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The One With The New Mac and The New Petrol Price

Posted in Overdue Posts, Wonderful Things on December 26, 2008 by steve maestro

Just a brief updates to everything ‘new’ in my life, well, not everything, but significant ones I suppose:

The New Macbook!

Just before you drop your jaws and clutch your fists in anger, let me just clarify. I did NOT ask for this. Not that I am a big spender or anything along those lines, but it was a necessary purchase. Why, you may ask? Here’s why:

1) The old Mac’s fan malfunctioned. Therefore temperature will not drop upon long and heavy usage of the computer, and as a safety feature anything above 90 degrees celsius will shut the system down.

2) There was some problem with the sound port with the old Mac; it would not revert back to the computer speakers after you unplug your jack out.

So for those two damages, it would cost me RM2800 to repair it. The ironic part? The fan will only cost RM80 while the soundboard, which is attached to the motherboard, cost the balance of the repairing cost. And I have to fix it because if I continue to let it go by like this, it might damage other components as well. So the dealer and I worked out a trade and I could trade-in the old Mac for RM1000, making the purchase of the new Macbook to be RM3700. Dad and Mum said ok to it, and the rest is history.

The new Macbook.

The performance of this Macbook exceeded my expectations greatly, it has greater speed, smoother graphics, and not to mention, lighter and looks cooler than the old one. I’m sorry old Mac but this does the trick for me now. Fingers crossed to a longer lifespan of this current Mac.

Another new thing would be…:

The new petrol price!!! RM1.80/liter! Wee~~ hey, it matters to me okay?

Not the full tank price, but at least it is wayyyy lower than what I use to pay when pumping petrol just a few months before this.



The One With The CF Dinner and The Workplace

Posted in Family, Food, My experiences, Overdue Posts, Wonderful Things on December 26, 2008 by steve maestro

Greetings to all humans! Yes this site is not dead, it IS still pretty much alive… but just that I’ve not been doing a very good job in keeping it ‘alive’… anyways… some overdue things to be mentioned here.

The uni’s CF Reunion Dinner at Bukit Jalil Resort. Was basically a overdressed dinner meeting with friends you couldn’t care less to dress up to meet. But it was good nonetheless, some CF old timers was there, and we were entertained with various performances and the not-so-good-not-so-bad food. And of course, I went with her:

The only nice picture of me and her without looking odd. You look great on that night, ya know?


Yeah, so I worked at Nielsen for the whole of November month as a dumb and numb brainless zombie data entry worker… of course, working under my wacky mum and with her as well. Kinda miss the place somehow…

The awesome Chee Cheong Fun I ate almost every morning.

When not working she pouts her lips and does weird poses like this pose.

Wacky wacky mummy. She stole the hairband btw…

Alrighty, that’s the lil update for now… and oh yeah, last but not least…:

A MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! May the year 2009 be a fantabulously rockin’ year for you guys!

The One With The Many The Ones

Posted in Overdue Posts, Randoms on September 1, 2008 by steve maestro

The One Where Jonathan Goes Down Under

The One Where Kimberly Flies

The One With The CF Camp 2008

The One With Hamtaros

The One That Made Me Cried… Twice

The One With The 51st Independence Day

The One With The Third Semester

Yup… that pretty much sums it. Oh yeah, if you’re wondering, yes it’s all under the OVERDUE POST Collections. Coming soon…

(Overdue Post Collections) The One With The Krispy Kreme Donut

Posted in Other Things, Overdue Posts, Randoms on January 15, 2008 by steve maestro

This is really really overdue, and I’m sorry Josh for not posting this up soon enough. I bet u’re looking at this space just to see whether will I mention about what you did… err… no?Ok nevermind…


But it’s still worth mentioning… cuz…

He gave me my first taste of a Kripsy Kreme Donut!


Yes he did, unlike a certain  SOMEONE who didn’t brought it back for me from Indonesia sometime ago. 


That certain someone. Haha… no worries, I still love you bro. 

Anyways, the girlfriend was at Aussie and she brought some back for him. And this kind dude kindly offered me one piece of it, maybe he got so sick of me complaining about it all the time and therefore, he gave me his last piece of it.

Not entirely happy with it as I can just so imagine the girlfriend, fuming with anger upon the knowledge that the donut didn’t entirely got ended up in Josh’s tummy (eventually into poop, and eventually into some water sewer somewhere and eventually into Singaporean’s water system), one of it ended up in mine. So… have your go at him, and yeah you can have your go at me as well, Joyce… that is… if you can… muahaha…

Alright, why am I treating this whole thing as such an exclusive thing? Well… cuz it IS that EXCLUSIVE… cuz…


It’s not available in Malaysia.

Yes read that again, it is not. Ok, so it is available at our neighboring country (Indonesia), but still the feeling of acquiring something that not all Malaysians have, makes me feel like I’m superman for a moment… 


But anyways, thanks Josh, not only for the donut, but for all the stuff you did and the stuff you had to put through. Here’s to our 11 years of friendship. A free one meal coupon at our church’s mamak stall. It’s ok Josh, it’s ok…  


(Overdue Post Collections) The One Where My Cousin Got Married

Posted in Family, Overdue Posts on January 15, 2008 by steve maestro

The only female cousin that I have among father’s two brothers got married on the 21st October, held at the Tropicana Golf Resort somewhere in the Damansara Utama area. 

The resort was beautiful and parking was a breeze too (no coupons, no plastic coins and stuff, ample parking space).

It was a typical Chinese wedding dinner, with the typical 7 or 8 course meal, the typical spokesperson for the night overseeing and emcee-ing for the whole night, and the typical ‘Yam Seng’ (which means Cheers in English), the first Yam Seng is for the couple, the second Yam Seng is for the offspring and the rest of it is for the number of tables the couple had to go around Yam Seng-ing with.

Here are some pictures from the night (was busy eating and greeting/being greeted by random relatives that I don’t even know I have). 


Mum and Dad. 


My dad’s brother (my uncle), mum and my dad’s sister (my aunt). 


Picture in the menu. 


Bowls, glasses, utensils for the night. And oh yeah, free flow of red wine too. 


My uncle’s family and my mum. 


The beautiful cousin and the relatives. 

Unfortunately for me, I’m not a relative loving kinda person, I mean I do love them and will care for them as much as I could but… just not the oh-I-will-melt-at-the-sight-of-you-in-some-random-wedding-or-funeral-or-celebration kinda person.

So, here’s to the newlyweds (not so new now… it’s already 2008)! May I soon have a nephew/niece to play with. Oh gosh, I can’t imagine how much I will pamper him/her next time.

(Overdue Post Collections) The One With My Dad’s Birthday

Posted in Family, Overdue Posts, Wonderful Things on January 15, 2008 by steve maestro

I’ve never had any chance to show my dad how much I appreciate him for in my life. Without you, I can barely move into the position of where I am today. To my dad, I love you so much.

Daddy’s birthday at 1st December 2007, celebrating 51 years of excellence.

Dinner at D’Fortune:

Mum feeding dad. Aww… 


Oh, yeah, me mum love to Shunpo as well…

To daddy dearest, I love you. Did I said it twice already? Cuz I can never stop saying it to you.