The One With The Kite Flying Recreation Park

So on a typical Saturday evening, Josh sms-ed me whether or not I want to go to this recreation park in between where we stayed, somewhere between Kepong and Selayang. And so two of us, equipped with our cameras, went to the place at approximately 530-ish to start with our photo hunt.

The results:

I saw this and went “Ooh, nice establishing shot!”. Josh just gave me a weird look, and proceeded. Yes, the effects of studying film studies in UCSI…

The Kites and The Sky.

The Kites and The Sky 2.

Spiderman can fly now…

How about two Spidermans? Can they fly? Of course they can!

Kite flying down, this is one heck of a noisy one, you know those that makes lots of noise and sound when they fly? This is the same kind.

Fly low uncle… fly low…

The uncle flying the noisy kite. He was standing next to the uncle in the picture above, and so we thought that they are competing or something. Then they exchanged kites later on, and we went… ‘Oh, same gang one…”

This is one cute swallow shaped kite. Pity the girlfriend/wife in the background, she had to release from that range, run and stuff…

Some random uncle fixing his kite.

Recreation park signs. Different methods of exercising with the available equipments there.

Edited picture. Kinda resembles a flying aeroplane from a distance…

The lake/ex-mining pool in the park.

The next time I’m going there, I’m gonna bring some rough papers and shaped into paper aeroplanes and toss them around. It travels really far… okay, I’m just reliving my childhood memories.



5 Responses to “The One With The Kite Flying Recreation Park”

  1. hey, thanks so much for linking me 🙂 will link u up soon. too bad just got to know u and i have to leave already! hahaha. nice kites. u should watch ‘the kite runner’!

  2. charlotte Says:

    I’ve been wanting to go thereeeeeeeeeeee!!
    I wanna fly kite and oso take pics.

    When will you be going there again?

  3. charlotte Says:

    eh. wanto go on monday or not?
    wesak holiday 😀

  4. Won’t be around la, away for church camp… sorry lah… u go with Simon la, haha…

  5. charlotte Says:

    not going already. going for a day trip to fraser’s hill instead.
    he told me to fly kite there -_-“

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