Rejected and Relieved

(Current iTunes track: Let This Go by PARAMORE)


No, I did not got myself rejected by a girl or something. I got rejected by Nottingham University, citing the reason that I did not satisfy their minimum requirements. I was like… what the? Except for my CGPA, I satisfied every single requirement that they had set for admission into their compound campus. But then again, most of the students there did not satisfy the CGPA requirements. I’m so gonna take this case up to them. But… on the other hand, it’s better for me not to join Nottingham University, for I’ll be away from my family, my mum, who needs me, and there are just too many things that I must let go if I do join Nottingham. So… backup plan needed. I’m thinking of UCSI, it used to be my first choice before Nottingham came to the picture. Hmm, lemme speak with my UCSI friends, Joshua and Petrina, as well as my friends working in UCSI, Prakash and Terry




If you stay in Singapore, and you have been downloading animes via BitTorrent, animes like Bleach and so on, chances are you will get your arse sued by this selfish and good for nothing company, namely, Odex Pte Ltd. Ok, to cut the long story short, click HERE, my mate Marcus posted this news in his blog. Sigh, imagine getting a letter from Odex, claiming that you are in breach with their contractual rights (yes, they are the licensee of the animes in Singapore), and then woop your arse with a 3500 bucks Singapore dollars! Like… what the ??? So, to our neighbors down south, be careful, and yeah, Singapore is not very big, if you, my Singaporean friends, by any chance spot this Stephen Sing arsehole dude (he’s the one who is doing all this suing and he is the one driving Odex Pte Ltd), you guys know what to do then… give him your own version of GETSUGA TENSHOU!!!




Got myself a new toy. Seymour Duncan SFX-01 Pickup Booster.



Seymour Duncan SFX-01
Looks nice eh? Will write a review for it next time.

(picture taken from


Argh, having headache now… need to go… rest…


12 Responses to “Rejected and Relieved”

  1. Bummer dude, was really looking forward to being collegemates >_<

  2. It’s ok man… I’m happy cuz I have better things in store for me, God provides and has the plan for me. It’s ok, it’s alright… I look forward to join UCSI now actually… been on my list for quite some time…

  3. Haha yeah, see I’ll still be alone in that God forsaken place… Sigh. I thought this time got some family to join me haha


    Run away, man.

    Run faaaarrrr faaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr awaaaaaayyyyyyyy.

  5. Y? Actually I kinda like the place u know… haha… but yeah, I’m interested to hear why must run away from UCSI…

  6. Coz Pet is there muahahahahahahha

  7. WOI. What’s this now?

    If anything, i made Sedaya a better place.

    No, but seriously.
    Unless you wanna be surrounded by chinese educated fellas who piss you off everyday and whom you have to do their work for them when it comes to group work cos they couldn’t give a shit about their studies or even if they tried, their work is still incompetent…Then come to Sedaya.

  8. Steven Wong Says:

    Wow!. Seymour-D. Smooth tone.

    Your taste are getting better. Moving into the pro-circuit soon?

    Cheers 🙂

  9. To Marcus: But one thing I’m sure off… Sedaya’s social life is definitely way better than Nottingham! I mean, I can’t imagine myself staying in some deep, forsaken place. The place might be nice, but I can’t stand living there honestly. Thank God I got rejected… I supposed…

    To Petrina: Well, I dunno what other options I have besides UCSI. All this while my mind’s pretty set on these two places la, Nott and UCSI. But if being surrounded by those ppl whom you mentioned, I had it during my one year in TAR College. It’s not that bad la, once you’re adjusted to it I guess. If I can survive TAR College, I think I can survive other institutions similar to it…. I think. Still, I’ll take your advice and words into consideration…

    To Steven: Hi Steven! Glad that you’re back here… in the comments area! Yeah, been browsing through the web, and as soon as I heard the Seymour Duncan booster (I’m finding for a booster), I knew I had to get it. The results… not sure yet, cuz I haven’t tried it on a real amp, just on my Mac. Have to bring to church to try it. Btw, have you heard of BOSS Compressor Sustainer 3 (CS-3)? Blue color pedal typical BOSS squarish pedal, which compresses and sustains guitar signal (hence the name). If got good deal, I might just get one as well, for guitar solos and all. As for moving to Pro circuit, haha… in my dreams la… but if there’s an opportunity to do so I really dun mind…

  10. Steven Wong Says:

    CS-3, i think i have it in my old closet somewhere. As for the squier, just never got round to getting the axe to you, sorry. Last check, the volume knob spoilt too.


  11. To Steven: Oh haha… yeah never really had the opportunity to take the squier from u as well. Oh, is the CS-3 still functioning well? Wow, if it’s from ur time of production one, it might be a Japan model. If it’s still functioning well, can sell to me?

  12. Well in a way, it works for me la. I don’t know about the social life of Sedaya people who stay there la since most of the Sadaya-ians I know live back home anyways so not a fair comparison but hey because of the location of Nottingham you could say I made better friends haha. Since we got nothing to do, so we just hung around and talked and got to know each other better. We’re really close, my collegemates and I. Plus not all is lost since there is a CC reasonably nearby. We can still have a good game of DoTA man haha

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