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The One With The Defibrillator Sessions

Posted in Other Things, Rants&Crap, Ridiculous things on October 21, 2009 by steve maestro

“Okay clear!”


“Check for pulse… wait for it… okay another one. Clear!”


Surrounded by eternal darkness… however, a ray of light bursts into the darkness, lighting up a small path that leads out of the darkness.

The blog will be back. Soon.


The One With Being Acknowledged

Posted in Emo Moments, Rants&Crap, Ridiculous things on January 30, 2009 by steve maestro

BEWARE: This is an emo post. Proceed with caution.

Okay… I had enough. If this was a psychological game that you’re playing, you have succeeded in making me emo.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s me or if it’s you? I tried my best to fit in. And sometimes you made me felt that you like me , acknowledge me. But there are times when it’s so darn obvious you actually don’t acknowledge me at all. Even as a friend you don’t.

Putting up everyone’s names and not mine. Mentioning everyone that was there but not me. These are just some of the things you did.

Ironically I used to look up to you too. But you fell flat to the ground like a piece of scrap iron in these recent days. Perhaps I knew too much about you.

So is it me or is it clearly not me making up stories in my head this time around? You be the judge.

The One With The End Of Year 2008

Posted in Emo Moments, My experiences, Rants&Crap, Ridiculous things, Wonderful Things on December 29, 2008 by steve maestro

Not quite. 2 more days left. I wonder what would year 2009 be? Well, this is the time where most bloggers who actually takes the effort to update their blogs to rant about their year and count their blessings. Same goes to this blogger here.

Year 2008 started out to be an indifferent start to year 2007. Dull, boring and hoping that the year would end soon. Little did I know, the changes started then. But to make this post seem more entertaining and less hurtful to the eye, lets break it down to months shall we?

January of ’08:
Entered UCSI University (then known as University College Sedaya International). Education seemed distant from me, as a result of taking a break from my studies to work. Didn’t like business courses, so I took a guided leap of faith (yes, guided by Him) to change to mass comm. Things seemed to improve.

Was given the shock of my life when the CF fellas told me that I’ll be playing guitar for their Easter Rally. Prakash and Terry’s big ‘gift’ for me for entering UCSI. Great ‘gift’ indeed cuz I met her.

That was January.

February of ’08:
Still adjusting to the life of a mass comm student. Went for Switchfoot concert and as he put it, it was a blast. Shame on those who did not attend it. Also went for Backstreet Boys concert. What happened in the concert STAYS in the concert. Practices for worship team for the Easter Rally was moved from the ‘sauna’ room to FGA KL. Much much better.

That was February.

March of ‘o8:
Hectic schedule kicked in. Readjusting life from the working world to being studying is quite a hassle. Juggling between studies and… studies. Somehow it seems so hard to balance it off. Had a great time playing for the Easter Rally. Went for Sunburst Festival, and Incubus was awesome!

Unofficially started something beautiful early of the month.

That was March.

April of ’08:
Exams. Last minute studying. More exams. Datelines. After the semester finals, got a two week break. Hung out with a few friends on a so-called ‘Food Indulgence Rendezvous’. Got the shock of my life when her parents started calling her to go home when we were on our way to Look Out Point. But it made me realized how much I was into her. And she knows it as well.

That was April.

May of ’08:
Second semester starts. Pretty happy with last semester’s results. Got 2 same classes with her. Everything seems so… dull then. Life was boring, and I was constantly looking for more stuff to do around uni. The Hive started, was roped in to help. Was bothered by church conspiracies. Was kinda resolved but not resolved at the same time.

That was May.

June of ’08:
Went for a stage play with her and her classmates, for their class assignment. Something great happened. So psyched I took the wrong turn home (yes if you are reading this now darling I went to Sungai Buloh instead of going back to my house on that night.). Played for Influence Conference, but was still bothered by the conspiracies in church. Kinda left church for awhile then. No regrets as it taught me something in the end.

That was June.

