The One With The Mangkuk’s Birthday

And so YOU‘re finally 18. Legal. And ready to take on the world! Well, not quite, you’re still stuck in college for about the same duration as my course would take. But still, happy birthday to you. And may you grow stronger in the Lord and do more mightier and greater things for Him

Happy Birthday Joanna Mah Tjun Lyn/Mangkuk/JoJo/U-think-I-care girl/………..I lost count.

EDIT: Yes, it is hard to do it right under your nose. Felt super accomplished though, haha… at least I held it until late during the cinema, haha…


4 Responses to “The One With The Mangkuk’s Birthday”

  1. heyyas.
    thanks a bunch. and thanks for the surprise. not bad for a person who was executing it under my nose. really. overwhelming with the amount of ppl that showed up.

    thanks again! best birthday yet.

  2. jus droppin by to say hi…cudnt find d chat-box…*sweat*…kakaka!!

  3. oittttsss….update lah wei

  4. Hello! 😛 will link u up soon ahah

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