Look-alikes, look-alikes…; Round 4: Ladies from my Cell Group

My cell group consists generally of girls, the only guys in my cell group is me and my cell leader, Joshua, though there are other guys in my cell but they couldn’t make it most of the time. Most of the time Joshua would poke fun and say that our cell group is actually a Ladies Ministry kinda thing. Sigh, sooner or later Joshua and I will start acting like girls, putting on make-up, can’t drive properly, have frequent mood swings, watch Korean or Taiwanese dramas and admiring artists like Jay Chou, Lee-Hom, Rain and other boy bands…(no offense, haha…).

Oh well, the ladies (who attends cell group regularly) of my cell group are: The amazing ‘I-always-laugh-sideways-and-slap-my-own-face’, Susie; the wonderful ‘Don’t-offend-me-or-else-I’m-gonna-sue-you-from-head-to-toe’, Angela; the fantastic ‘I-laugh-so-much-that-if-laughing-is-a-currency-I’m-a-multi billionaire’, Kimberly; the extravagant ‘I-deny-I-laugh-like-the-sound-of-an-earthquake-or-someone-going-through-“strangulation”, Amanda; the brilliant ‘Im-too-nice-and-too-good-even-Lam-has-nothing-to-write-bad-about-me’ Jasmine, and last but not least; the superb ‘Im-the-best-confirmer-of-all-ask-me-to-confirm-anything’, Melissa!


First of, we have Susie! Yeah, she slaps herself and has the ability to hear other words or meanings different from what you’re telling her. Here goes:



Haha…I guess you can start your own girl-group now. Unfortunately, Susie can only belt out ABBA tunes like ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘Mama Mia’. Err, won’t appeal much to anyone from this generation. Ok here’s the funny one:



Wow, it’s now wonder why she likes Korean dramas. Keeping in touch with her Korean ‘roots’…


Next up is Angela. Well, all I can say is, be good friends with her, don’t make enemies with her, she’s gonna be a future lawyer or some practitioner of some sort. To avoid any legal difficulties, please do as mentioned. Haha…well, here goes Angie…:



Another Korean look-alike, well, I don’t know if you like Korean dramas and kim-chees Angela, but if you do, or has an obsession about it, now you know why, for you have Korean ‘roots’ as well. Funny one:



Well, if you’re a guy, you know you would be handsome. Or as a successful actor, err…yeah.


Next up we have Kimberly. It’s true that she laughs non-stop and could only be stopped temporarily with another burst of laughter. As a result, her face is always red, kinda reminds me of Tomato Man. Or Anpan Man. Haha…here goes:



Haha…I guess we have one half of the Gilmore Girls in our church and cell group now. Thanks goodness it’s not another Korean match. I’m finding for the funny collage, but I couldn’t (*frustration). Here’s the closest to the funny comparison collage:



You know what, behind all the laughters, if Kimberly gets angry, she’ll turn into The Hulk! So…yeah, let’s just make Kimberly laugh always…


Amanda Ng Yann Ci is next. It is true that she laughs like the sound of an earthquake or an incoming train, though she keeps denying it, Amanda, it’s true, it’s true. And your comparison is:



No! I refuse to believe this! Haha…ok fine, but I think it’s just the angle. Not really a look-alike. Another case like Kimberly, no immediate funny comparisons for you (I think those reading this or have been following up should realise by now ‘funny comparisons’ means the comparison for the other gender right?). Here’s the closest:



You look more like the guy, haha… well, at least you know if you’re a guy you would be quite handsome.


Next, Jasmine Chan… Chui-something right? Sorry, just guessing. Anyways, nothing much to say about her, except that she’s really good at dancing. Maybe you can set up a dance academy for our church? Starting with our cell first (please exclude me and Joshua, but feel free to ask Marcus and Jun Xen to join). Here goes:



I think Koda Kumi is a Japanese singer, if I’m not mistaken. I think it’s because of the smile, looks the same. Here’s the ‘funny’ comparison:



What a surprise! Nah, I think it’s not close to a comparison. I think it’s just the hair. But anyways, did anyone told you before you look Anuar Zain? Haha…


Alright, the last one (been spending more than 30 minutes doing this!), Melissa Hew. The confirmer of all confirmers in all confirmations, and I can confirm that. Often seen raising up her arm and say ‘I CAN CONFIRM!’. Melissa’s three magical words. Here goes:



Haha! You look like Oprah! Well, you know you are a good counselor…maybe now’s the time to fulfill your potential! No wonder you can confirm things a lot…anyways, ‘funny’ one:


It’s not even close to how you look like Melissa, but I’m just putting it there for fun. See i told you, you must play football… then you can be the midfield general for us…

Well, that’s all for now. Been spending quite sometime doing this, won’t be continuing with round 5…for awhile. Any requests of look-alikes (except Annie Hoe, haha…) please drop your name and request at the comment box, I’ll TRY to do it. Peace…


6 Responses to “Look-alikes, look-alikes…; Round 4: Ladies from my Cell Group”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Dude, get a life man!! 😛

  2. I have a life.

    Or do I?

    Ah, ur just jealous…haha

  3. ~*MaNda*~ Says:

    What de…….I look freaking horrible in the pic!BANNED THIS BLOG~

  4. ~*MaNda*~ Says:


  5. ~*MaNda*~ Says:


  6. Sigh, Amanda…

    Still behaving like a small girl, sigh…hahaha…

    Like what Jon said, get a life la…

    And yeah, I won’t be doing it, the comparisons I mean, for awhile…

    Maybe I should really get a life, btw, MU won!!! Muahaha…

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