The One With The Jotting

Well, not really a jotting jotting, in other more stranger words, it’s actually called ‘poetry’ or writing ‘poems’…

Ah, enough of all this. I penned this down a couple of weeks ago. Was waiting for the right time to show it, now I can.

It’s a wonder,
A wonder, which took me by surprise,
And left me with my feelings uncompromised.
Never had I thought,
That this heart will ever be sought,
Not after the pain and the sorrow,
That left me as a broken arrow.
But here I am, standing on my own two feet,
Hoisting my arms in the air,
With this feeling,
That drowns up all miseries and despair.
And here you are, standing next to me,
With your face gleaming under the watchful stars,
And lights up that beautiful face underneath this night of ours.
It’s a wonder, that this beautiful person is her.
And how I long to share this wonderful experience with no other.


5 Responses to “The One With The Jotting”

  1. Kimberly Lee Says:

    wow… one word. beautiful~~



  2. u can make a song out of it…;) have u tried?


    looks like there’s some lurvee in the air…

  3. thks baby!
    I know that poem ain’t for me. HAHA

    Whoever out there who has stolen Lam’s heart,

    fortunate you. I’m very sure… YOU’LL NEVER GROW HUNGRY THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!! :p

  4. Kim: U *ahem ahem* what now?? Beautiful le? Heart got melt anot?

    Jesca: Erm, din thought of turning it into a song, but yeah I shall attempt to put rhythm and melodies to it…

    Manda: Haha… you want me to write poem for you? Can… you pay me la then I write one for you. And what do you mean by “YOU’LL NEVER GROW HUNGRY THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!”??? So insulting.

  5. siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas!!!!! LOL

    I see you know everywhere for good food. Even the darkest corner, smallest lane, you know where to bring her for good food mer… LALALLALALALALALAL

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