The One With The Comic

This is what we do with a Mac when we are bored… or at least I do…





Bah… very very bored… and yeah, Merry Christmas to all!


3 Responses to “The One With The Comic”

  1. hey lam, pam here, u know.. pamela from canaan church. :p just bumped into your blog, and this comic is nice, cute, funny. can’t imagine it, but surely it broke out the laughter in me.

  2. hey pam! thanks for dropping by this page! support this page more, cuz no one reads it, haha… but thanks anyway!

    and btw, the comic is something that I’ve decided to do after I wake up from my afternoon nap, after seeing some toys on my table… haha… glad you liked it!

  3. k.. sure do, 😉

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