July of ’08:
Played for KLBC’s musical production in uni. Saw her parents upclose for the first time. Wasn’t a good experience. Studies are starting to tear me inside out then. Seemed impossible to finish off the semester, but persevered I did. For a moment, it seemed my life was to do video clips with the iMovie.

Went for Daughtry concert with her, again. Kinda miss the spot where you were sitting on the barricade plastic thingy and I was covering your head from the rain with the concert flyer. Glo officially ‘died’. It was a good run. It lived good.

That was July.

August of ‘o8:
Exams. More last minute studies. After that was CF camp in Broga. Was great, had a lot of fun and body aches. Was supposed to spend the rare two weeks holiday resting, but was given the opportunity to emcee for the orientation for the next semester. A rare experience, and it was great.

That was August.

September of ’08:
Short semester started. Felt so sluggish as it was quite a hectic schedule as well. Was hoping and praying hard to not FAIL the semester. Conspiracies still went on, but at least I was out of the picture. Made some people happy, some did not.

Was given another shock of my life when her parents asked me to join their dinner, in conjunction with the mum’s birthday. Was awkward at first, but who’s first meeting with the parents doesn’t?

Got to be emcee for Awards Day. Was a scary experience, but it taught me formal, well-presented ways of emcee-ing. First time working with a script for emcee. Plannings for UniFest began then.

That was September.

October of ’08:
Exams. Looking forward to the two month break, upon realizing that I will not have any other breaks from then on. Was pestered to work for November, with a heavy heart, I agreed, for her, for her…

Spent time resting and going places like Malacca, getting my long overdue diploma cert. Planning for UniFest was ongoing… meetings lined up. Was chosen to be the chairperson for next year’s CF Easter Rally.

That was October.

November of ’08:
Spent whole month working at Nielsen with her. Was fun, did not regret it a single bit. Meetings for both easter rally and UniFest piles up.

Officially started something beautiful on the 7th of November.

Was given the best birthday bash ever at Chilli’s by my darling. Will not forget it for the rest of my life. Officially turned 22.

Was asked by David to play for him for the Malaysian Revival Songwriting Competition (MRSC). Went through the heats stages, and was selected as 1 of the 9 finalists. Pretty psyched by it. Church conspiracies took a fall, and I found myself going back again. Not for long.

That was November

December of ’08:
More meetings for UniFest. More trips to uni on my holiday period. Played for the finals of MRSC. Did not win any physical award, though I personally felt like I won more than the winners on that night. Kinda realized the absence from the conspiracy-infested place did me good. Taught me well. And when I was just about to commit to the place again, a huge blockade came by. And it was a clear enough sign to steer clear from that place. This is the first time I ever made this public, so yeah it meant the world of hurt to me when I was blamed and framed. I had enough.

Went to Malacca again, and went to Kuching with Leslie ‘Chicken King’ on a working trip. Had a great Christmas at her church, followed by the whole day of hanging out together.

That was December… minus 2 days from it.

… yes so there you have it. The year 2008. Ups and downs and whatnots. To a better 2009 year?

The One With The Kuching Trip

Posted in Food&Travels, Friends, My experiences, Ridiculous things, Wonderful Things on December 26, 2008 by steve maestro

I believe I can fly~~~ Second time on the Airbus, and not bad this time around. At least no more bumpy landing.

Went to the land of cats with Leslie on a working/torture trip from the 22nd to the 24th of this month. Ironically, not so many cats in sight from my observation on my 3 days 2 nights stay there. Went there to do some telco. survey thing, and it was a mix of work, leisure, gay moments as well as some awesome Monopoly on iPod Touch moments.

Kuching, the place where cats could be so small, they could fit on the palm of your hand.

Stayed at the Grand Continental Hotel, a nice and cosy 3 star hotel. There are a few things that amazes me during my stay there, of which some discourages and encourages me at the same time to go visit that place again:

1) The people:
The people of Kuching are awesome and superbly friendly! So much difference from the so called more ‘civilized’ people staying in the Lumpur of the Kuala. You can immediately feel their warmth and humility as they try to befriend you, even for that one short moment of asking for directions and stuff.

