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The One With The MRSC Competition and Updates

Posted in Music, My experiences, Randoms, Wonderful Things on November 2, 2008 by steve maestro

If you’re reading this, yes I am very much still alive. Some of you hope that I’m dead or gone for good, but nah ahh, I’m still standing strong… or at least I think I am.

Oh, what’s with the ducks? Nah just something random… *thanks to the ducks in KL Performing Arts Center*

So studies is on hold now, undergoing two months of break and beginning next year I will be a year 2 student. Still think that my decision to hop wagons to switch from business to mass communication is the best decision I made for myself in the education path. To God be the glory for sustaining me all the way and guiding me throughout this switching process. So if you’re wondering, I really only have 1 and a half years left, and after that I’m off to my internship and I’m graduating after that.

Gonna start work with Nielsen company as a data entry personnel, together with her, for one month, and December is set to be a fantastic month already. Why? Okay, *clears throat*, here’s why.

I’m not the kinda person who joins competitions and stuff (too calculative and gutless to join these things, not brave enough, fear of rejection, and bla bla bla), but a David Lim wrote a song for this Malaysian Revival Songwriting Competition. It got selected to be in the prelimination rounds or heats as what they called it, and today was the selection round, where 9 out of 20 performers ranging from individuals and groups from all over the nation. David put together a group consisiting or Marcus, Ian, Aaron and myself, and guess what? We got through!! Yes we are in the finals, where the winner will get something big I guess. Not so sure myself, so please click HERE to find out more. And oh yeah…

This is not just a read and browse through post only, I mean yes it is, but this time it involves participation from you guys and gals…

You have to vote for us.

It’s very simple, just take your handphone (or someone else’s handphone), key in H and send it to 33225. Real easy right? And it only cost RM 0.50 per sms, I mean come on, that’s like… the price of a currypuff these days right? So yeah please support and vote for us. They might change the voting system since now it’s left back with 9 contestants, so check this space or their website for updates.

Besides that, December will be fun cuz it is Christmas! It always feels good during that time of the year. My church will be having an open house thingy in the community hall around my church area, and fingers crossed I hope I won’t be Santa Claus, though I ‘qualify’ to be one.

To the good times ahead… And oh a belated Hari Raya and Deepavali to all my Muslim and Hindu friends!


The One Where Avril Lavigne Gets Banned

Posted in Music, Ridiculous things on August 11, 2008 by steve maestro

When I read this piece of news this morning, I laughed hard. Well to those of you who don’t read the daily or The Star as a matter of fact, click HERE:

The PAS youth actually called a ban to ban Avril Lavigne from performing in KL 2 weeks from now because apparently “rock and punk is not suitable for the young generation and especially so during Merdeka month”.

Well, I suppose if you want to ban rock and punk then you should go all the way to banning it. But Avril Lavigne??? Banned cuz apparently she’s ‘not suitable’ for the younger generation???

Come on lah, who are we kidding here? Heck, I don’t even know what the younger generation listens to these days, let alone punk and rock influence.

If memory serves me right, a few years ago there was a hit Malay TV show on NTV7 which featured a certain Mat Rock character. Well, why isn’t it banned then?

But yeah, the Malaysian Artistes’ Association (Karyawan)’s president, Freddie Fernandez, in his reply to the PAS youth ban, said it best when he said “

PAS Youth should really take a good look at themselves and examine whether what they are doing is correct. Their narrow-mindedness will definitely not get the support of the rakyat. They are always looking at the world through blinkers. They cannot see any other point of view except theirs.”

Good one, good one…

But if I could say anything to any of the PAS Youth members… it would be:

“Eh bang-bang sekalian, muka cam ni korang takut ke?”

I can almost hear Avril say…


The One With The Passion Conference

Posted in Music, My experiences on August 4, 2008 by steve maestro

And I thought I would have at least for once, be ahead of the pack by blogging about it first… nope, that’s not the case. Before I know it, almost everyone I know who has a blog already posted a post on their Passion Conference Kuala Lumpur 2008 experience. Oh well…

But truth is, the conference was phenomenal. It was life-changingly good. I have no other words in my mind besides ‘awesome, fantastic, mind-blowing,’. Ok, not that I’m dumb or anything, but to describe the Passion Conference in one word, it would be ‘Indescribable’. Not stealing the name from their previous conference, but really, those who were there at Sunway Convention Center last Sunday would know what I’m talking about.

But… to the conference now…:


… is that you guys should REALLY consider not being so strict and ‘passionate’ about your jobs. With that, I mean no screamos, no yelling, no stern eyes staring at the empty seats next to you and demanding that your head be chopped off for reserving the seat for a friend of yours, who so happen to need to visit the toilet and WILL NOT take ETERNITY to return to their seats. All in all, yes some of the helpers were a bit rude. Not all, but some of them, which really is unfair to the rest of them who were great. I really hope this would change in the future for all conferences, especially Christian ones. I am not trying to save my butt here by saying I don’t want to offend anyone, but really… be less ‘passionate’ about your jobs please. At the end of the day no one would wanna be yelled at, especially yourself.

