The One With The Overdue Posts!

So many things to blog about…

Yet so little time to do so…

Just recovered from post New Year blues. That includes the usuals, such as falling ill for no reason, spending lots of money on things and so on and so forth. Recap from last year… year 2007 was… somewhat, a fruitful year. The usuals took place, ups and downs, just hoping (really hoping…) that 2008 will be a better year than 2007. 

Anyways, a little update on myself for all of you guys to know (a little ME time here… ok???):

1) I miss working in Giant. I can’t believe I said that, but it’s true. And I still talk about work with Jackie my collegue/babe/dreaded vegetable buyer/Category Executive.

2) I got my iPod Nano! Yes, it’s a beauty, all 4gb of it. Besides the Nano, there are a lot more things that I’ve acquired for the past month or so. Will post it all soon…

3) I’m about to make a drastic U-turn in my education life. I’m going to pursue Mass Communications instead of Business Admin now. I think it will be a good thing for me as well. It’ll take longer to graduate, but I’m not complaining, no one is at this point. So I’ll be…. 24 when I graduate. Sigh…

4) Oh by the way, Im studying in University College Sedaya International (UCSI) now. To all my old friends or uncle/aunties from church or relatives please take note that I AM NOT currently doing my FORM 6. I got a friggin’ diploma now and please stop asking me how many A’s I predict I can get from my STPM.Anyways… back to the main topic…


picture from

No I don’t have overdue bills. All I have is overdue posts! Like I mentioned, so many things to blog about, so little time…Anyways, I was just checking just now, and I got a total of 7229 hits (or views, whatever you call it). From one year ago where I was so reluctant to start a blog, until now 7229 hits later… whoever is supporting my page here, I’m very grateful for you.  Never had I imagined that people will be reading from this site here, but I’m happy at least there’s this little ‘open diary’ here that I can share with everyone. 

So to repay all of your support, I will…

from now on….

…jump to Blogspot…

See ya there!!! Mua ha ha ha..







Nah, just kidding. I will not abandon this blog here. But yeah, I will repay all of you guys who supported me… by…:

Posting up the overdue posts.

So… expect nothing new from the next few ‘new’ blog posts, as they are all old stuff.

Sorry lah, I just had let it off my chest.So… overdue posts… coming soon. It’s 5 in the morning now, and I need to crash… until then…zzz…zzz….z…z.z.z.z.z.z.z         v(^.^)v 

[UPDATE]: The URL is taken by some person, I dunno who he/she is but it’s all in Chinese words and I can’t read Chinese. This is just a disclaimer that if you DO type the URL on your browser and you end up at the site, and there’s some unpleasant content or whatsoever, this site and myself are not responsible for it, you typed it on your own, so if you’re offended/shocked/terrified/bewildered (mental block… can’t think of anymore suitable words…), it’s not our fault.

[UPDATE 2]: As I off the lights to sleep a moment ago, before I lay down on my bed, there was a white flash sweeping by my room. Startled by it, I looked outside my windows and but I saw nothing. Is it… an ALIEN trying to connect with me??? If it is… I…. I…. can’t resist…. I AM THEIR CHOSEN ONE…..

Ok I’m sleeping now. Bye. 


2 Responses to “The One With The Overdue Posts!”

  1. In the words of a dear friend of ours, whattheheck?!!! o_0 Why do Mass Comm all of a sudden man?

  2. Cuz I can’t stand doing something I dun wanna do anymore… I think of all people you should know how it feels lor… but anyways, I don’t think it’s such a bad move for me la… ask me in person and you will know why.

    And who’s the dear friend of ours???

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