Then we head back to Batu Ferringhi, where we made some last shopping there. I bought some sunglasses and MORE DVDs. We reached back to our apartment at around 12 am, and after we refreshed ourselves, we soon found ourselves chatting with each other, Pillow Talk style! I was surprised at how it came to that level, but poor Ki Keat had to sleep cuz he’s too tired and sleepy. Though it was awkward for one guy to be sitting around four girls talking about their secrets and stuff like that, it was…pretty entertaining actually…don’t get jealous guys…

The Pillow talk gang didin’t slept at all, and at 645am sharp we said our goodbye to Batu Ferringhi, and after dropping off Joyce and Amy to their hotel (both of them are staying for one more day), we went and board the ferry back to the mainland, as we need to be on time for our bus at 10am. We went for our breakfast (some lovely wan tan mee), and then we dropped off at the Kulim bus station, saying goodbye to Ki Keat and finally getting some rest on the bus. I have some nasty pictures of ‘some’ people sleeping, but I’m not gonna post it here. If you’re really interested, let me know, I can arrange on how to show it to you.

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Love this picture, once again, taken by…yours truly

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Can you feel the breeze on your face?

We reached KL at around 330pm, and me and Carr Yan took the train back to Kepong. Janette went off to 1 Utama for some interview or something like that.

All in all, this trip was a FUN and AMAZING experience. And I will tyr my best not to pass by any chance to go Penang again. Such a wonderful place to explore, there you go, the Oriental Pearl…and my stories and journey so far. Hope you enjoyed reading it, and God bless…

Some food pictures to wet your taste buds…

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Char Kuay Teow

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Ais Kacang

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Special thanks and terima kasih to Ki Keat, for your time and company, as well as your Toyota Rav4, and Carene, for bringing us around.

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Tai Ko, Ki Keat!

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Carene, the black top girl on your right


What Next?

Posted in Rants&Crap on May 21, 2007 by steve maestro

There are a few things that I’ve realized about myself and this blog. It surprises me that it has 1000 views in such a short space of time. And I’ve been noticing all the while that the readers of my pathetic and typical-ish blog are only a handful. I check my blog quite frequent, but as far as I know of, your own views to your blog does not count. So I wonder how did this blog actually get to that number of views…

Other things that I’ve realized is that:

1) I have a fond liking for ‘The Cardigans’ now. Very nice and soothing music.

2) I’m immune to caffeine now. I downed three cups of coffee last night and I can still sleep. This happened a few nights before as well.

3) I like drinking my hot beverages warm. I don’t like it scalding hot, piping hot, I like it warm. Meaning, I would be able to drink it anytime at any amount as long as my mouth can hold it.

I’ve always tried to see what others did for their own blog, and if it’s interesting, I’ll incorporate the element to my own blog. But I realize that there are some things that I just can’t do it well. Like, I can’t do jokes. Maybe telling a joke is not my thing, I’ll just leave it to others like Prakash, Joshua, Joash and the likes. Another thing is, I can’t do some sort of a life documentary thing in my blog as what Mr. Kenny Sia did to his own. Maybe the reason for it is because of my own life, which is so pathetic and so uninteresting, boring and stagnant.

Something strikes me; how do you whether your blog is well-received? One, there’s a lot of comments left by people who read it. Two, you’ll realize that the number of readers will keep increasing. And three, you get a lot of “Why are you not updating your blog?” messages. I have none of those three. OMG! Does that mean my blog is actually a lame and boring blog, that no one actually cared about it’s existence? Or maybe some felt like they have to read it&drop comments because the person wants to ‘give face’?

Haha…what next? I’ve lost some motivation to blog. I’m not following in the footsteps of my friend, Joshua, to stop blogging half way through, only to come back in with a bang in a new Blogspot blog. I’m thinking of not blogging at all. Maybe it’s the lack of creative things to blurt out in my posts. But if there’s no one reading it, WHAT FOR?

Sigh…I shouldn’t bother actually. It is out of my love and passion for writing of which the reason why this blog stands today. Well, yeah maybe peer pressure as well. So to those reading this now, I thank you for reading my blog. It is not the most exciting of blogs, it is definitely not the funniest or close to funny of blogs, and definitely not the blog where you can see photos of myself taking my own picture with my friends with my camera held high, and my eyes would look up to the camera and I would put on a face expression similar to an alien, or putting peace signs all over my face whenever I pose for a photo= typical picture shot of a girl nowadays.

