(Overdue Post Collections) The One Where My Cousin Got Married

The only female cousin that I have among father’s two brothers got married on the 21st October, held at the Tropicana Golf Resort somewhere in the Damansara Utama area. 

The resort was beautiful and parking was a breeze too (no coupons, no plastic coins and stuff, ample parking space).

It was a typical Chinese wedding dinner, with the typical 7 or 8 course meal, the typical spokesperson for the night overseeing and emcee-ing for the whole night, and the typical ‘Yam Seng’ (which means Cheers in English), the first Yam Seng is for the couple, the second Yam Seng is for the offspring and the rest of it is for the number of tables the couple had to go around Yam Seng-ing with.

Here are some pictures from the night (was busy eating and greeting/being greeted by random relatives that I don’t even know I have). 


Mum and Dad. 


My dad’s brother (my uncle), mum and my dad’s sister (my aunt). 


Picture in the menu. 


Bowls, glasses, utensils for the night. And oh yeah, free flow of red wine too. 


My uncle’s family and my mum. 


The beautiful cousin and the relatives. 

Unfortunately for me, I’m not a relative loving kinda person, I mean I do love them and will care for them as much as I could but… just not the oh-I-will-melt-at-the-sight-of-you-in-some-random-wedding-or-funeral-or-celebration kinda person.

So, here’s to the newlyweds (not so new now… it’s already 2008)! May I soon have a nephew/niece to play with. Oh gosh, I can’t imagine how much I will pamper him/her next time.


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