What Do You Think?

Question: If a guy marries a porn star. Is he considered to be the luckiest man on earth, or the unluckiest man on earth?

*This is just a random question which popped in my head. I dunno why, dunno how this question could somehow materialize in my mind…

So, what do YOU think?


41 Responses to “What Do You Think?”

  1. Well depends on the girl. If she like repents and makes sure she is faithful to him only from their marriage on I guess he could be the luckiest guy alive. But then it also depends on whether he can live with his wife’s infamy haha. But think about it, the wife would be very experienced “in bed” haha. No problems knowing how to please him

  2. ~*MaNda*~ Says:

    In my opinion,is a big NONO even there’s chemistry!

  3. Who wouldn’t want to be with a hot girl? Wouldn’t the fact that people know how hot (with or without clothes) you wife is make you even more proud?

    Something to ponder eh…

  4. watch ‘Girl Next Door’

  5. Girl Next Door is niiiice.
    Elisha Cuthbert is damn hot.

    But not all pornstars are hot. And being a pornstar doesn’t necessarily mean she’s great in bed either. What you see may be all lies.

    How disappointing though… You marry a pornstar, then you find out she’s bad in bed. hahahahahaha…

  6. Marcus: But having someone that’s ‘experienced’ in bed as a pro, against a massive CON, which is she is a pornstar, and she had slept and had sex with a lot of men previously. Can you seriously live with tat?

    Manda: Is a big No No huh? But, what happens if u have a fren who goes thru the same things? Would u reject him/her as a fren, or not be biased at all?

    Joshua: Im sure getting a hot chick (which u already have) sure looks good to others, especially a pornstar. But wouldn’t u be bothered by the fact that the hot girl ur holding in ur arms now had been in bed with several other men previously?

    Jonathan: Lemme watch la. Is it in ur comp or HD? Gimme la…

    Petrina: Haha, good one… yeah, it would be SO SO SO disappointing when u get a pornstar (for the sole reason of having a wife for sex, which I believe many would say that’s THE ULTIMATE goal of getting married), and turns out that she is BAD in bed… haha…

  7. hahaha..i wouldn mind being with a pornstar personally…i think if the pornstar actually chooses to be with you, its definately *something* rite? haha… and in my honest opinion, being with pornstars could actually widen ur experience, rite? lol…

  8. jonathanso Says:

    or be inferior…lol

  9. Well its the same really with people whom you find out aren’t virgins. Just because they’re a pornstar, you know definitely that they aren’t but then again like I said. They deserve a second chance and if they repent fully, you have that extra. So, thats not really a massive con. Plus we’re all fallen people anyways so we shouldn’t judge a person by their history only.

  10. Now am wondering what was on Lam’s mind when he was thinking of that question? Hmmmmm…

  11. Jesca: Well, your point is a solid one. I mean, who wouldn’t want a pornstar, someone with good ‘experience’ in bed, one with looks (not all pornstar though), and one with a killer body to be your partner? But then, it’s the question of really doing it and going thru it. Sure it’s easy to say, but it’s hard to do. You would have to face the fact that your partner WAS a pornstar over and over again. What’s your verdict then?

    Jonathan: You and your one-liners…

    Marcus: Refer to the Jesca reply…

    Prakash: Read the post first la… if I had something nasty on mu mind I will definitely tell it out, but then again, read the post first la…

  12. ~*MaNda*~ Says:

    Who cares?! Unless is my real close buddy,then i’ll take initiative to brainwash him! *evil grinz*

    unless, u wanna just have her for one night!


