The One With The Results (2)

Manchester United for the title! Down to 10 man, but still managed to fetch a 4-1 win against West Ham!

But I’m on a rampant mood now. And it is against…


picture taken from

Getting a red card from a match is fine in many ways. One, you have no choice but to make that desperate tackle to clear the ball from danger. Two, you collected two yellow cards, still it’s ok to walk out from the pitch from two bookable offenses. It’s still okay if it’s a Zidane moment or a brawl with 10 other players. At least it’s for a reason.

What’s Nani’s red card for? First, he stupidly head butted Lucas Neill from West Ham (after some taunting by Neill himself, but come on, you’re supposed to live with that), then after Neill fell down to the ground, Nani himself pretended to fall down!!!


I used to defend you a lot, by saying to my friends who hated you that it’s your first season in the English Premier League, you have to adjust and stuff.

Thank you for your brilliant goals before this, especially the cracker against Tottenham earlier this season.

But even if I can take your whole one-man-team-I’m-not-passing-the-ball behaviour, I can’t take this.

I guess this Eurosport commentator said it all for me and the rest of us who hates Nani:

Yes, you’re indeed an idiot.


5 Responses to “The One With The Results (2)”

  1. Wow, finally not defending him huh, haha. Yea, it was a stupid immature headbutt, useless.

  2. Hehe.. but why Nani… why??? Why art thou so so stupid?!!

    I defended him cuz he used to be good. Used to.

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  4. I Love Nani!! Is the best…You are suck and fucker

  5. ..oOWháOo.. Says:

    Who’s stupid ? You or Nani ? You, cause Nani plays in Manchester and is famous… You are a damn chinese that eats shit too many times …

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