(Overdue Post Collections) The One With Lemuel and Melanie’s Newborn

On the 23rd December 2007, my dear friends welcomed their baby into their loving arms.

Born Mikayla Yee Ren Cai (inspired by the movie Transformers I supposed?) at Selayang Hospital, at around 11 something-ish pm.


Mikayla all wrapped up. 

And since you don’t have a blog or it’s way too uncool for you to have a blog, I will post a post about Mikayla. And soon, few years down the road she can see for herself that Uncle Lam posted about her birth in his lame blog.

And here’s a to-be-read-in-the-future message to Mikayla:

Hi there Mikayla! Yes, Uncle Lam wrote this at exactly 411 am, 15th Jan 2008. And if you’re wondering why am I not sleeping yet at this time, well, the reason is simple: I can’t sleep! haha…. oh, err… anyways, assuming that I’m not dead by now, just wanna wish you here all the best for your future undertakings. And your dad and mum loves you, and so do all of your uncles and aunties. And by the way, have I taught you guitar yet? If not, tell me to do so.

Ok… gosh, that felt weird, writing a future message. Anyways, just to touch on this a little bit more. When I saw Mikayla for the first time, I had experienced something special then. Maybe it’s because I know Lemuel well, and Melanie too, I kinda have the feeling of witnessing the creation of life. I know it’s weird… but at that point, when I first saw Mikayla in that little trolley thing… everything around me just became silent, as I took in this experience first hand into my life.

More pictures:

 Lemuel and Mikayla.

Mikayla drinking her milk. She’s so cute, and she gives this really ‘high’ look when she’s drinking… haha… 

Mikayla. So adorable!  

Yeah once again, I know it’s weird. “It’s not even your kid!… yeah I know, but I can’t help feeling like that, I can’t control my feelings and the events in my life, can I? But anyways, here’s to Mikayla Yee. May God favor you and bless you at all times. 


2 Responses to “(Overdue Post Collections) The One With Lemuel and Melanie’s Newborn”

  1. ~*MaNda*~ Says:

    yaya.her name is from Transformers!LOL.

    da*n,screw it man! I’m not ready for my exam n i’m still checking out ur blog!pray for me 🙂


  2. Her name is spelled : Mikayla Yee Rencai. the “Ren” and the “cai” is stuck together for the sake of ignorant westerners. You know? So that they won’t call her “Miss Ren” or, “Miss Cai Ren Yee”, etc…

    Mikayla means “Gift from God”… that’s a great name in my book, regardless of Megan Foxxx. But of coz we ALL know THIS Mikayla’s WAAAAAY hotter!

    She’s out getting her vascinations with her hot mama Mel.

    I do have a blog now. However I didn’t want to shout abt it coz I’m afraid I might have nothing to say… No matter, find my 2 cents here: http://www.lemuelyee.blogspot.com

    There are some discussions that I think are quite meaningful. Go ahead and let us (blogger & readers) what you think.

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