The One With The Food Indulgence Rendezvous (Part 1)

[This is a Part 1 of a 3 part series. WARNING: Lots of photos ahead, thread with caution]

Soundtrack: ‘Beautiful Day’ by U2

Date: 22nd April 2008

“The following took place at around 0845 to 0920

…and our plan took full steam. Or is it? And I thought I would be late because I slept in kinda late the day before, as a result I woke up late, considering I would have to spend an hour driving to college. I reached at around 845am, at our designated meeting point (Esso Station in front of UCSI). Only Kelvin and Nally were there, and it suddenly kicked into my brain… Malaysian timing. Yes folks, admit it, we Malaysians will always delay things by half an hour, or somewhere within that timeframe.

Kelvin&Nally, the masterminds behind the FIR…

Rosak… which means ‘broken’ in Malay, is the direct representation of our Malaysian timing.

And some time later, the rest of the FIR crew gathered and were ready to go, namely the Mah siblings (Jonathan&JoJo), Leslie, Henry, Esther, Janice and Su Ann (Li Anne joined later, in Part 2). I overheard that Josephine and Wei Way had to pull out last minute, well… too bad for both parties.

And off we go to… Taman OUG for Mee Babi (aka Pork Noodles)

“The following took place between 0920 to 1000

And so we reached Taman OUG, and thankfully everyone was ok. Nally, if you’re reading this… please put on your car signal wherever you want to turn. Both Jon and myself narrowly escaped death, and in my car, myself, Leslie and Henry would have been squished by a brick loaded lorry if it’s not for my immaculate driving skills.

The Pork Noodle place is situated deep inside some housing area, and as usual, it is quite a mess driving around it, finding parking and stuff. But the reward was too good to pass, and with our endurance and perseverance we managed to get ourselves to the particular stall.

Mee Babi aka Pork Noodle. Nice…

The soup, with all the pig innards. Even nicer…

Esther and Nally. Both pointing to their bowl of noodles, saying, “One is not enough!”

And this is Su Ann saying, “Yes, one bowl is indeed not enough…”

This is Henry. Look at how he enjoys every strand of the noodles, complemented well with the pork… Just look at his face as he goes “Mmm, mmm, mmm…”

Nally drinking every drop of the soup. Maggi should hire you for their ads… oh wait, this is non-halal. Darn…

Leslie going “Ho Chiak!”, meaning ‘Very tasty’ in Hokkien.

“The following took place at around 1000 to 1030

Cam-whoring time. Fellowship time. Time-required-for-all-the-food-to-go-down-properly time. Whatever you call it.

Kelvin with his priceless expression. A cam-whoring king himself.

Janice&JoJo, not sure about Janice, but JoJo sure is another cam-whoring queen…

Group photo. It was supposed to be a ‘freeze’ picture by the way…

[End of Part 1. Part 2 will resume… whenever I want]


3 Responses to “The One With The Food Indulgence Rendezvous (Part 1)”

  1. lolz…nice way of writing it…yes…the expression was priceless…i don’t do that for any1…hahaa

  2. yes yes. the queen is here..

    and its called queen of self-potraiting.more sophisticated.=p

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