I’ve got Tagged…

And I’ve just realized it a few minutes ago when I was browsing through my own blog’s post’s comments. And Phoebe had TAGGED ME (if you’re reading this Phoebe, well, thank you so much…). I don’t really have to be bothered or care about it, but since it’s a ridiculously fast growing annoying game created by some blogger out there for the world of bloggers (Blogdom, as how Phoebe mentioned it), I thought I might as well just give it a go and waste my time while waiting for the Manchester United game against West Ham later tonight (if you’re a MU fan, visit manutdfanatic.wordpress.com. Just a lil something me and my guys did).

The rules are: Once you’ve been tagged, you write a blog with 10 weird random things, facts, or habits about yourself.
At the end you choose 5 people to be tagged, and list their names.
Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’, and tell them to read your latest blog.

So I was thinking of some weird and random things about myself, some funny, unique or embarrassing things that I would now spill out for the whole Blogdom to know and probably have a good laugh about it. I was reading Phoebe’s blog (http://pockettissues.blogspot.com/) for inspiration, and I came across something about a game of tag, something about chasing people around for fun and tagging people to be the ‘IT’ person or the person who’s supposed to go around tagging others. I didn’t really played the game before, but I’ve played something similar to it. It’s called Pepsi Cola. And it goes like this: Everyone space out, have some gap from where you’re standing with one another, and goes in turns, whether clock-wise or anti clock-wise, where the objective of the game is to use only your sole to hack off  other’s sole. And I mean HACK. Kicking the light out of your friend’s sole. And amazingly, I’m quite good at that game, of course my friend Joshua would not agree to it, he says and thinks that he’s the best of the lot. Yeah, that’s about the game…now, back to being tagged…

So I’ve been tagged. And now I shall abide by the nonsense rules and absolutely ridiculous means of exposing one’s personal and dark secrets to all who reads your blog.

1) I’ve this weird thing going on, where I will look up to my ceiling when I’m on my bed, and my ceiling has like this 9 squares, 3X3 kind of shape, something like a tic-tac-toe kinda shape. And I would think of words to fit in the nine squares, like Spiderman or LuckyDraw. Basically any word which consists of nine letters. I was 10 then.

2) I like leaving my house’s kitchen lights on. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I’m too afraid of the dark or being afraid of staring at some empty dark space.  Mainly it was because of a traumatic experience of watching a scary horror flick name ‘The It’. About this clown who’s a ghost (or a monster) and has this thing for appearing in the dark. I still leave the lights on now sometimes, when I feel like wasting electricity.

3) I love black color. I love all things black. I love my t-shirts black, my pants black, my house black, guitar black, everything black, black, black. But because of the image that the color black represents now (sex maniac, Emo-rock, Black Metal, dirty drains…), I opened up myself to other colors in my life. I think I like red too…

4) I love drinking coffee and tea, as well as Coke, but I’m affected by the effects of caffeine contained in it. In short, I love coffee and all things with caffeine in it but I can’t fight the effects of caffeine (temporary blurness, insomnia effects, hallucination).

5) And I think that people who drink de-caffeinated coffee or tea are sissys. Yay I skipped number 5. Haha I’m cheating so what? But some people who have allergies against caffeine, yeah they have no choice but to drink de-caff. Otherwise, if not, I think they are just faking it. If you wanna drink coffee, be prepared for the caffeine effects of it!

6) Numbers. I like the number 5. I think it’s because the number 5 is like the middle number of all integers, from 0 to 9. I always see my life in balance (not shown through my size though). Therefore, I like number 5. It also represents my perception of always being the middle and calm power in all situations, don’t be too powerful or you’ll get burned, and don’t get too weak or else you’ll get your head chopped!

7) I’m straight. I’m not gay.

8) I like cartoons and animes. As we grow older in life, we gain some, we lose some. We gain of course, more experience, more knowledge, and more weight. But we lose things like energy, memory-power and creativity in the process. Somehow by engaging your mind through all the unachievable feats only shown or portrayed through animations, it allows you to enhance your mind and mental sharpness and stay in tune with your creative cells in your brain. Man……..I can’t believe I’ve just said that Nah, it’s all rubbish. But I really like cartoons. Makes me feel young…

9) I hate inconsiderate drivers, but who doesn’t? Man, I really wished that somehow God, won’t strike a thunder and kill them off straight or anything, but somehow in His ways, get those people to realise how stupid and ridiculous their acts are. Especially those who thinks they own the whole road to themselves. And yeah, I hate taxi drivers too. They are of the same kin.

10) And finally, I really really love music. It’s so obvious to some. I’ll be using my fingers to tap to a drumbeat of a song while listening to the radio or CD while driving, or when I’m not holding or doing anything with my left hand, I would imagine-practice playing scales or some guitar riffs. The things that I do which is related to music are endless. I think this would be my priority order in my life, if it really could be kept in order. The first three are the untouchables, (God, parents and wife/family), then it’s down to my friends, and Music. Education, finances, stuff like that goes after these things.

So there you have it. As the power of tagging others, as bestowed by Phoebe to me, I shall now ‘tag’…:

1) Joshua

2) Amanda

3) Prakash

4) Amelia

5) David

You’ve been Tagged. You’re now ‘IT’. Spread the useless and time-wasting lil tagging game around, would ya? Peace…


2 Responses to “I’ve got Tagged…”

  1. ~*MaNda*~ Says:

    Aaghhh,now i ve to start tagging and i’m lazy for it.But for ur sake,I’ll do it:)

  2. No one ask you to tag…but if you got free time in ur spare time, and if you feel like u got nothing to do, then you may indulge yourself into this meaningless and probably the most disappointing game I’ve ever encountered in my life.

    Just dun tag me back…

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