The One With The Customary New Year Post

Tragedies and misfortunes,

Joys and happiness,

Troubled souls and anxieties,

Breakthroughs and revelations,

Loneliness and despairs,

Hopes and comforts,

Nightmares and thunderstorms,

Oreo cookies and hot chocolates,

As we bid adieu and farewell to year 2007, let us remember that in all things, good or bad, there is a reason behind it all. Did the year turn out well enough for you?

In all the pains and sorrows I had to endure throughout the year, there was a silver lining, a blessing in disguise that I could see in every bit of the trials that God has put me through. And my target for 2008 is to learn from those mistakes and as Joshua’s blog’s title says, KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

Because in the end, ‘Happiness Is Not A Destination. It is A Method Of Life’.

Persevere if you have any troubles in your life, look at the goods in life. We all struggled and still struggles hard for it, but it is these struggles that brings us closer to happiness.

Happy New Year everyone. 2008 will be different for you if you decide to make it different. Cheers!


One Response to “The One With The Customary New Year Post”

  1. use my title, link at least la.. haha..

    to the new year, cheers!

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