  13. OMG Amanda is EVIL I TELL YOU… EVIL!!! Well thats the thing, to me personally I won’t choose someone solely based on their looks and to a certain extent I will overlook that person’s past. Remember the story of Jesus when the pharisees brought a woman who was caught in adultery? What did he say? “Let he who has no sin, cast the first stone” then he said to the woman “go and sin no more” proving that it still can happen. That is my verdict 😀

  14. jonathanso Says:

    Now I know what kind of stuff I should post in my blog…

  15. wow.. so many many comments… haha, yea.. jon.. i know wat to post in my blog next.. hahaha… for me.. well, tht guy is the luckiest man on earth if he really finds true love in that porn star. you know like many guys and gals would say tht they are the luckiest guy/gal in the world when they’ve found true love. furthermore, if he love her so much, he wouldn’t mind about her being a porn star i guess. Love is blind, some would say…

  16. ~*MaNda*~ Says:

    WOW, SO HOLY MR.MARCUS! HAHA..I’m evil, stay away! HAHA..

  17. Haha no more murni sessions with you ad lor like that haha

  18. all i need in this situation would be….haha…assurance….
    i guess tats wat most gals would want if she is with a superrrblyy hawwttt guy….hahaha…

  19. Manda: You ah… one night stands… but I think you represent the other half of the population, where such so-called ‘immoral’ people are not accepted by them…

    Marcus: And Marcus (most of us as well) represents the other half, in which things are different from what’s described in Manda’s reply. The more ‘understanding’ group I supposed? But it’s true on what Marcus said about Jesus and the prostitute story. No sins are bigger or smaller than another. All sins are equal. If you repent from your sins, then you’re forgiven, as simple as that.

    Jonathan: Yes Jon, you should post such controversial questions in your blog…

    Kimberly: Yeah, I agree with you, love is indeed blind at times. And I agree with you on your take on true love. If somehow you found your true love in the shape of a pornstar, and she/he repented of her sinful past, then… why not right?

    Manda: No la you’re not evil Manda, just naughty…

    Marcus: The Manda here is Amanda Ng, not Amanda Quah la…

    Jesca: Yeah the number one thing that girls look for actually. Assurance. I guess it’s all the same when it comes to prized possessions, like cars, lap tops or stuff like that, even family.

  20. Hey, pornstar or no pornstar, most girls you would get nowadays would have slept with their ex(s) anyway, so what difference does it make? Its just a matter of whether you’re ‘official’ pornstar or not

  21. Yeah true, its so sad to see that supposedly “pure and innocent” Malaysians as our high school teachers always used to tell us (load of bull crap IMO) are not that pure and innocent after all… Then again, its good to try to good and upright all the time. Hey, failing is not an issue. But staying there and not striving is I guess…

  22. ~*MaNda*~ Says:

    wat the heck josh is talking!!! DISAGREE!!!



    as my opinion, nono to PORNSTAR!

  23. (To Amanda)

    You might be surprised by how many Christian girls are not virgins anymore. And even if they do tell you that they are, its still their word. They could be not telling the truth because of shame/already insaf.

    Don’t be so naive. This world is not as wonderful as you would like to believe, thats why it needs Jesus.

  24. (To elaborate on my point)

    The whole point of whether we want a pornstar or not is because they would have shown their body to the whole world and/or had sex with many people.

    Isn’t it the same if you find out that your partner is promiscuous before you? He/She doesn’t need to be a full fledge pornstar to do all of that.

    I’m more concern on – what if I was with one and I didn’t know it… *dhum dhum dhum dhum*

  25. ~*MaNda*~ Says:


  26. LAM:Well, Lam I have read the question la….Hmmm, did you intend this is to be a funny question or random that has generated such comments which I am really overwhelmed..but it boils down to the fact of you knowing someone truly and know the person for he/she is cuz that might just change her for being a pornstar…

    Joshua: I totally agree with you on that as these many church that I know of has lost thier “FLOWER” as a symbol of love to the guys that they dearly love…and then they ask ” HUH so I no more virgin is it?” and I am like “DUH !”

    Manda: Hmmmm, at times you really really really need to know truth and fiction yeah…cuz that really helps and one more thing next time you go shopping tell me la, I oso wanna join mega sale…hehehehehe and no girls are CHEEKY they want to be love and as an act love or I would say “being NAIVE” they loose their FLOWERS that means their VIRGINITY !!!!!

