The One With The Smashing Pumpkin Video

Was Youtube surfing as usual… and I bumped into this awesome video, by The Smashing Pumpkins.

Gothic/’artistic’ video : Ava Adore 

It brings back memories from the past, when I was a little kid. Of how I used to be so obsessed with this song. It’s called Ava Adore, and the song is just so addictive.

Anyways, after some disbanding and regrouping in the past, the group is still together now, but minus the likes of the guitarist, James Iha, and the bassist,  D’arcy Wretzk (wicked name!). Sigh… miss the band so much…


Anyways, here’s to The ORIGINAL Smashing Pumpkins, hope they will regroup with the original line up again.


And oh by the way, now I know why Lord Voldermort from the Harry Potter series looks so darn familiar…


This is the vocalist of the group, Billy Corgan. Hmm… so now we know where JK Rowling got her inspiration for Lord Voldemort from…



One Response to “The One With The Smashing Pumpkin Video”

  1. i rmber this video and i love it back then too.

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