My Tokai Love Rock Series 75Q

I’ve always wanted to write something regarding my guitar, the most prized possession of all time besides my Macbook. I couldn’t find time to write about it in the past, so I shall do it now… hopefully I can get some deals out of this. Yeah, sounds impossible but if my friend Joshua can appear in the finals of a Kit-Kat competition, what else is impossible? Sorry, no pun intended, and anyways, please vote for him. Let’s give him the support and the votes! Go to this link to sign up and vote…


Lo and behold, the Tokai LRS 75Q!




Ok, I don’t really have a nice set of pictures for my guitar, I have to resort to using this image, which I’ve searched through the Net. Ain’t it a beauty? For the history of Tokai guitars, how it started and such, go to this link. I’ve already mentioned briefly about it sometime ago, but in case it went unnoticed, just click the link.


Most of my friends would burst out in laughters when they heard the brand of my guitar for the first time. “What? Pokai ah?” is the usual response, while some more ‘experienced’ ones would nod in agreement and acknowledgment when they hear the word “Tokai”. It seems Tokai made quite a stir in the past, especially the 70’s and the 80’s. To make things short, Tokai were always in trouble with lawsuit problems and copyrights and such, as they produced copy model guitars from other more well known guitar companies then, like Yamaha and Kapok Fender and Gibson. It went unnoticed to many as a result of over-zealous guitar companies, envious of other’s success the money that they had lost over the lawsuit cases.


But enough of the history. This particular LRS 75Q that I have, boasts a nice and superb construction of specs and materials. The guitar that I have is a Tokai LS-75Q VF (violin flame) model, made in Japan. It is a Gibson Les Paul Standard copy; the top of the guitar is of flamed sycamore and the body and neck is of mahogany wood, with a lovely rosewood fingerboard. All the hardware, the tailbridge, the bridge, the pick-ups (both humbuckers), and the machine-heads are all Gotoh hardwares.


Photo 14
The front view…


As there are so many guitars around, it is easier to have a sort of a guide to categorize each guitar into different category, such as low-end models, mid-ranged models or high-end models. I think the Tokai LRS 75Q that I have would have belonged to the higher mid-ranged models category. It is not the best of the best, but it is one of the more impressive of all guitars out there.


Photo 15
The back view…


The sound and the overall tone of this guitar is so totally superb. I love the fact that I can play almost anything with this guitar, be it rock, jazz, blues, any genre is playable with this guitar. While many might say and agree that a Fender Strat would come out tops in terms of versatility, I would say that the Tokai would not be very far behind, if not ahead, of a Strat.


Photo 17
The Tokai LRS 75Q. And I’m proud of it.


And the thing I love most about this guitar is that it is out of production a few years back. Yes it is a refurbished model, but it has the same things and the same built and quality of the previous ones. It stopped production a few years back, making this a rare gem to many now. So….will I sell this guitar? No, not in a million years. Well, unless I need cash badly or stuff like that happens, but if not, I don’t think I’ll ever part ways with it.


So there you go. My not-so-interesting post of my guitar. Reckon I can get some guitar deals from Tokai by chance? Well, chances are slimmer than a needle’s eye (the hole where you put the thread in), cuz I play like crap! Haha…


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