Will be heading up to Penang tomorrow to enjoy and unwind. And hopefully once I’m back, I can finally know what kind of audience that I’m actually addressing to in my own blog. And once again I thank you for reading this.

Happy 1000th views my lil bloggy!!

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What started to be a mere interest and a lame attempt to entertain my curiosity on why blogging is so well received by my peers has grown into what it is today. It is true after all, that once you start blogging, you can’t stop. Unless you don’t have a computer, or no Internet connection, or no electricity for your computer, or worse still, you’ve got no life…

Ah well, I started to question myself on why do I blog. Heck, why the people in the whole wide world blog? A statement from an interview with artist Soo Kui Jien from ‘hot’ magazine states that he thinks blogging is just an attempt to attract attention from others. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and everyone’s opinion differs from one another. But somewhat, what he said was true as well. I mean, there are some blogs out ther, their one and only purpose is to gain fame and attention from others. It’s almost like, those blogs are identifiable, and everytime you stumble upon these blogs you will go, “Yeah, it’s those blogs again”. I found out the meaning of blog according to my computer’s dictionary. It says [Blog: A website on which an individual or group of users produces an ongoing narrative]. Well, hopefully my blog won’t make people go “ooh, it’s those blogs again”…

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Anyways, it’s nice to know that my blog had hit the 1000th mark. Happy 1000th views to you…  Hopefully we can have more…

What’s your IQ?

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I stumbled upon this test thingy at Jonathan’s blog, and I took the test, and this is my result.
Take this test at Tickle
You’re a Visionary Philosopher!

The Classic IQ Test

You scored 144 on Tickle’s IQ test. This means that based on your answers, your IQ score is between 134 and 144. Most people’s IQs are between 70 and 130.

” Your Intellectual Type is Visionary Philosopher. This means you are highly intelligent and have a powerful mix of skills and insight that can be applied in a variety of different ways. Like Plato, your exceptional math and verbal skills make you very adept at explaining things to others — and at anticipating and predicting patterns. And that’s just some of what we know about you from your IQ results.”

What surprised me was that I scored a perfect score for the logic section:

Your Logical Percentile

100th percentile

“You scored in the 100th percentile on the logical intelligence scale.
This means that you scored higher than 90% – 100% of people who took the test and that 0% – 10% scored higher than you did. The scale above illustrates this visually.”

“Tickle’s logical intelligence questions assess your ability to think things through. The questions determine the extent to which you use reasoning and logic to determine the best solution to a problem. Your logic score was relatively high, which could mean that when the car breaks down, your friends look to you to help figure out not only what’s wrong, but how to fix it and how you’re going to get to the next gas station.”

Seriously, I don’t really think I am as what was described.
I’m too lazy to read on all the other reports about it, I’ll just leave like this. I also found out that most people’s scores are between 70 to 130. I’m not too bad after all…

I’ve got Tagged…

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And I’ve just realized it a few minutes ago when I was browsing through my own blog’s post’s comments. And Phoebe had TAGGED ME (if you’re reading this Phoebe, well, thank you so much…). I don’t really have to be bothered or care about it, but since it’s a ridiculously fast growing annoying game created by some blogger out there for the world of bloggers (Blogdom, as how Phoebe mentioned it), I thought I might as well just give it a go and waste my time while waiting for the Manchester United game against West Ham later tonight (if you’re a MU fan, visit Just a lil something me and my guys did).

The rules are: Once you’ve been tagged, you write a blog with 10 weird random things, facts, or habits about yourself.
At the end you choose 5 people to be tagged, and list their names.
Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’, and tell them to read your latest blog.

So I was thinking of some weird and random things about myself, some funny, unique or embarrassing things that I would now spill out for the whole Blogdom to know and probably have a good laugh about it. I was reading Phoebe’s blog ( for inspiration, and I came across something about a game of tag, something about chasing people around for fun and tagging people to be the ‘IT’ person or the person who’s supposed to go around tagging others. I didn’t really played the game before, but I’ve played something similar to it. It’s called Pepsi Cola. And it goes like this: Everyone space out, have some gap from where you’re standing with one another, and goes in turns, whether clock-wise or anti clock-wise, where the objective of the game is to use only your sole to hack off  other’s sole. And I mean HACK. Kicking the light out of your friend’s sole. And amazingly, I’m quite good at that game, of course my friend Joshua would not agree to it, he says and thinks that he’s the best of the lot. Yeah, that’s about the game…now, back to being tagged…

So I’ve been tagged. And now I shall abide by the nonsense rules and absolutely ridiculous means of exposing one’s personal and dark secrets to all who reads your blog.