  27. hey lam, chris here.. you visited my blog..and i did the same…and this question is intriguing.

    my opinion… it is all down to the individual – can they live with the fact that their partner was/is a pornstar.

    I actually know a girl who is dating a stripper (only in Canada ey!). And they are very happy together; planning to get married soon.

    So, like all else in this world, it is what we see through our eyes that matters the most personally. If I look at a pornstar and I see a big, flashy neon sign of “SLUT” then my thoughts are almost carved in stone. It would be hard to change that.

    And on the topics about Malaysian girls and virginity: let’s just say that the sitcom “FRIENDS” have caused more damage in that area than any other show.

  28. ~*MaNda*~ Says:

    Ohhh…prakash & josh ! i still got my flower.muahahahhahahahaha..i like the term flower! i feel girls should control emo :)then guy can’t take control! but if sometimes, if the guy is very annoying and desperate for sex. then he shouldn’t be the man who deserve u 🙂

  29. I think girls who lose their virginity weren’t purposely being cheeky or whatever… But at times when you’re caught up in the moment, you tend to NOT think.
    Which is why people only regret the next morning. Cause only then it dawns upon them of what they’ve just done.

    Losing your virginity is just like committing any other sin.(with more emotional turmoil.) So i don’t think girls with popped cherries should be viewed any differently.

    Cause where do you draw the line then? Are people who have made out better or less sinful than those who had oral sex? Are those who had oral better than those who went all the way?

    How do you judge?

    Answer : You don’t. Or at least try not to.

    AND back to the topic of marrying a pornstar,
    The only sucky thing would be that men all over the world are still viewing her on the net (and wanking). That’s quite a disturbing thought.

  30. Nah if you accepted her as a “former” pornstar, those kinds of issues would be past you already I would think lol

  31. yea..agree with marcus and petrina..well said….hahaha…=)

  32. Wow! U guys seriously love this post! It’s either the topic is a very debatable topic, or you guys just love pornstars. I have ntg to say really, thank you all for your comments.

    Joshua: Well, with the world all screwed up like now, I won’t be surprised if every girl I meet has popped their cherry…

    Marcus: Yeah man, all those crap…

    Manda: This world is not perfect. You and I, and everyone else is not perfect. The ‘naive’ thoughts you have, or so-called innocence, are not wrong, if only this world is not so wrong and all. Yeah, it’s unacceptable… if this world is perfect, and everyone is perfect, all the circumstances are perfect, then it would be unacceptable. And, if everything is perfect in the first place, there won’t be pornstars right?

    Prakash: Thanks for your take on it bro!

    Chris: Hey man! Thanks for dropping by! And yes, thank you too for your comment. I agree with you on the whole Slut issue… I can’t take it myself… not that I cant forgive, but I cant accept it…

    Manda (again): I dun understand wat u mean…

    Petrina: I have to agree with your last statement. Sounds rude and disgusting, but it’s very true. How wud u feel if you know of millions of other men out there wanking at ur wife? Now guys, dun say this is acceptable! IF you are, you’re in denial, or simply ignorant…

    Marcus: Erm, you sure? How wud u feel if that ‘lucky’ guy is you?

    Jesca: Hello! Haha… in agreement as well to your agreement…

  33. Dude, if you were willing to date her when you knew she was a pornstar I’m sure that you would have/should already have settled those kinds of issues. If not, you won’t be together with her.

  34. Marcus: Which is why I asked… can you really do it? Don’t say if you’re willing, if you knew, can you really do it if it were you?

    This world is not perfect. I know some of us are trying hard to achieve a perfect yin yang balance thing, but clearly, this issue is way not acceptable if you throw yourself into the situation. It’s easier to say than actually doing it, I believe all of us know that.

  35. Haha depends on her personality and if it really is God’s will. I don’t really care la honestly. Heck I’d date an ugly girl if she had a nice personality (not that I think any of you are ugly heh).

