Celebrity Look-alikes; Friends of Lam round 3!!!

I’m back with the third round of my friend’s celebrity (and funny/surprising) look-alikes!

I wonder why am I doing all this, I guess this is a way for me to ‘repay’ their friendship towards me… haha, well enough said, since I’ve already started this whole thing, might as well just get all my friend’s comparisons to my blog. For this round, it’s an all-guys showdown, to see who’s the more handsome, macho and ‘gifted’ among them, hehe (they’re gonna kill me when they see this…).

We have, (drum rolls…) on one corner, the ever-handsome and chick magnet, Mr. Lee Hong Liang! And on one corner, the ever faggoty faggotilicious fag (does such term exists?), Mr. Jonathan So! And on the last corner, the ever growing addiction for Mac products, Mr. Joshua Chay!!

 First off, we have Joshua. A lil bit about him. Erm, he’s a really good guy, sometimes too good (haha, just kidding…). Always willing to lend a helping hand especially when it comes to computer stuffs, and the man responsible in converting me into a Mac user. Here goes:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

He looks like him, screams like him (well, attempts to, those days when he ‘tried’ to shriek like Chester…). Haha, here’s the funny one:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

No idea who she is, but Im guessing it’s a look-alike because of the glasses… At least you Josh, you know who and how you look like if you’re a girl…and blonde…

Next up, is Hong Liang! Man, this dude just got me a Fender Strat guitar! Im serious! He went to Singapore and got me one…the mini, plastic model one. Hehe, never mind Hong Liang, Im gonna wait until you get me a real one, haha… here is the closest celebrity comparison to him…:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

That explains why SO many girls would die to get attention from this guy! And that explains why he can rap really well too (…can you? Im just guessing…). But anyways, with looks like that, would anything else matters? Not….if your second closest celebrity comparison looks like this!:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Haha, dunno who she is as well, but I guess now, the same as Joshuam you would know how you look like if you were a girl, and… an Indonesian or Samoan/whatever nation?

The third contender, the ever-amazing, the ever gay-ish, ‘kayu’ bassist ever, Jonathan So! (‘kayu’ means stiff by the way, not stiff in that WAY but, he’s like, restricted of his movements when he’s playing bass, or doing whatever). Enough said, here’s his closest celebrity comparison:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wow…no wonder he looks so gay-ish! He looks like Rain! No wonder he gets all the guy’s attention…including min…ah, no, nothing. Ah, right. Let’s move on to the funny one shall we?:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

No idea who she is, but she looks like an actress/activist, but whatever it is, Jonathan, if you’re a female, you would look like an…old, activist/actress/whatever. Yeah, you do, haha…

Who’s the winner? Who’s the more handsome, macho and swoon-ish above the rest? It’s….definitely me! Myself! Haha, no one would be more attractive if that someone looks like BoA! She’s hot, …well, that makes me hot too! Just kidding, gotta go, I can hear my phone ringing already, and I know who’s calling! Dun kill me Josh, Jon and Hong Liang!!!…………………


8 Responses to “Celebrity Look-alikes; Friends of Lam round 3!!!”

  1. jonathanso Says:

    Benazir Bhutto was the ex prime minister of Pakistan lah, lol. I have the face of a leader and and an entertainer, not bad huh.

  2. ~*MaNda*~ Says:

    omg,Jon looks like rain?Joke of the year man!

  3. yeah its the joke of the lifetime..Rain and Jon..well, thats so true bout the Faggatro 3000 then…wakakaka and yes Lam please learn some world politics yeah…and yes thanks for the hard work in matching people yeah…well, i am kinda glad..Quentin and P.Ramlee, both great directors and Jackie is Lee Hom…hmmm, kinda scary lor…maybe you should put her picture with hair covering her face…

  4. why do you sound so…monotonous Prakash…as if everything you mentioned above must end with connecting dots…and as if you were, very…very…sad…or is it a trend now…to…end…everything…yo…say/type…with…connecting…dots…

    Anyways. yep, it is a joke that Jon looks like Rain and the whatever Prime Minister…haha I dun think I need political lessons, cuz I dun intend to be involve anyhow with the politics world…

  5. bunnychoc Says:

    woi…help me do mine la…aiyo..i wana know mine too…hmmm…waaa…

  6. Coming soon Bunny, i mean Annie… still waiting for my steamyx to come then i can do for everyone!

    Im guessing you look like…Paris Hilton? Nah, jk…

  7. It’s Fagatron 3000

  8. I think if we keep calling him that, sooner or later we would all be calling him Fagatron 3000 instead of his real name. But then again, it’s a pretty cool nickname…

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