What on earth is going on with our universities?!?!

I stumbled upon this video some time ago. I was so disgusted and disappointed about it then, and after stumbling across it again, I’m even more disgusted and angry about it. Come on we are not talking about primary kids or maybe early secondary level, but we are talking about GROWN UPS studying in a public university! Disclaimer: I don’t know whether it’s real, there has been news that it’s not real and was made up for publicity sake (who on earth would wanna attract attention using violence and discrimination?). Some said it’s the chinese who created controversy first, I don’t know. It’s up to you to believe.

Even if it’s not real, but it just made me realize the fact why whatever system or policies that we want to come out with will always fail and will be behind others. Our education system is not getting any better, as I remember. The focus has always been on our local universities. Every system has it’s flaws, not everything is perfect, but to the extent of creating chaos out of racism and discrimination? I was looking for more clips, and I saw this; UPM=Universiti Penuh Monyet (no offense to those studying at UPM). All you need to do is have a look at the video and you’ll understand. The famous (or infamous) university with it’s students acting like monkeys.

I just have one thing to say now, thank God I’m not in a public university. I feel sorry for those who have to suffer all the abuse and all the agony there. But I know not all hope is gone for those studying at public universities, not everything or everyone is bad there. Some deserved to be there, they worked hard to achieve their goal of studying in a local university, while some just don’t! And it includes those hooligans in the video.

Sigh… anyone gonna do anything about it? I don’t think so. The ‘plague’ will continue to manifest, and nothing can be done about it.


2 Responses to “What on earth is going on with our universities?!?!”

  1. that was quite a disturbing video to watch..

    i studied and stayed in campus at UPM for a good 2 years plus.. and mingled freely on the campus grounds with lots of people from various courses during that time.. but i’ve never encountered anything even close to what was depicted in that clip. That was in 2000-2002.

    It was probably an isolated case or maybe times have changed. I dunno..

  2. According to a current student there, who I think we all know who that person is, said that it’s true.

    It’s too bad that these things are happening now, Dave. It happened last year, so yeah it was 4 years after you’ve been there man. And how things changed ever since. It was not isolated as well, it came out in the papers and received heavy media coverage though no footage had ever been shown. But now it’s on YouTube, and not only that, they have the parliament’s footage there as well. Go check it out, it shows us how ‘ugly’ these so-called politicians and ministers can be.

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