The One With The Satay Kajang&Putrajaya Trip

…and so the four of us, namely Boon Chin, Carmen, Sarah and myself gathered together some two weeks ago to celebrate our victory over our exams. So off we go to Kajang to have our scrumptious satay kajang for our dinner.

The BBF&BGF gang… (BBF= Best Boy Friend, BGF= Best Girl Friend… don’t ask me questions regarding those. Just accept it as it is). And don’t you think this picture looks like those typical college brochure picture?

Haji Samuri Sate Kajang. It’s everywhere now, but nothing beats eating it in Kajang itself.

Wacky Sarah.

Carmen, with the zoom effect.

Mr Boon Boon aka Boon Chin. See how ‘gaya’ he is, drinking Milo also can pose…

Delicious satay, ketupat, and the peanut sauce…

Our original plan was to go up to the Ampang/Cheras Make Look Out Point, however, due to some indecisiveness and some miscommunication, we were not able to stick to our original plan, so plan B came along, which we all agreed almost instantly… to Putrajaya!

One of the view shots of Alamanda Putrajaya.

Yes… the first place we headed to is a mall. Sticking true to our Malaysian culture, where we have to visit shopping malls every time we go out. But it’s fun though, and we chilled there for awhile, while some of us had to visit the washroom for some ‘bombing’ action… no rewards for guessing what caused it.

Random shot of the mall.

And I managed to have this snapped for me:

No need to draw comparisons. I think it looks like me too, or I look like KungFu Panda. Some Dreamworks employee must have seen me or my picture before and go “Hmm, we could use that…”

And after Alamanda, we headed to the Putrajaya Bridge, one of them, could not remember which one. Took some nice pictures, and here’s some of it which I like:

The Multimedia Super Corridor aka MSC…

The Bridge.

Playing with my camera’s shutter speed…

The Moon and The Shine.

Alright, that’s about it. Where should we go next time, my BBF and BGFs? And yeah, many thanks to Sarah for your Touch N Go Card. It’s still with me by the way…



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