The One With The Kuching Trip

I believe I can fly~~~ Second time on the Airbus, and not bad this time around. At least no more bumpy landing.

Went to the land of cats with Leslie on a working/torture trip from the 22nd to the 24th of this month. Ironically, not so many cats in sight from my observation on my 3 days 2 nights stay there. Went there to do some telco. survey thing, and it was a mix of work, leisure, gay moments as well as some awesome Monopoly on iPod Touch moments.

Kuching, the place where cats could be so small, they could fit on the palm of your hand.

Stayed at the Grand Continental Hotel, a nice and cosy 3 star hotel. There are a few things that amazes me during my stay there, of which some discourages and encourages me at the same time to go visit that place again:

1) The people:
The people of Kuching are awesome and superbly friendly! So much difference from the so called more ‘civilized’ people staying in the Lumpur of the Kuala. You can immediately feel their warmth and humility as they try to befriend you, even for that one short moment of asking for directions and stuff.

2) The taxi fare:
Kuching taxi drivers do not believe in taxi meters. Which means, a one way trip is normally fixed at its price, no matter how short the distance is. Can you imagine, just a mere 2km ride could cost you RM15 bucks? Yes it is that ridiculous. But the taxi drivers are awesome too, unlike the Lumpur cab drivers…

3) The hot sun:
Somehow I believe Kuching is of a different part of the world, or at least different from Malaysia. The sun is just a different sun there. The sun is just way hotter and brighter there, and I even got a tan in the process! Great place to get a tan without the beach of the course…

So to conclude this post, I will recommend Kuching to anyone of all age and races. It is a fantastic place.

Pictures time:

Leslie in ‘action’.

Kuching Waterfront. Literally. Smells ‘awesome’ too.

Some random people fishing by the bay.

Historical piece on the floor. Seems some officer dude fought for some rights at the very place where I was standing then.

What a name for a restaurant. The place where they sell ‘junk’ food.

The terminal at Kuching International Airport.

Leslie the mr. gay partner for the three days. Stop pretending to be Marcus will you!?

Kolo mee. Not bad.Taste like wan tan mee, but more refined in both the noodles and taste.

Teh C in a Coke glass.

And finally…

The reason why there are so few cats spotted on the streets in Kuching…

Enjoying the air cond inside the shop. Darn you clever felines…


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