What Next?

There are a few things that I’ve realized about myself and this blog. It surprises me that it has 1000 views in such a short space of time. And I’ve been noticing all the while that the readers of my pathetic and typical-ish blog are only a handful. I check my blog quite frequent, but as far as I know of, your own views to your blog does not count. So I wonder how did this blog actually get to that number of views…

Other things that I’ve realized is that:

1) I have a fond liking for ‘The Cardigans’ now. Very nice and soothing music.

2) I’m immune to caffeine now. I downed three cups of coffee last night and I can still sleep. This happened a few nights before as well.

3) I like drinking my hot beverages warm. I don’t like it scalding hot, piping hot, I like it warm. Meaning, I would be able to drink it anytime at any amount as long as my mouth can hold it.

I’ve always tried to see what others did for their own blog, and if it’s interesting, I’ll incorporate the element to my own blog. But I realize that there are some things that I just can’t do it well. Like, I can’t do jokes. Maybe telling a joke is not my thing, I’ll just leave it to others like Prakash, Joshua, Joash and the likes. Another thing is, I can’t do some sort of a life documentary thing in my blog as what Mr. Kenny Sia did to his own. Maybe the reason for it is because of my own life, which is so pathetic and so uninteresting, boring and stagnant.

Something strikes me; how do you whether your blog is well-received? One, there’s a lot of comments left by people who read it. Two, you’ll realize that the number of readers will keep increasing. And three, you get a lot of “Why are you not updating your blog?” messages. I have none of those three. OMG! Does that mean my blog is actually a lame and boring blog, that no one actually cared about it’s existence? Or maybe some felt like they have to read it&drop comments because the person wants to ‘give face’?

Haha…what next? I’ve lost some motivation to blog. I’m not following in the footsteps of my friend, Joshua, to stop blogging half way through, only to come back in with a bang in a new Blogspot blog. I’m thinking of not blogging at all. Maybe it’s the lack of creative things to blurt out in my posts. But if there’s no one reading it, WHAT FOR?

Sigh…I shouldn’t bother actually. It is out of my love and passion for writing of which the reason why this blog stands today. Well, yeah maybe peer pressure as well. So to those reading this now, I thank you for reading my blog. It is not the most exciting of blogs, it is definitely not the funniest or close to funny of blogs, and definitely not the blog where you can see photos of myself taking my own picture with my friends with my camera held high, and my eyes would look up to the camera and I would put on a face expression similar to an alien, or putting peace signs all over my face whenever I pose for a photo= typical picture shot of a girl nowadays.

Will be heading up to Penang tomorrow to enjoy and unwind. And hopefully once I’m back, I can finally know what kind of audience that I’m actually addressing to in my own blog. And once again I thank you for reading this.


4 Responses to “What Next?”

  1. dude, you have the flair for writing la…so better keep it up and yes do it for yourself man…i have some friends who just write one liners for everyday and they still get loads of hits…Blogging is just being yourself yeah…well, you take care and make sure you get me my Boys Dont Cry ok….

  2. Yes, I agree, blogging is never about pleasing others, unless you’re doing it to make money. I think that you have done so well in bringing up your blog from day 1, it blows my first effort out of the water. The worst thing to do when blogging is to compare it with other blogs.

  3. jonathanso Says:

    Blogging is all about syok sendiri. Its your moment.

  4. Kenny Sia, of kennysia.com, are having a somewhat, simliar problem as well. For him, it is the unusual and pretentious method of blogging to make everyone feel happy, trying to please everybody, with minimal offences. Quite a lot of his readers are angry with the statement, whilst some remain optimistic and kept telling Kenny to write as he pleases.
    I really don’t know who am I addressing to in my blog here. What kind of things to expect from people, and what are people’s responses to my writings. I try my best to not to compare my blog with other blogs. But somehow, that feeling of wanting to please everyone will resurface in my head.
    Sigh…I wonder will I ever blog again?
    Nah just kidding…I will blog again, just waiting for the right time and the right materials to blog…

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