The One With The “Hey, What’s Up With YOU??!”

Track to listen to when viewing this post: City Of Blinding Lights by U2. Why? No particular reason, and also cuz I’m hooked to U2 like the past few days.

What’s up with you now??!??

There’s so many times in the past week or so that I actually wanted to tell or ask some people around me the exact thing as this title post says minus ‘the one with the’. Seriously, for the past few days, even the past few weeks, people have been acting weird around me. I don’t know whether it is related to me or not, but it is a weird feeling having people around you being emotional, being all cold to you and stuff. It’s not a weird thing if that person has a tendency of being like that, but it is out of the norm for the person(s) to be like this.

Some of the rationale and some questions I have in my head in regards to these people:

So what if things don’t go your way?

So what if some things are gone and it’s not gonna come back to you for quite some time?

So what if your privacy and possessions are being invaded?

So what if she flew away and not coming back anytime soon?

So what if I gave a bad impression to you and stuff like that? Who are you to judge me?

So what if things turned sour and it’s affecting you? Must you let it affect others as well?

So what if you had exams? You think you’re the only one in this world with exams?

I wish I could just take these people aside and start to drill the whole ‘It’s-not-the-end-of-the-world-you-moron!” thing into their heads, much like how Owen Hargreaves drilled the superb free kick into Arsenal’s goal.

Hargreaves the Hero. (picture taken from

Really. There’s nothing better I wanna do now. If I could drill the whole thing right into your heads I would. But then again… it’s all a temporary thing, I hope. Time will heal/change/bla bla bla.

But I just hope it won’t take too long for you guys to realize that this is affecting all of your friends around you. Especially me.


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