The One Where I Got My Ear Pierced

Finally, the time has come for yours truly to get his first ear pierce. Hopefully it’ll be the last one as I don’t wanna end up looking like some freak with metal pieces on the parts of my face next time.


That’s the one. It’s not a stick on magnet thing or what if you’re thinking it is…

Have to leave it for at least a week before I can put the real one on, it’s a ring shaped one and it should… should, look good. If not… I’m gonna be emo…

Ok, so the whole thing nearly didn’t took place cuz of Her Highness JoJo, nearly FFK-ing (NOTE:FFK refers to ‘Fong Fei Kei’, which in loose translation from Cantonese to English means ‘Letting The Airplane Go’, but when mentioned to someone in particular, it actually means that he/she is breaking his/her promise. Adding the -ing at the back makes it into a verb, thus FFK-ing) yours truly. I’m a hopeless freak when it comes to directions and therefore I need the assistance of Her Highness to follow me and guide me to the place (and since she loves to see people getting tortured, all the more she wants to follow me, but when the time came this afternoon she nearly FFK-ed (again, adding -ed at the back indicates that it’s past tense, and the act had been done) me, so, think of how I felt at the moment).

I was like…


picture from A disclaimer so that he won’t sue me… haha…

Yeah that’s how I felt. First, convinced me that I should go with her. Fine. Why? I don’t know, maybe she really has a fetish of seeing someone getting tortured. And when the time comes,  “U like lah. U wanna go then u go la. I nak tengok fashion show”…

But anyways, Her Highness got scared and she persuaded me in turn to go get it done. Fine. Lei kong sai lor (NOTE: another Cantonese proverb. Loose translation from Cantonese to English means ‘You Say Everything’, meaning no equality and unfairness in his/her speech/action). Off to Leisure Mall…

…and to the piercing place. Was bothered by the thoughts of a bleeding ear or a swollen ear at the hands of two young Chinese girls, but what the heck, went ahead with it. As emotions starts to materialize in forms of cold sweats and grimaces on my face, and as the piercing girl said “Leady ah… leady… 1…2…”……..

(sounds from the environment and the radio from their shop)

And then I realized, and said “Huh??? Finish already???”

It was painless. I could feel something rubbing my ear and that’s it. I didn’t even knew it was over until Her Highness started laughing and said “hehehhe pain or not? wakakaka….”….

It was fast. Painless. And it costs me 35 bucks. 10 for the piercing and 25 for the ring shaped ear ring.

Hmm… since it is so painless… I might consider getting it at some other parts of my body too… not! Ok, now the after effects…

1) There’s this feeling of something constantly ‘biting’ my left ear lobe. It’s not painful but just plain irritating.

2) As it is considered as an open wound, though it is pretty much covered by a piece of metal stick in between, it is still open to the countless bacterias and germs all over the place. I was so paranoid with it I kept wiping it off with a tissue paper, only to realize that the tissue paper was from the time I wiped my sweat off. Thus adding more germs to it…

3) Came home and showered, while the earlobe was treated with disinfectant aka Dettol. In a bid to get rid of the germs, I practically soaked the whole lobe with Dettol. As if the wound is mocking at me for treating it with disinfectant much later than it’s supposed to… I:

4) Am having a slight fever now. Had to turn off the air con. And the ceiling fan is at level 2 now, which at any given night would mean ‘Turn that air cond on as I’m melting!!!”. I feel pathetic and sad now…

So there it is, the experience of getting my ear pierced. Would you wanna share yours? Minus the ‘Her Highness FFK-ing part’, cuz I know it only happens to me. Poor me. First that. Now this. Sigh…


5 Responses to “The One Where I Got My Ear Pierced”

  1. Oh mineeeeeeee… u pierce ur ear? -.-!”

  2. Erm… yes i did… is that a crime…

  3. LOL.

    not a crime… but u definitely did it cause of peer pressure 😛

    here is a compliment for you. You don’t need ur ear pierced to be cool.You’re alr cool,bro!

  4. Well… yes to the peer pressure, no to the being cool part… but thanks for the compliments anyway…

    I guess this is something that I’ve always wanted to do since a few years ago… so not so much of peer pressure (I know no matter how much I said it’s not peer pressure. no one would believe me in the end), but it’s doing something that I wanted to do all along. Wait til it heals, I’ll show you the real earring that I bought!

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