  36. Marcus: Haha, yeah… but all I’m saying is that we can’t do things that we know for sure will go against our self-conscience. For example, you can’t take a knife and cut yourself, leaving your wound open and say not for one bit that it didn’t hurt at all. Sure, we see it in movies, but those lunatics are probably hiding their pain as well. If you’re saying that you don’t mind, you don’t care, is it really that you don’t feel anything at all, or are you just hiding the pain inside?

    I’ve a feeling this post will continue on… haha… keep em coming in guys!

  37. See if I cared right then I wouldn’t date/marry her. If I did means that on some level I’ve already accepted her. If its merely physical then thats a whole different story altogether, but I’m speaking of a real relationship here la.

  38. Marcus: I’m still of the whole you cant hurt yourself with knife and say it doesnt hurt opinion. If you marry a pornstar, you’re bound to get upset at some point yeah. You might brush it off then, the whole forgive and forget-I don’t care, I love her and she loves me-this is a serious relationship kinda thing, but it doesnt matter. All that matters is, you actually had those moments where you’d actually got upset because your wife being a former pornstar. The expression “Oh, so you do mind…” applies here. Like what Petrina said, would you want some other guy to use your wife as a mean of sexual pleasure aka wanking?

    Which brings me to this; Nothing is perfect. Our life, this world, the things we do, none is perfect. Some are better than the other, or worse, but not perfect. So, once again I wanna say… if this world is indeed perfect, there won’t be pornstars in the first place. This post will be non-existent. Heck, there won’t even be crimes happening all over the world…

    So Manda… not that some of us supports this pornstar as your wife/husband thing, but it’s because we realised this world is not perfect after all. Why the heck are we acting like we are some ‘holy’ people? Is it cuz we are Christians? If being a Christian means being holy only, then what difference are we from the Pharisees then?

    I could go on and on… but yeah I’ll save it… Keep em’ coming guys/girls/famous-bloggers-who-mysteriously-finds-my-blog!

  39. Ok let me put it this way, what other people do is not my concern unless they come up to us and you know like belittle her or berate her. In that case, I would defend her as much as I can. Knowing that other people derive sexual pleasure by masturbating in front of her image wouldn’t bother me the least. Because 1) Lets face it, I don’t control what other’s do and 2) Its not like she’s the only one right. I mean with today’s technology you can just simply photoshop any person’s head onto any naked body and claim it is that person. Now, if we do get weird stares in public then I would get a bit pissed. Not at her though because its not her fault, but at those people who are narrow-minded.

    Back to your original post, I think he would be the luckiest and unluckiest guy on the planet at the same time. Lucky because he would have gotten a hot wife and someone who knows how to please him in bed (i’m assuming of course). Unlucky because of the way other people would see their relationship. So you see, if the guy is the kind of guy who cares what other’s think of him then of course he would mind. I’m just saying I’m not that kind of guy (up to a certain point).

    Your analogy of the cutting hand and say its not pain thing is valid and I know what you’re trying to say but you have to remember that different people have different thresholds of pain and at different times the threshold of pain is different too. I’m not saying that the couple won’t have problems, everyone has problems but when you’re in a serious relationship, this issue (about her being a pornstar) has got to be settled first. If you can’t accept it, then don’t start a relationship with her. Then again, that applies to a lot of “normal” relationship problems.

  40. Marcus: I agree on what you’re saying. There’s no point in going back and forth, both with different ideas, but eventually the both having the same concept behind our ideas. However, different people have different methods and perceptions. If however, one is SO not moved by the whole thing, then it’s totally fine and I salute that guy, in this case, if you’re so adamant you won’t be hurt at all at any point, that person would be you and I salute you.

    But may I say this… it is because of our imperfections, that disabled us to be able to do such things aka marrying a pornstar. At some point, we will fall and that’s all that matters. Kinda sucks… I’m actually imagining if I could stand up to it for like… 10 years then after that I snapped. Kinda like the whole mould and bread analogy as well. Whenever there’s mould on a bread, we will throw it away, where in fact the only ‘spoilt’ area is the mould part, not the entire bread.

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