The One Where I Got My Ear Pierced Pt.2

Continuing from the first part not too long…

I went from this:

The initial one… 

To this:

The complete one!!! 

Yippee!! In less than a week’s time, I could change it already! Haha… yeah there was a bit of pain and blood, and putting it through the first time is kinda tough. But as I persevere and continued to push for the hole (…ok that sounded wrong in so many ways…), I got it and now it’s in!

Hehe… I’m so happy. Even the dad and mum said I look cool. Uncle and cousin from Aussie came down today for vacation, staying over at my place, and even they think I look cool! Haha… But all of them asked me to cut my hair. Not nice according to them. But I don’t wanna cut it first, just leaving it for the time being.

Until I get my other piercings have more stuff to blog about next time… ciaoz!!

(I will be really busy with all the ongoing things in college and stuff… so if in case I don’t blog, in case… it means I’m busy. But I doubt so.)


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