The One With The Tag 2(or 3, or 4, argh, can’t remember).

YOU‘re dead wrong… haha, in fact, I love to do tags. Okay, I have not been doing one in awhile, so why not? Anyways, here’s my latest tag:

1. How many months are there until your birthday? 7 months and 15 days away… tsk tsk, so far away…

2. Have you ever had gum stuck in your hair? Nope. But I had bird poop stuck before. Not a good experience…

3. When was the last time you got straight A’s? Never in my life.

4. Where is your brother right now? No brother. No sister. Only child.

5. Is your handwriting large, tiny, or normal? From the days of primary years until now, it’s been tiny all the while. Never huge. Never normal. In direct contrast with my size.

6. Are you currently listening to a song? iTunes is on almost everytime. Song now is City of Blinding Lights by U2.

7. Do you have a cellphone? Nope. I have two. So that when the yellow man can’t follow me in some areas, I’ve got the red man for cover.

8. Do you own any kind of yellow clothing? Nope. Black all the way…

9. What do you hate about the opposite sex? The more you see the less you know.

10. How many piercings do you have? None. Had one before, but now don’t have any.

11.What time is it? 1224pm.

12. What color are your eyes? behind these hazel eyes… but honestly, I don’t know. but my guess is either dark brown or black. like duhh, won’t be green or blue right…

13. How are you today? blurhead…

14. How long does it take for you to shower? depends. late for class/work/appointment, it’s 1 minute. Don’t ask me how. If I’m taking my own sweet time, 5 minutes?

15. Do you wear your seatbelt in the car? Like duhh… safety first.

16. What jewelry do you wear all the time? does my magnetic bracelet thingy count? if yes, it’s yes. If not then no.

17. What would you say if your doc said you were pregnant? …huh? o_0???

18. Do you believe in aliens? Erm… I do last time. But I really don’t know now. I don’t deny their existence I supposed?

19. Any siblings? Nope. Once again, only child. Poor lonely miserable kid…

20. What are you doing tomorrow? service my car. head to campus.

21. Who are you meeting tomorrow? people I’m supposed to meet.

22. What color are your socks? black… white… brown… grey…

23. How long is your hair? wayy longer than a typical guy’s hair.

24. What school do you go to? primary-srk taman ehsan. secondary-smk taman ehsan. college- TAR college&now, UCSI.

25. What are you allergic to? ah lians and ah bengs.

26. Can others make you cry easily? dun think so.

27. Whose house did you last go to? jonathan so’s house. dropped him off after yam cha last night.

28. Where did you get the shirt you’re wearing? bought from Extreme in 1U.

29. Who dresses up the best among your friends? Erm, tough question. But everyone else besides me dresses up pretty decently and nicely.

Ok… so I’m done with the tag.

Am I supposed to tag others? well… here goes:

1) Christopher the Pundian Sound Man

2) Jonathan So the Noob aka One Face Wonder

3) Prakash aka the Hugging/Cuddling King

4) Tiffanie the Nurse to Be.

Ok, now I go layan my U2. Kabutallah Aputallah Pin Pin Pan Pan Puchin Puchin… yeah that’s what I’m thinking in my head… random and weird…


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