On a brighter note, the praise and worship was awesomely amazingly good! Chris Tomlin standing a few metres away! Argh! Charlie Hall too! Argh! And Louie Giglio! Argh! They started with a rather weak ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ though… preferred Hillsong’s version, and how they linked to Amazing Grace.
It was a great time of worship by these guys, and of course, Louie Giglio was in his His element that night.

But… but, but…

In all good stories, there must be a bad ending… or is it the other way around?

What happened was, I got called by my dad to come home so that he could use my car to attend to whatever he wanted to do. So he said be back by 10pm, so ok, I left with a heavy heart at around 930pm so that I could rush home on time. So I dashed out of the hall, got into the elevators… and…


I could not find the entrance or pathway to my parking. I spent the next 30 MINUTES trying to figure out where I came from, or where I parked. In a desperate attempt, I finally gave in and after calling a few friends (one who sent me to the wrong direction, thank you very much), I decided to just go to the Concierge area and get some help from the guards. He was kind enough to get me to his colleague so that I could buggy ride my way to the parking. Yay to that, but the sad thing is…


It was like… there. Yet, I could not see it the first 3 times. Darn it… Well, it’s ok, I’ll just pay my parking fees and leave I thought…


Then I asked my mum why didn’t anyone sms/called me and inform me? Mum said she expected dad to call me, dad said he expected mum to sms me. Great huh? I left Passion half and hour earlier, just to be stuck in Pyramid for another half and hour, and by the time I got to my parking, the conference just ended. Great huh?… huh… sighhhhhhh…

So anyways, Passion Conference Kuala Lumpur 2008 rocked. And as we all know, they are on a world tour now, and just before they came to Kuala Lumpur, they were at Manila, Philippines on Friday night, and there’s this prayer thing that a city will pray for the next city that they’ll be heading to. Come Kuala Lumpur’s turn, Manila would have prayed for us to make an impact in our city, in our generation.

After Kuala Lumpur, it would be to Jakarta, Indonesia, on the 5th of August. And we are supposed to pray for you guys at Jakarta. Passion gave us this sort of like a wristband thingy (well, not literally gave us, I mean, it’s the thing that would allow you entrance to the conference… so, yeah), and once our turn was up, we could flip it around and it write ‘Passion Jakarta, 5th August 2008’ on it, which looks something like this:

So are we praying? Yes we are. Be prepared Jakarta. YES WE ARE.

P.S.: Did I mentioned that Passion Conference rocked? Oh, I did? Then did I say the reason why it rocked is because of Jesus? No? There you have it, JESUS ROCKED PASSION CONFERENCE!

The One With The Daughtry Concert

Posted in Music, My experiences on July 27, 2008 by steve maestro

And I’m still feeling the after effects of it (what do you expect? Standing drenched in rain for a few hours…).
But anyways, in case there’s people who don’t know, yes, Chris Daughtry came to Malaysia and performed for the Traffic Jam concert on the 26th July. And yes, I’m happy to be able to attend it as well!

Show started at around 8pm, where local acts such as the Liang and Daniel Lee performed as the opening acts (Liang did a good job, but Daniel… I am still not convinced that you’re the winner of Malaysian Idol), and some other opening acts which I can’t remember their names. So for a 5 hour event from 7pm til 12am, the opening acts took up 4 hours while Daughtry only performed for the last hour.

But there’s nothing to complain about at the end of the day, as Daughtry really proved to be a rocking rock band. They played their familiar hits such as ‘It’s Not Over’, ‘Breakdown’, ‘Over You’, ‘Feels Like Tonight’ and many more, but as cliched as it is, they came up for an encore, and belted out ‘There and Back Again’ and the oh-so-overplayed-song-but-yet-still-an-awesome-song ‘Home’.

All in all, not the best concert I’ve been to (still waiting for a rock band to tilt Muse’s position off my all-time best concert experience, though Switchfoot came a close second…), but Daughtry is Daughtry, and I am as the opening line to their song ‘It’s Not Over’ said, “I was blown away, what could I say?”

Here’s a picture of him upclose (no, I was not standing that near to him, unfortunately I stood quite far behind where this bunch of idiotic screaming girls basically screamed the whole time Daughtry was playing). I was not as fortunate as a certain Kua Mei Cher to be able to get a media pass. Haha… just kidding.

Lastly, thanks to Ian for the tickets!

P.S.: Thanks to someone for being there too…

The One With The Sunburst Concert 2

Posted in Music, My experiences on March 16, 2008 by steve maestro

I survived Sunburst Music Festival 2008….

It’s really a nice experience, and it certainly lifted the whole standard on music concerts and performances, kudos to the organizing team, Pineapple for such a great job.