2) The taxi fare:
Kuching taxi drivers do not believe in taxi meters. Which means, a one way trip is normally fixed at its price, no matter how short the distance is. Can you imagine, just a mere 2km ride could cost you RM15 bucks? Yes it is that ridiculous. But the taxi drivers are awesome too, unlike the Lumpur cab drivers…

3) The hot sun:
Somehow I believe Kuching is of a different part of the world, or at least different from Malaysia. The sun is just a different sun there. The sun is just way hotter and brighter there, and I even got a tan in the process! Great place to get a tan without the beach of the course…

So to conclude this post, I will recommend Kuching to anyone of all age and races. It is a fantastic place.

Pictures time:

Leslie in ‘action’.

Kuching Waterfront. Literally. Smells ‘awesome’ too.

Some random people fishing by the bay.

Historical piece on the floor. Seems some officer dude fought for some rights at the very place where I was standing then.

What a name for a restaurant. The place where they sell ‘junk’ food.

The terminal at Kuching International Airport.

Leslie the mr. gay partner for the three days. Stop pretending to be Marcus will you!?

Kolo mee. Not bad.Taste like wan tan mee, but more refined in both the noodles and taste.

Teh C in a Coke glass.

And finally…

The reason why there are so few cats spotted on the streets in Kuching…

Enjoying the air cond inside the shop. Darn you clever felines…

The One Where Avril Lavigne Gets Banned

Posted in Music, Ridiculous things on August 11, 2008 by steve maestro

When I read this piece of news this morning, I laughed hard. Well to those of you who don’t read the daily or The Star as a matter of fact, click HERE:

The PAS youth actually called a ban to ban Avril Lavigne from performing in KL 2 weeks from now because apparently “rock and punk is not suitable for the young generation and especially so during Merdeka month”.

Well, I suppose if you want to ban rock and punk then you should go all the way to banning it. But Avril Lavigne??? Banned cuz apparently she’s ‘not suitable’ for the younger generation???

Come on lah, who are we kidding here? Heck, I don’t even know what the younger generation listens to these days, let alone punk and rock influence.

If memory serves me right, a few years ago there was a hit Malay TV show on NTV7 which featured a certain Mat Rock character. Well, why isn’t it banned then?

But yeah, the Malaysian Artistes’ Association (Karyawan)’s president, Freddie Fernandez, in his reply to the PAS youth ban, said it best when he said “

PAS Youth should really take a good look at themselves and examine whether what they are doing is correct. Their narrow-mindedness will definitely not get the support of the rakyat. They are always looking at the world through blinkers. They cannot see any other point of view except theirs.”

Good one, good one…

But if I could say anything to any of the PAS Youth members… it would be:

“Eh bang-bang sekalian, muka cam ni korang takut ke?”

I can almost hear Avril say…


The One With The Jotting

Posted in My experiences, Rants&Crap, Ridiculous things on June 2, 2008 by steve maestro

Well, not really a jotting jotting, in other more stranger words, it’s actually called ‘poetry’ or writing ‘poems’…

Ah, enough of all this. I penned this down a couple of weeks ago. Was waiting for the right time to show it, now I can.

It’s a wonder,
A wonder, which took me by surprise,
And left me with my feelings uncompromised.
Never had I thought,
That this heart will ever be sought,
Not after the pain and the sorrow,
That left me as a broken arrow.
But here I am, standing on my own two feet,
Hoisting my arms in the air,
With this feeling,
That drowns up all miseries and despair.
And here you are, standing next to me,
With your face gleaming under the watchful stars,
And lights up that beautiful face underneath this night of ours.
It’s a wonder, that this beautiful person is her.
And how I long to share this wonderful experience with no other.

The One With The Drink Spiking!

Posted in Randoms, Rants&Crap, Ridiculous things on May 12, 2008 by steve maestro


Yes you!!!

You drink spiker!!!