The One With “What Have We Become?”

It is Him who gave us life…

Gave us the air we breathe…

Gave us the necessities in life…

Cared for us when we are down…

Took us out from nothing, from our unworthy selfs into existence and showered us with love and joy…

But what have we become?

Unfortunately, the paradigm of our society now is to be sub-consciously putting things ahead of God himself. We don’t want to allow things to be this way, but we submitted to it anyhow because of other goals and purposes in life, where in fact we only have one goal in life, and that is the goal that He has set for us, not the ones we set for ourselves…

Please take a look at this skit done by this group:

Take a moment out of your schedule and have a look at this video. Really, it only takes a few minutes (depending on your connection speed, but it shouldn’t take long).

And ask yourselves this very question… “What Have We Become?”

The joy that we can all rely on is that God, as portrayed in the skit, never left us amidst all of our problems and obstacles in life. He alone draws us back to Him, and He would take every amount of pain in order to free us in the end.

God, you’re simply amazing.


3 Responses to “The One With “What Have We Become?””

  1. And that’s the bottom line, cuz The Noob says so…

  2. hey hey! u added me in Facebook so I’m assuming u know me! heehee! yupz, i love that video too! it’s really moving 🙂 We serve an awesome God!

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