So what’s the best performance of the night you ask? Of course it’s gotta be Incubus! But that’s cuz I’m a rockerhead, so definitely the night goes to Incubus. But not forgetting the other stars as well, such as The Roots, Incognito and John Legend. I enjoyed John Legend’s set the most if I were to choose from the three. And darn that lucky Indian lady who went up to slow dance with him. She must be envy of all ladies out there… and men too.

Caught a glimpse of our own acts in action as well, such as Reza Salleh and Meet Uncle Hussein. Che’Nelle performed too, but it was only a mediocre performance I heard… was too busy swooning away to John Legend…

Incubus took center stage by 12am, and their song list goes something like this:

1) Quicksand

2) Kiss To Send Us Off

3) Nice To Know You

4) Wish You Were Here

5) Anna Molly

6) Vitamin

7) Favorite Things (thanks Shariman!)

8) The Warmth

9) Drive

10) Pistola

11) Talk Show On Mute

12) Sick Sad Lil World

13) Megalomaniac

At this point, it seemed as though they were really closing their set already, with Search’s banner appearing on their backdrop. Lots of people started to leave the place. When suddenly…

ENCORE TIME!!! And they continued with:

14) Stellar

15) Circles

16) Aqueous Transmission

Haha, to all who left before the encore, it’s either you missed it, or you had to ran all the way back to where you once were (which is like… the length of two football fields?). Losers…

So what did it cost me? Let’s see:

Sunburst ticket: RM0

Tuborg Beer: RM10

Fish and Chips: RM10

Coffee Bean Ice-blended: RM10

Misc. items: RM15

So all in all… I spent RM45 to watch Incubus, John Legend, The Roots and Incognito live. I’m a happy person… haha…

Of course, when reality snaps back, the backaches and sores and what nots started to creep in… sigh…

Back to assignments… and shift focus to UCSI Christian Fellowship’s Easter Rally.

The One With The Sunburst Concert

Posted in Music, Randoms on March 14, 2008 by steve maestro

Three concerts! In 2 months!

First was Switchfoot at KLCC! Then Backstreet Boys at Sunway Lagoon! And now…



Two tickets from The Kash… one for him. One for me. Muahaha… 

Yay me… and I didn’t even forked out a single cent for the BSB and Sunburst Concerts… so it pays to have friends working with the media world and friends who so happen to have extra tickets.

SUNBURST… here I come!!!

The One With The BSB Concert Pt.2

Posted in Music, My experiences on February 29, 2008 by steve maestro

Okays… BSB concert post coming right up…

Tuesday 26th Feb, at approximately 1500 hours:

Mauritian and yous truly went to Menara Star to get our free tickets. Was overjoyed and excited about it. Kinda like reliving childhood again cuz after all, I did grew up listening to BSB…


Our happy faces…


The partially hidden happy face…

And so we had two extra tickets (a pair of tickets for one recipient)… in came the Michi and the JoJo. And thus we began our journey to Sunway Pyramid/Lagoon for the concert (concert’s at Sunway Lagoon but parked at Pyramid…), going through the massive jam and a potential thunderstorm which thankfully did not took materialize in full force that night.

Concert was at the open air stage at the Lagoon, where the sands are still wet and there were water puddles everywhere, and they had to barricade like half the place for the VIPs. So we non-VIPs had to cram outside the blocked area, and as for the late comers they had to watch the whole show behind this mini river thing which failed to dry one that night. Lucky us we stood somewhere in the middle.

Of course, the camwhoring began. bsb.jpg

The Michi The JoJo The Mauritian and The Maestro.

And so the concert began almost an hour late (staying true to the Malaysian timing). Started with what the Boys in their boxing gown/dress/suit/one-piece or whatever you called it, and they began with Larger Than Life, with a mix of Kanye West’s Stronger in between. Nice way to kick things off.


The Boys strutting their stuff

I can’t really recall the order of the show, but they sang most of their old stuff (think As Long As You Love Me, Quit Playin Games, I’ll Never Break Your Heart…etc) and their new stuff. Each of the Boys sang their own solo from their own solo effort, and in my opinion, AJ faired the best compared to the rest, with his Drive-By Love song. Brian did well too with his song Welcome Home, but as for Nick and Howie, their song is so forgettable I can’t even recall it.

The Boys wrapped things up with the encore song Shape Of My Heart, to the delight of the massive crowd on that night. But this was when things started to turn ugly…

The few thousand strong crowd started to take the escalator up to the Pyramid, and with such congestion, the escalator on the middle tier of the trail of escalators suddenly went busted and everyone got stuck on the mid tiers up the air like… really high, and we were all so close to falling down and die on the spot. What a sad way to die, imagine going up to heaven and if any angel were to ask you how you died, you reply “I died after attending a BSB concert”… angel goes “Lame….”

And that’s the end of it. Thankfully no one died, and all it left me was a pair of very wet jeans:


And Michi begging for money:


Overall concert rating: 3/5. Lost 1 mark because of the near death experience. It’s not funny when you’re in that situation…