The One Where Solksjaer Says Goodbye

Yep, it’s official… kinda guess it coming 2 seasons ago when he ruptured his knee ligaments then and had to be out of action for a year last time.

Dubbed as the ‘buy of the century’, alongside another Manchester United great, Peter Schmeichel, it costs MU only a mere 1.5 million pounds to acquire Solksjaer services from Molde FK of the Norwegian Premier League in 1994.

A predator in front of the opponent’s goalpost, his flawless and almost unbelievable skills, and of course, his ‘babyface’ face, combined altogether to form a goal scoring machine for MU’s frontline. Of course, he’s a striker, and a winger too.
He’s also a super substitute as well, when he comes on the play, somehow he’ll be the one who will dictate the tempo and play for MU’s front, that’s how great his style of play and flair is. Who can forget his goal which won MU it’s Champions League title during the 1998/1999 season, completing their ever-famous and exclusive Treble season.

However, he’ll be staying on as a part of MU’s coaching staff. So, all is not lost… really hope he can work with new signings like Anderson and Nani, as well as with Wayne Rooney.

Okay click HERE to know more about this great footballing legend.

But still… he will be missed deeply by all MU fans around the world, thank you for providing the team with your goals, your efforts and your flawless skills… Goodbye and salutes to the Babyface Assassin known as OLE GUNNAR SOLKSJAER!








O gosh, I feel so sick now… man, and oh yeah I just threw up just now as well… sigh… 



9 Responses to “The One Where Solksjaer Says Goodbye”

  1. He’s like my hero. Sniff.

    My fav player. Even beats Giggs in terms of fav.

    But I’m proud that he had a good comeback though short.
    He never fails to perform Solksjaer.

    Owh well…

  2. The Solskjaer song (sung to “You are my Sunshine”):

    You are my Solskjaer, my Ole Solskjaer.
    You make me happy when skies are gray.
    Alan Shearer may be dearer,
    But please don’t take my Solskjaer away!

  3. I remember that CL night in 99’… i actually cried…yes… Solskjaer made me cry…

  4. To Chris: Oh well, I guess every football legend has it’s day to call it quits… but he’ll still be around to inspire other players in MU, so that’ll be some sort of a relieve I guess… and nice song btw

    To Melia: Wow, you actually cried?!? Haha… I was watching it with my dad then, and he was so adamant that Bayern would win. I never gave up hope… but I was trusting for the likes of Sheringham to do the magic then… but Solksjaer finished it up. That was the best MU game ever… besides the 6-1 thumping of As Roma last season’s CL

  5. Amelia: I almost cried too!! lol! I was reading all these tributes to him and watching them videos of his comeback… it gave me goosebumps.
    And u’re right, he never fails to perform. He’s always a threat and u know if he gets even a half-chance he’ll tuck it away. Now that’s a deadly striker right there…

    And Lam, Sheringham DID work his magic. He scored one and created the second. Actually, i think his role in the treble was never fully appreciated. In the FA Cup final against Newcastle, he was awesome too. He created one and scored another again. Ole and Teddy are both true United legends.

  6. ian, you should stop crying!! lol

  7. *sob* but i can’t help it… *sob*

  8. […] One Where Pavarotti Says Goodbye… …for good. He’s not retiring like Solksjaer did, but Luciano Pavarotti, one of the greatest and perhaps the most successful opera performer […]

  9. I like manchester united but I love solksjaer much bigger

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