The One With The Letter Asking For More Money Pt.2

To know full story CLICK HERE. (which means you have not been keeping tab… naughty you…)

Anyways… after scaring myself and being overly panic with this whole I’m-gonna-sue-your-arses-cuz-I-can’t-claim-enough-money-from-the-insurance-company-therefore-I’m-suing-you-for-10 grand-now… I pulled myself together to go to the car repair workshop, in a bid to at least get some documentations and stuff. And I had everything in my head all planned out, I planned to ask my friends who are studying law to see if there’s anything I could do, planned to threaten the ones who sued me in case I can’t do anything about it, planned to run away to somewhere far far away and away from any civilization…

And so before all that commences, I was at the workshop’s office meeting the boss and owner of the place.

I showed him the letter.

And he threw it on his table and said… and I quote (translated to English from Cantonese) “Aiyah! Don’t have to care lah! This is so stupid! If they want to sue then sue la they won’t win!”.

And I’m a happier man after that…

So… CASE CLOSED and happy suing you sorry, sad and miserable people.

Gotta go, have not prepare myself for Christmas dinner yet…


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