The One Where Jesus Saves

I gotta admit, yes, I do laugh at lame jokes a lot and at times I do make lame jokes just for the heck of it.

But here’s a lame joke for you guys.

One fine day, Jesus and the devil are having a computer game competition. Upon playing non-stop for more than 40 hours continuously, suddenly, a bolt of lighting zapped both the computers off.
The devil was screaming in anguish and anger, and one of his minions asked him why. The devil just kept quiet… while Jesus smiles and one of the angels says “Jesus saves…”

Err, not funny?

Well how about this?


Yes, Jesus saves indeed…

(Not making fun of Christianity or anything alike. Just a random post after seeing the image above on a website).

Picture taken from FAIL Blog…


2 Responses to “The One Where Jesus Saves”

  1. Is not funny ok! Imagine u hanging up there, i think you will pass out 😛 URINE!!!

  2. still waiting for an updatee…

    yooHOOOO…??sudah ber-cobwebs lah dude.

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