American Idle?


As I continue to breathe sighs of relief, we, that includes you and I, had already known of the fact that the horrendous, unpredictable, and the if-not-for-my-hair-and-confused gender charms-I’d-be-long gone 17 year old Sanjaya Malakar, had been booted out of the latest installment of American Idol.

As the downfalls continue to show in this latest installment of the ever-successful hit reality television singing competition, one cannot deny that at the first place, this time around, it just fails to deliver the show’s potential and the quest of crowning a deserving winner as American Idol…but wait a minute…is it just me or is it the fact that American Idol has now unofficially turned into a non-singing competition?

As many would agree (I know many would), the show’s true purpose is to unearth fresh talents across America, for them to be able to do what they should be doing best, and that is essentially, singing, and performing and the list goes on and on. However, I just couldn’t help but to notice that the show (be it the producers or the judges) has been placing other factors higher than the most important ability that the show aims to find, and that is having the singing ability. It’s now too ‘drowned’ up with other factors like marketability, charisma (though important for a singer, essentially a singer should be able to SING first, then put in the charisma), looks of a person and other factors.

Last season’s contestants were among, if not the best, singers that the show has offered so far, alongside other fallen Idols, such as Anwar Robinson and the likes. But seriously, when it comes to Idol these days, does it matter if someone can really sing? I mean, without taking this seriously though, I’m glad that there’s those who deserved to be crowned as winners but then again, has the whole concept of being marketable and being charismatic been so important these days that it overshadows the important ability to sing? Well, if you ask me, it’s certainly true now, as what I see on Idol these days are people who really can’t sing (come on, don’t lie to yourself that Sanjaya can sing), and really, really, bad hair-do…in a lame attempt to attract the crowd.

Bottom line: I’m glad Sanjaya is out of the competition. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing him, he’s young alright, and with the correct mixture of hard work, passion and skills, he can have a career in singing, but not a solid one though. He’s better off as a hair-stylist (yeah, imagine that happening) or a model of some sort. Another bottom line: American Idol really needs a shake-up and start to go back to basics, which is singing and not the other factors.


4 Responses to “American Idle?”

  1. jonathanso Says:

    Maybe you’re forgetting the fact that this show is based on votings. If you got a state with crazy voters, it’s already a half done job, you just need to sing.

  2. Well,I agree with it, but at the same time, American Idol this season has not live up to expectations, and u cant deny that it’s due to the other factors as well, but im still glad that Sanjaya is out.

    If he’s still in, and he needs to do is change his hairstyle every week.

  3. jonathanso Says:

    This season is kinda dissapointing. Hopefully Jordin wins it, I really do hope she does, for the sake of the competition.

  4. Yeah, it would be a surprise if Hayley wins it…

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