The One With Me Being Free

Wee Hee~~~!!!!

Free at last!!!

Last paper was easier than expected. But anyways, still paranoid thinking about my results and stuff. I’ll be back to college for the orientation week (28th I think..) and school is starting on 5th May.

For now, I just wanna chill and relax…

Have a nice cup of Milo and just lay back and do nothing…


4 Responses to “The One With Me Being Free”

  1. you think i care?

  2. Erm, yes you do cuz if you don’t you won’t leave your comment here… ahahaha…

    Eh eh, I hate to say this but… the blogging world has been quieter without you. Start back your blogging ok? I need to see some bimbo blog also sometimes…

  3. Idoit. call my blog bimbo! very insulting ok~

  4. Haha… no la, it’s not bimbo as in bimbo punya bimbo, u know wat i mean?

    Seriously, get back to blogging.

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