1) I’ve this weird thing going on, where I will look up to my ceiling when I’m on my bed, and my ceiling has like this 9 squares, 3X3 kind of shape, something like a tic-tac-toe kinda shape. And I would think of words to fit in the nine squares, like Spiderman or LuckyDraw. Basically any word which consists of nine letters. I was 10 then.

2) I like leaving my house’s kitchen lights on. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I’m too afraid of the dark or being afraid of staring at some empty dark space.  Mainly it was because of a traumatic experience of watching a scary horror flick name ‘The It’. About this clown who’s a ghost (or a monster) and has this thing for appearing in the dark. I still leave the lights on now sometimes, when I feel like wasting electricity.

3) I love black color. I love all things black. I love my t-shirts black, my pants black, my house black, guitar black, everything black, black, black. But because of the image that the color black represents now (sex maniac, Emo-rock, Black Metal, dirty drains…), I opened up myself to other colors in my life. I think I like red too…

4) I love drinking coffee and tea, as well as Coke, but I’m affected by the effects of caffeine contained in it. In short, I love coffee and all things with caffeine in it but I can’t fight the effects of caffeine (temporary blurness, insomnia effects, hallucination).

5) And I think that people who drink de-caffeinated coffee or tea are sissys. Yay I skipped number 5. Haha I’m cheating so what? But some people who have allergies against caffeine, yeah they have no choice but to drink de-caff. Otherwise, if not, I think they are just faking it. If you wanna drink coffee, be prepared for the caffeine effects of it!

6) Numbers. I like the number 5. I think it’s because the number 5 is like the middle number of all integers, from 0 to 9. I always see my life in balance (not shown through my size though). Therefore, I like number 5. It also represents my perception of always being the middle and calm power in all situations, don’t be too powerful or you’ll get burned, and don’t get too weak or else you’ll get your head chopped!

7) I’m straight. I’m not gay.

8) I like cartoons and animes. As we grow older in life, we gain some, we lose some. We gain of course, more experience, more knowledge, and more weight. But we lose things like energy, memory-power and creativity in the process. Somehow by engaging your mind through all the unachievable feats only shown or portrayed through animations, it allows you to enhance your mind and mental sharpness and stay in tune with your creative cells in your brain. Man……..I can’t believe I’ve just said that Nah, it’s all rubbish. But I really like cartoons. Makes me feel young…

9) I hate inconsiderate drivers, but who doesn’t? Man, I really wished that somehow God, won’t strike a thunder and kill them off straight or anything, but somehow in His ways, get those people to realise how stupid and ridiculous their acts are. Especially those who thinks they own the whole road to themselves. And yeah, I hate taxi drivers too. They are of the same kin.

10) And finally, I really really love music. It’s so obvious to some. I’ll be using my fingers to tap to a drumbeat of a song while listening to the radio or CD while driving, or when I’m not holding or doing anything with my left hand, I would imagine-practice playing scales or some guitar riffs. The things that I do which is related to music are endless. I think this would be my priority order in my life, if it really could be kept in order. The first three are the untouchables, (God, parents and wife/family), then it’s down to my friends, and Music. Education, finances, stuff like that goes after these things.

So there you have it. As the power of tagging others, as bestowed by Phoebe to me, I shall now ‘tag’…:

1) Joshua

2) Amanda

3) Prakash

4) Amelia

5) David

You’ve been Tagged. You’re now ‘IT’. Spread the useless and time-wasting lil tagging game around, would ya? Peace…

Just another rant…

Posted in Uncategorized on May 11, 2007 by steve maestro

It’s 4 am in the morning..

4.04 to be exact, and I still can’t sleep…

I need to leave to Balakong by 7am to be reunited with my wife… I’ve sent her for ‘repair-works’ and ‘maintenance’…something like a regular service for your car…


I’ve this disease, this sickness, of sleeping at the wrong moments and having problems sleeping at times when I should sleep..

So I’ve searched for ways to help you sleep besides taking sleeping pills, and it includes the methods of drinking hot cocoa (nicer sounding name for Milo), counting sheeps in your head, sleeping in a foetal position, listening to soft and soothing music and so on…

IT NEVER WORKED. Seriously, will these things actually work?

