Where Is The Love?

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Well, how many times have we heard the word ‘love‘ in our lives? A study conducted by a group of researchers and students compiled and counted the number of the word ‘love‘ that an average person hears in a week. The results are as follows; an average college or high school girl would hear 40% more counts on the word ‘love‘ compared to their counterparts; an average working adult, regardless of the gender would hear the word but not from another person’s mouth but through other medias, and things like that. A person approaching their 40’s or 50’s mark would have heard 50% less times of the word ‘love‘ from their spouses, compared to when they got married in the first place. Yeah they can do all sorts of tests and studies on ‘love‘ and how many times an average person hears the word ‘love‘, but the amazing thing is, why is everyone having a hard time spreading love now compared to previous times? A modern society now would have said the word ‘love‘ 65% lesser than a society 20 years ago.

I wonder what has gotten into our heads and into our minds. I wonder what went wrong. It seems that   love does not exists now, all covered up by hideous intentions and war-minded politics, unmoved by the needs and the suffering people left hollow without love. Or otherwise, love can be found everywhere now, but all in the wrong places and distorted means. I once asked my friend about what is love to him, and the conversation goes something like this:

Me: Hey what is love to you?

Friend: Well, first of, love can be divided into many types…

Me:..go on…

Friend: The way I see love is that, as long as you have someone love you then can already.

Me: (annoyed look). Excuse me?

Friend: True what, if you have a girl who love you or attracted to you, that’s love lah.

Me: How can you say that’s love?

Friend: If the girl is pretty, then more love lah. If the girl is ugly then not to say no love, but less love lor…

Me: What about essentials like, self-sacrificing? Care, wanting to help a person

Friend: Aiya, those things are not for now already, it’s the PAST.

The PAST?! Since when the essence of LOVE had become a thing of the PAST?! And replacing it now is something as shallow as…determining love through a girl’s/guy’s looks? Or, half-heartedly treating someone, thinking “it’s ok if i don’t give my all, things will get better by itself”? It seems to me that sometimes it’s unfair that love has been diluted and washed down. Is there an absolute reason why love has become like this?

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I’m not ready to see this world being consumed by it’s lack of love. As love continues to lose it’s meaning, more people are getting depressed and things like that. Don’t let love by, preserve the meaning and it’s everlasting power. Trust in love, build your live around it. Go on a personal crusade to make someone feel loved, or yet, make yourself feel loved.

I came across this mini game by Miniclip.com, it’s about a pair of cupids shooting down hearts, dropping them on lonely ‘people’ walking by. I hope I have the power to do the same to people around the world, minus the nudity and wings. I like the bow though…

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Enjoy the game. Live life to love yourself and others.

Games at Miniclip.com - Love's Arrow
Love’s Arrow

Take aim with Cupids arrow and shoot down the lonely hearts club.

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16 Responses to “Where Is The Love?”

  1. ~*MaNda*~ Says:

    U’ve a fren who is so humourous.LOL

  2. Huh? Amanda wat r u talking abt?

  3. i think she meant the conversation with ur fren….haha..

  4. haha…yeah sorry, made myself seemed like a fool…

    Somehow no one commented on the MAIN topic, instead it’s my friend who gets the spotlight. Astonishing…

  5. ~*MaNda*~ Says:

    Smart jess*wink*

  6. ~*MaNda*~ Says:

    Yup,i meant the conversation with ure fren.SMART JESS*wink*

  7. …dun have to rub it in right? Anyway, can anyone respond to the topic and not the conversation? That includes you amanda

  8. Lam:HaHaHa… But seriously, i think that was an interesting entry. Just that I find ur fren kinda childish [love-wise]^.^.Tats y din comment..shhh…Dun tell him/her..Hopefully not many ppl would think like tat =P
    Manda: woohoo..Thanksss….i like ur capitalized ‘smart’ ^.^

  9. Haha, my friend really did say that. I was shocked to hear it at first…well, hopefully we can banish these thinkings from all of us. Actually I think my friend has some valid points in what he said, just that when it comes out his mouth (or in words actually…it was a copy and paste from MSN) he said in such a direct way. It is true that some of us value relationships in the way of how a person looks like. Some are being too evasive and too defensive when it comes to looks, and in order to make everyone feel happy, they say “looks does not matter, all I care about is the heart, personality…yada yada yada”. But in fact it plays a role for some of us to actually look at a person’s outward appearance first thing before establishing a relationship.

    To Amanda, this goes out to you. No matter what a pair of couples looks like, their child wont be ugly. Your equation or calculation is so wrong. Haha…(check out her blog [Amanda The Roaring Laughter Queen] to see what I meant…)

  10. ~*MaNda*~ Says:

    LAM,that was what my grandpa said ok.I think he just applied to much on his maths!Give him a break la,Yday when i was chatting with a fren.We talked bout this topic too.The funniest thing he said was as long as u’re pretty,many guys will love u and if u’re out of shape n ugly,then the guys will go far far.I was like…….TOTALLY SPEECHLESS.If Jeremy says that too me,he’ll be getting real hard smack on his butt.For me LOVE always relates to COMMITMENT.

    JESS,welcome.U’re really smart.I’m just saying a fact.NOT trying to pull ur legs.HAHAHA

  11. haha…why do we encounter such people in our lives? Has love really became so distorted and out of it’s original meaning?

    They have a point too you know, I mean, in a very childish and of course, shallow way of thinking. To me love is about commitment plus other things as well. Things like sacrifice, putting ahead others than yourself, though many would actually say that it’s a disadvantage these days if you do so. Making sure they get cared for, making sure everything is alright, to me, that’s ALL love. Not looks and physical attraction, though it plays a minimal part. That’s what LUST is.

    I’m sure Jeremy won’t say that to you. Just make sure he don’t burp or fart too much…haha…

  12. ~*MaNda*~ Says:

    Nola,i promised he will learn to carry himself well.My prince~TADAAAAAA!haha.syok sendiri:P

  13. Haha, as long as you say so, as long as you say so…

    For u very simple…Love=Naik miang

  14. ~*MaNda*~ Says:


  15. Ur mum tell me u dun reali know about love,but u wrote a topic talking about love…So,who is telling me the truth???N ytd u tell me dat LOVE=sincere,but i think u dun reali mean it though…

  16. Err, seems like i stepped on somebody’s toes…

    Relax, it’s just a view on LOVE.

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