The only other thing that I’m thinking in my head besides the thought of sleeping is chocolate fondue…

HELLO? At 4am in the morning and I’m thinking of FONDUE?! What the…

And I’ve also realised something, BLOGGING has become a part of my life. Slowly but surely, I’m beginning to fall and succumb to the pressure and the temptations of blogging, if this case goes too serious I might need to enter myself into blogger’s rehab centers, if there’s one…

And still I’m thinking of chocolate fondue.

I wonder will I be able to sleep after this. My eyes are wide opened. I am a coffee addict, just too bad I’m not caffeine resistant. Maybe my whole insomnia thing was caused by a stupid cup of coffee which I bought at an amazingly, ridiculously high price earlier on today.

But it’s ok, what’s done is done. Is there any caffeine vaccines available? To make someone immune to caffeine after that? Oh, I should not be wasting my time right? Just order De-Caffeinated coffee? And at the risk of looking like a sissy boy?

(typical guy to girl conversation)

Guy: Eh what you wanna drink? Macchiato or frappucino?

Girl: I dunno, I wished there’s less choices to make on coffee…

Me: Err, excuse me, can I have a DE-CAFFEINATED coffee?


Guy&Girl: Oh, sissy boy drinking De-Caff coffee…

And after all this I AM STILL thinking of chocolate fondue.

I am an amazing human being. The thought of chocolate fondue stayed fresh in my head for more than an hour now. If only my memory can be as effective when I put it to use on my tests and exams.

Typcical and useless accounts question:

“Describe and explain the five characteristics which needs to be fulfilled in order for development costs to be considered as assetes in the balance sheet.”

Dang…and perhaps this is the question that will probably FAIL me off my accounts…

If only we all have good memories…but wait, if we all do, then all MEN in this world would suffer, as all WOMEN would go “Do you remember you said this to me? Do you remember your promises…Remember this, remember that…”…

And all children would suffer as well. Our mum and dad would remember EVERY SINGLE CENT that they have spent on us. “Mum can I have 20 ringgit for pocket money for this week?” Mum’s reply “But I thought I gave it to you last Wednesday at 348pm? And what about the extra 50 ringgit you took last week? And what about the 30 ringgit you said you owed Ah Liang but you asked for it again last two weekends ago? And what about…”

I think God knows that these kind of things would happened if He gave us good memories.

And after all this…you’ve guessed it right, I’m still thinking of chocolate fondue…Maybe I should have it tomorrow or something…Is this a sign from God? That I should fast and have nothing but…chocolate fondue?

Oh wait, I’ve something else in my head now. Bird poop. All the bird poop on my car. I need to bring my second wife for a wash… Man these birds are so care-free, they can make their droppings anywhere, anytime, without going to the toilet or selecting spots where they won’t drop their poop on someone’s head or car…

Sucks when you can’t sleep….especially when all you have in your brain now is chocolate fondue and bird poop…

No one’s gonna read this anyway…I’m going off now…oh wait, something new came to my mind. Monkeys. I wonder why. Maybe I can make a story out of this…

“Monkey goes to the jungle to pick up fruits for it’s chocolate fondue but as soon as it’s ready to eat it a bird dropped it’s poop onto the chocolate mixture. The monkey then goes berserk and crazy and starts to rip apart other monkey’s head apart and eat their brain.”…

I’ve officially gone nuts…

Steve, you’ve got a little bit of Chandler going on!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 11, 2007 by steve maestro

I was too bored online and I stumbled upon this which-Friends-character-are-you test. Turns out I am, Mr Bing himself.

Take this test at Tickle

“Could you be any more like Chandler? The most lovable wiseguy around, you’ve got more than a little Bing inside you, don’t ‘cha? Front and center in your Chandler-ness is that unstoppable wit, keeping everyone in stitches (or at least deflecting uncomfortable situations). And like the Chan-Chan man, you’d never leave your pals out in the cold. But your generosity is so inconspicuous that people often don’t even notice it.

Romantically, a soft, sweet, heart and charming, insecurity rule. You might, however, be held back from love by that nagging little fear of, well, growing up. Ya think? But, like the adorable Mr. Bing himself, it’s just because you care so much and don’t want to let anyone down. ”

 Signing off now. Going for my friend’s birthday party now. He’s turning 25, a quarter of a century. My turn is 4 more years to come…